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    Some cool voices

    by Charles3 on 03-21-2018 at 10:12 PM
    I got all my dreams on a voice recorder so I might not type them all. But there were some cool ones.

    After one dream, I had sleep paralysis, and heard a voice saying, "Scissor hands is killing me. Please, please, free me. Please" over and over. It was little kids voices.

    I had one long dream that ended in a false awakening. This voice said, "There ones was a PUNK who wanted to know what he dreamed about. But then he couldn't." After that, my mind was totally, totally blank. I was like, WTF, did that voice just erase my dream? But I didn't give up. I salvaged a good amount of the dream. It was actually a very significant dream, too.

    In my last dream, this woman was saying how people can be too concerned with whether or not they eat follow specific rules, forgetting the Higher Power's "unconditional love and acceptance". I "felt" this very deeply.

    I recorded a lot more dreams on voice recorder but typing wouild take me hours!

    March 19 to 20th dreams - couldn't Sleep that much!

    by Charles3 on 03-20-2018 at 04:33 PM
    Dreams from march 19, to 20, 2018

    I couldn’t sleep after the second round of dreams for like hours. I slept a little around 6 A M. So I got 2 rounds of dreams and then a little dream in the morning.

    Fight with Dad

    There was a guy at a computer, making some kind of rap video that was supposed to be funny. He was doing his lyrics, then just sort of hummed over the instrumental, planning his melody. He also had a video where he said something kind of funny with a straight face.

    There was another part where my Dad had started smoking cigarettes. I was closing some curtains and then he came in. We were all going to sit with my sister. He said something like he was going to get a pack of cigarettes for 50 dollars. I was mad at him and told him that was so stupid of him to smoke that first one. Now he would obviously be addicted again. But he better quit. People on his side of the family are trying to get me off his case.

    They were chasing me and I realized they would definitely beat me up or something. So I ran. I kept looking at doors as I ran, because maybe I could hide in one, but I doubted any would open. I jumped over this railing into a kind of outdoor dining room full of tables. I took some salmon from someone, ate some of it, and then threw it at people.

    I damaged some sliding doors so he was putting on new ones. They hung over this bar almost like curtains. He was making sure we didn’t get charged for damaging the room.


    There was a scene where I was in a library. There was a stack of Magic the Gathering cards. I had to place them with Rattata cards. It seemed like it would take a while to compile a deck, because I had to do each card separately. There was a baby Rattata card that was mandatory, so I put that card. The whole Rattata family was mandatory. I put all those Rattatas and after putting 3, it showed this pile of Rattatas, like a snow man made of Rattatas. There was a specific move written in a box above one of the Rattata cards. The backs of the cards were brown and looked more like Magic the Gathering cards than Pokémon cards.

    My user name in this dream is Dark Therapy. I guess it has to do with a forum. I think the name Dark Therapy will weird people out, so I plan on changing it to “Jark Jerapy” or something like that. The Rattata cards had swarm, so they could either all attack together, or all sleep at once. I had to right click to change the card.


    I had a lot of tension in my legs on this night. Not sure why.

    Round 2 of Dreams

    I had a list of dreams in my mind but they vanished when I went to record. It is so weird how they can all just vanish like that. I think I have them then, boom, vanished.

    There was this part where I was playing some kind of football game. I was in the guard position. They said something about how I would need to defend the running back or something. I was afraid to be hit by whoever was going to come barreling through.

    My friend was about to make a touch down but then he stopped. He stopped because the coach had told him he couldn’t score a point from too close or something like that. I was yelling at the coach because this was a lie. And it caused my friend to miss his chance to get a goal. The coach was this thin guy with glasses. There was a pile of dirt on the left side of the end zone. The game field was kind of in my Nana’s back yard. There was a guy telling me he thought my language was mean and maybe that he didn’t want me there any more. I was afraid one guy would call the police on me.

    There was this thing about how a lot of people listened to “positive” books in the morning on A I Reader, but I was listening to angry books. There was a woman who needed lots of “positive” or “woo” stuff because she got bored easily. I was judging her harshly for that.

    There was something about getting nuts from a jar.

