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      5th elemental dreaming effects

      When words won't come, doodle the event in your Dream journal instead

      The stick figure is one of the most common types of sketches.
      It's extremely useful to convey many thoughts and ideas.

      DJ entry 6561-052010-10

      “Normal” dreaming - at a house and my cat gets out, she is a unfixed female and I notice that a young male cat is spraying near the corner of the
      house entrance, I look to get the cat out and the my cat in before she become pregnant or something. I also dream of {edited out}…

      I am looking in a mirror and I notice that my hair is not in the same style. I look from two different angles to see my old style to current.
      I know that I am dreaming, so I begin to become lucid.
      I continue to look at my hair styles over the period of my life for a while longer.
      I decide that I will stick my face through mirror to see what is on the other side.
      I have a bit of trouble phasing through the pane of the mirror at first - it feels solid, but I do get through and everything is inverted on the other side like a Adobe photoshop filter of a negative film slide. The light is very peculiar and I enjoy seeing it in this way.

      My sight slowly returns to regular seeing, and while I am still lucid
      I walk through a building and travel around the house I was in to find two dogs in a yard, one is friendly, the other is not and growls at me. (Brown & white) and un familiar. I go by and do not give too much attention to it. I am travelling through another part of the city I grew up in
      near my old elementary school and I briefly look around in short glances to keep the dreamland scene from changing or fluxing into different scenes. It works to stabilize the area I am in. I decide to fly. I haven’t had a lucid dream in a while, so I am out of practice. I get the feeling back quickly
      and I do something I haven't been able to do I fly with a bounce to a very high height over some buildings, the dream scene is fading and I enter into a stage of sleep where I know I will wake.
      I hear a radio, and Beyonce is playing on the radio. I think that it is a real life sounds that my sleeping body is hearing. I am still floating high the in sky - but I see no images below. I pull into
      a backward spin and then descend. I wake up and there was really no radio on.

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      DJ entry 6561-052010-9

      I am lucid after a few attempts to spin out of normal dreaming during the morning hours.There are several dreams prior to this but I will start this DJ here.
      I begin to notice the surroundings I am near a school or a football field near a tree, and there are other elf or pixie like creatures nearby(smaller). There ears are elf like, and I take notice of their attire.
      The wind picks up, due to an approaching storm. The day turns to overcast. Although I have always known how to fly in dreams,
      I notice that the wind is not from the bottom as a bird would fly with its wings. The wind is controlled with minute movements of my hands and position of my fingers. I know in this dream I have a strong yet mysterious affinity with the element of wind(air).
      I have become anxious to learn, and this method of flying excites my attention for awhile. It is strange feeling or knowing that I do not control the wind, but I am able to nudge it to help me fly or anticipate change in air currents.
      I decide to fly high, into the storm clouds. I cannot see the ground as the clouds envelope me and there is lightning. I can feel the electric currents in the air, as a power I am excited not afraid.
      The clouds have lifted so that I see I am closer to the ground.There is a large mountain side of bare rock that stretches out to the sky above. I see tee pees and pioneer-like settlements at the base of the mountain that people are utilizing the materials of nature for building (trees cut down).
      There is a voice that is talking to me(like mother nature) I feel that the settlement of man in this base of a cliff has now cause the eagles that lived on harmony with the land prior to the settle to be displaced.
      I see the dis-hearted look in the (bald) eagles eyes.

      I fly for awhile, I return near a city street that I know.
      I am in another dream land scape I begin to have numerous false awakenings than wake.
      This dream of full of nature elements Air, Water, Fire(Electric), Stone
      and I feel that I am returning to the earth and its teachings.
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