This is my dream journal, obviously. Expect pretty poor formatting, as the only reason I'm doing this is to leave a record. And my handwriting after I wake up is really, really illegible.

Dream Signs (Probably)
Me being extremely effeminate or a woman. (1)
Video Game style HUD or other obvious video game elements. (1)


Watch Your Step.
Date: Wednesday, May 26th.
Lucid: No
Details: Yesterday I found myself dressed up as a maid, for some reason. I was working in a large, old castle in slight disrepair. There were trapdoors placed seemingly at random, with floating glowing green triangles over them. I could see a glowing pair of glowing bars above me, one of which was red, and the other was blue. I was running around trying to find things to beat the grab of and preforming physics-breaking acrobatic acts. Unfortunately I stepped in a small hole in one of the floors and fell about four for five floors into a giant well. Then I woke up.