    There was something where a Spanish or Latin American guy was in the locker room and needed to borrow some coat hanger things. But the coat hangers were just a long thin metal rod with a little bend to hang them from. There were a handful of them. We were looking for a locker to put them in. The lockers along the sides of the room were too likely for someone to see them and take them. So we picked a locker in the middle of the aisles. This way the guy could use the coat hanger things and put them back and I could grab them later.

    Then ☻was there. I was going to try out for the 300 pound weight class (in Physical Matter Waking Consciousness I am 150 to 170 pounds). I felt strong and kind of confident. ☻asked me to do some kind of over head press. I could put my right arm up, but my left arm wouldn’t go very high. There was another part about having kids to Upright Rows. I thought this was a bad idea since I heard Upright Rows are bad for the Rotator Cuffs.

    ☻said that younger kids can have all this fresh and new excitement for weight lifting, but when people get older, they lose that enthusiasm. I said that I would always have enthusiasm for training, at least until I am 40.

    Then we were in this class room thing, with metal fold up chairs. There was a white book on one of the chairs. I think someone got up from one of the chairs. Someone was saying not to get too big or something like that.

    At the end, there was something about ☻ in the locker room. He was teaching someone to Lucid, Dream. There was this interview where he showed 6 Lucid, Dreaming abilities. One was something with his face, but then a hoodie, and crab legs. It was called “Crab Hoodie Aspect”. Then the next was called “Dream Mind Control”. And there were 4 more with thumbnails and a picture.


    After that round of dreaming, I couldn’t sleep and just laid in bed for hours. I lost my patience around 4:45 A M and got up, thinking it must be 6 by now. But it was 4:51.
    non-lucid , memorable

    The importance of the second RC!

    by Charles3 on 03-19-2018 at 01:20 PM
    Dreams from March 18 to 19, 2018

    Round 1 of Dreams: Beast Wars, Blue Potato and More!

    I couldn’t get all details from the first round of dreams, but here is what I did get.

    There are some parts with Beast Wars. In one part, it seems Megatron will be taken to court. There is a hill there. In another part, the Maximals are outside Earth’s Orbit. The dream shows a yellow space ship thing which looks like Cheetor’s. It is like an oval. Cheetor’s gun is supposed to go into it to complete it so it can return to Earth. Optimus is mad at Cheetor because he can’t complete the space ship. Maybe something bad is happening to Earth because of this.

    There is a guy on a cafeteria line. It is all stainless steel. The guy is having a huge blue potato cooked. The chef is poking it with a fork. They are saying how it is for his dietary plan. I am unaware it is a dream, but I question this.


    LD: Computer Virus, Stuck on a Wall, Wait… I *AM* Dreaming?!

    I forgot the beginning of these dreams but here is where my memory begins.

    I am at this new apartment. I have to pay the rent. I keep telling the people I need another day. This goes on for what seems like 3 days. I am expecting my Dad to mail me cash for the rent. My mail is delivered, but the cash isn’t there. I am suspicious that the people who own the apartment are intercepting the rent money.

    There is a part where I am with 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢talking about how we both slept over at 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢 house. But 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢 slept over his mom’s while my apartment is at his Dad’s. 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢I see my Aunt 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢 and sister. 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢I skate out of that room and I am in a mall. I am actually on skates. I see 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢 and I think she might like the way I look with my new beard. I go to talk to her. 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢I keep skating.

    In another part, I am trying to sleep. I am close to falling asleep. However, I know it is mid day, and I haven’t paid the rent. I am just really tired from the previous night of sleeplessness (within the dream). I can’t get the idea of paying the rent out of my head. I decide to just call my Dad and ask him about the rent, then quickly go back to trying to nap. However, it doesn’t go that way. I try to call my Dad, and I can’t quite think of his number. I can get the area code but for the first few digits I am trying to figure out of it is 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢 like my old cell phone or what. I am getting really frustrated because I was supposed to be able to do this quickly and go right back to sleep. But now it is keeping me up. After some difficulty with getting my Dad’s number, and my contacts menu not working, this icon of a stoic Einstein kind of face pops up. It looks very stoic and intellectual, as if to say, anger is primitive, or something. This makes me even more mad because they are clearly just dissociated.

