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    Thread: I dreamt of fire, as if it was a nightmare

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      I dreamt of fire, as if it was a nightmare

      On a night of Halloween, I decided to spend it alone. I went full on makeup, did some interesting things during the day, which I donít recall of, and when the night came, I was texting someone about going to some haunted house. They told me to go to a location, but I ended up staying on a couple of streets before that location as there was a haunted house there. Itís weird, because it wasnít a haunted house, I donít know why I would be thinking that. It was a mase, or a labyrinth but the leaf piles height would actually be a centimetre, so I would be walking and looking at the ground. We were also in a park with a lot of people. In the blink of an eye, I see fire. I donít mind it much, until there are huge warning sirens that go off. Iím still emotionally fine, everyone starts panicking thought, so I run as well to safety. We all back-up and the Parc we once knew is now a forest. As the population backs up in a group, I back up way further away from the fire, but from the group as well, ending up alone. There are firemen that come around to try and stop the fire. But new fire kept starting, and I started getting really, really scared. As I was starting to wake up from the dream, the fire stopped, I fast-forwarded 30 minutes within 30 seconds and Iím home, safe with my mom there. I woke up in shivers
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      Thanks for sharing! Sometimes a dream can really shake me up too. I heard that it helps to ease the distress of a night mare if I tell someone else. I have been doing that and it seems to work. Have you been recording your dreams a while?

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