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      Last night dream diary entry - Thoughts about taking L - Tryptophan (500mg)

      Dream diary:
      First period 22:00 - 02:00:
      -Before sleeping I repeated the mantra "I will wake up at 02:00 am", as I fell asleep.
      I woke up with dream fragments in my memory, something which is usual for my first sleep period.
      I wasn't sure that I was awake so I asked myself "Am I dreaming? maybe I should count my fingers".
      Slowly I examined my fingers carefuly, giving each finger time to reveal any secrets, they concealed themselves well.

      I decided that it might be a realistic dream, so I proceeded to write down the dream fragments. I turned on the light and wrote those fragments down.
      as I finished to write down the fragments I remembered, I checked the time, it was 01:57.

      I proceeded with my WBTB routine, went to drink a cup of almond milk and take a L-Tryptophan 500mg pill.
      As I finished, i sat down for meditation repeating the mantra "I will have a lucid dream".
      While repeating the mantra I felt the surprise and energy in my body of realising that I'm dreaming, and recalled the rejuvinating quality
      and awareness that lucid dreaming brings with.
      I went to bed, sleeping on my back, calling forth a dream scene, sitting with a cacti spirit in front of a fire encircled by huge ancient San pedros.

      I woke up around 06:00, with no recollection of my memory. I suspected I might still be dreaming so I did a reality check again, but yet again,
      that dream was highly concealed. I suspect that L - tryptophan is detriment to my ability to recollect dreams and to my ability
      to remember to do reality check and question the reality while clearly dreaming.

      Does any of you have experience with L-Tryptophan as a dream supplement?

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      Follow up:
      Yesterday I took 500mg L-Tryptophan and an hour later (14:00-15:40~) went napping. Had a deep good sleep, with HI before falling asleep. The following night I went to sleep quite disorganized as I imported my dream journal from one app to another, I slept from 22:30 - 03:00 using a mantra to wake up at 02:00. I woke up and wrote down the dream fragments that I had, stayed for another ~15 minutes meditating on the mantra and feeling of "Tonight I will have a Lucid dream" and went to bed, sleeping on my back and repeating the mantra. As I went to sleep tired and not relaxed I decided to let go of effort to LD and fall asleep on my side. so from approximately 03:30 to 06:00 I had 2-3 LDs with medium vividness and really low dream control. Though I did remembered to do RCs during the dream and I did used superhuman features because I knew I was dreaming.

      My hypothesis is that by having a deep nap aided by L-Tryptophan afternoon, I will have more REM sleep at night. I will try this again today.

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