    I am on my computer, trying to do something. I have some awareness of having lent my computer to someone earlier. What am I trying to do? I click on some things and a bunch of ads come up. The ads seem to pop up all over the windows I am currently on, as if they become a part of the program I am already on. 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢I think someone must have downloaded something and got a virus. I think of some things I downloaded that might have got me a virus. Well, okay. It will slow me down, but I will just go to Control, Alt, Delete, and run the task manager. Whatever is creating the pop ups will be a simple dot E X E program and I will be able to end the process and uninstall it. So I press Control, Alt, Delete. Also, I do a reality check. I really think it is waking life, though, and I am just doing a reality check to “build the habit” in case it happens in my dream. My finger doesn’t go through, and I am totally sure I am in waking life.

    When I press Control, Alt, Delete, the window that comes up is almost metallic. It is way different than what Control, Alt, Delete brings up in Physical Matter Waking Consciousness. I click through and there is something like Window Manager. What do the windows look like? I find where it says Task manager and try to open that. There are all these tabs with bold black text. What happens after that?

    It transports me to where I am standing on this big metal screw on a wall. The metal screw or metal rod is kind of rusty. It pokes out of the wall maybe 6 inches, and is thick enough not to bend under my weight. I am really freaked out. I am convinced it is Physical Matter Waking Consciousness, especially due to my finger not going through. I am really high up on the wall, with only this screw to balance on. There is no way to climb up or down. I continue trying to balance. When I look again, there is some ground 20 to 30 feet down. I definitely don’t want to make that jump. No one is around. I reach up again and I can just reach the edge of the top of the wall. I can get my hand on this blue P V C pipe poking up out of the wall, and maybe on another white P V C pipe. There is not enough grip to do a pullup though. What color is the wall? Blue? I just sort of hang there by my finger tips with my foot on the metal rod. Even without the fear of being stuck there, it is just an uncomfortable position.

    I wonder if there are people around. I decide to try screaming out for help. At first I think that people will come hurt me or something. Maybe it is a trap. But I decide to try anyway. I scream really loud, like, “Help! I’m stuck here!” What exactly do I say? After a while of that, I get the idea to just jump down. It seems shorter of a fall. I jump down and land just fine. How high is it? 10 to 20 feet? I land just fine. I am relieved to be down from there. I still think I am in Physical Matter Waking Consciousness.

    I think it must be a restaurant I am in. There is a door way up to the front of the room. It is brown with glass panels. It is like a door, a little coat room, and another door. Before I go to it, I notice a bunch of note books on the table. When I look, they are my personal journals, or dream versions of them. I think they are my actual journals and I want to hide them before I leave, so no one reads my private journals. They are titled “guitar memos” in hand writing. Different color covers on spiral note books. I can see some cursive writing in thick green marker in one of them, and other colors in others. It reminds me of my dialogue journals. Some of the covers are ripped. I gather them up and more appear. One appears on the seat. Once I can get them all, I bring them over to this cabinet. The cabinet looks to be in use, but I figure the journals are safer there, than out in the open. I cram them into the cabinet and plan to come back for them later.

    Without taking any longer, I run to the front door. I almost expect it to be locked. It turns out to be easy to open, and I get out into the street. What time of day is it? Day or Night? I run left as I exit the door, and hear some people in the building across talking about how someone’s business plan won’t work. What exactly are they saying? I slide down this slippery red velvet carpet, which is kind of fun. When I stop sliding, I kick off and slide some more.

    Somewhere in there, I realize I am dreaming. What triggers the lucidity? Just a gradual realization? Once I know it’s a dream, I run and fly. I fly up to a roof. I think it is somewhat light out at this point. There are some people on the roof. I interact with them a little bit. Is there a dog? What else happens before I wake up? I wake up and think through the dreams, pretty amazed at that adventure.


    Round 3 of Dreams: The Importance of the second Reality Check & Reconciliation with Uncle

    A lot of beginning parts are missing from my memory, and parts intermittently. I will just write what I do now.

    There is definitely a part where I gain lucidity and then lose it again throughout the dream. What happens in that part?

