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    Thread: Should someone who's trying to get/maintain a sleeping pattern focus of dream recall Too?

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      Should someone who's trying to get/maintain a sleeping pattern focus of dream recall Too?

      I have trouble maintaining a sleeping pattern but should I focus on dream recall at the same time?

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      As someone who suffers from insomnia, practicing dream recall is important for every lucid dreamer: regardless of how many dreams you manage to recall, you'll always grasp some relevant information about your dream world, such as dream signs and themes. At the same time, the simple act of trying to recall what happened a few moments before waking up can also function as a reality check, and a good way to train yourself to question what happened while you were "half-asleep" (both literally and metaphorically).

      So, focus on the exercise and leave the results in their own place: what matters is the habit and not the quantity of dreams you end up recalling (they will improve even a bit for that matter).
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