    Where my memory starts more clearly, I am in a movie theater. Then I fall asleep. Within the dream, I dream of being in a kitchen. There is some food on the stove. The flame goes really high. Something makes me think it’s a dream, so I finger palm test. Instead of going through, it just feels like I am touching my bones. But because my finger doesn’t come out the other side, I conclude it is Physical Matter Waking Consciousness. There is some water almost boiling. I am listening to something on my phone through the headset. I try the other finger through the other hand and that won’t go through either. Something makes me try a nose pinch breathe. As I walk away from the kitchen, I see some lights on some buildings. I feel my fingers pressing my nostrils shut, and yet, air passes through. Wow! I am dreaming! I am so glad I did that second reality check.

    I want to take a bite of this big dessert food that’s there, and change the audio on my head set. Then I am like, maybe the audio that’s already on is fine. I take a bite of the dessert food and maybe some red bacon bits that are there. The kitchen is kind of dim the whole time. 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢The dream within the dream ends and I “wake back up” in the movie theater.

    On the movie screen, a human cartoon and a Snoopy the dog type of cartoon are eating bacon bits. To my sister, who is at the movie with me, I am like, wow! I can’t believe they are eating bacon bits in this movie! I just dreamed about that! The screen shows the people eating bacon bits but then I can see the bacon bits inside their head. They human and dog go around in the movie world and come to another creature. What kind of creature is it? One of them spits out some bacon bits into a thin sheet of paper kind of shape and trades it with the creature. Then they go on.

    In the next part I am running from some people. There is something where a pudgy baby is involved. They are like make sure to give the baby not too much or not to little of something. There is a quiet tan woman who demonstrates how to sleep on your side. She is saying to put one leg on top of the other, not one off a little in front of or in back of the other. They are saying this way its not uncomfortable. She demonstrates it on some kind of couch. What happens next?

    Next thing I remember is I wake up in this room at my Nana’s. I talk out loud. Am I recording a dream? Anyway, I notice the door to my room is open. I am embarrassed and worried that people outside my room heard what I was saying.

    夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢I am looking at a T V screen. My Uncle, who is downstairs, is getting a call from a 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢number. My Uncle is mad because that guy shouldn’t be calling the house, the guy should be using his cell phone. He is saying how that guy doesn’t even have the land line number for my Nana’s house.

    Then Uncle 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢comes in my room without a lot of regard for my personal space. It is like because I am a guest there, he doesn’t respect my space. He sits at a desk with a phone and a big stack of money. He is complaining that his girlfriend needs more money. 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢I am like you know 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢is right there and you shouldn’t expose her to that stuff. 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢is like, “Oh, no, they’re fighting.” I am like, you know, its bad enough you smoke and drink in front of her, and set that bad of an example, but now you are exposing her to all this bad stuff you are saying. I am really mad, and not holding back. I am aware of my harsh tone, and intentionally continue with it, so my point is known. After some time of my scolding, 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢are both crying. I am thinking to myself, well, too bad, it is true! My Uncle stands up and is crying. He stands on the bed and his face is behind some kind of support beam.

    He starts to explain why he has so many issues. 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢Then I say something like, yeah, I guess 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢really does affect you guys a lot. What else do we say to each other? I am seeing some shadows on the wall.

    I remember thinking that even though he wasn’t attacking me up front, he could come out of nowhere and attack me, any time.

    But overall I think this was a really significant dream because I have always fought with Uncle 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢in my dreams. This was not a lucid dream, just a regular or unconscious dream. In some ways I think that makes it even cooler, because it happened on its own. However, I did wonder If it was a dream at one point, while yelling at Uncle 夢ოცნეस夢पनेბები夢But I just convinced myself it wasn’t.

    Plant Dream

    another dream I remember I have these plants and I'm trying to plant them and it goes with this song that you plant them along with a saw like comes with the plant and there's something with like honey in the planters and like singing I'm singing a song along with the planters but then I'm like I don't know like I don't want any wants to hear this I hear some parts um-hmm

    More Uncle Stuff

    There was another dream where I was drawing something. What was I drawing? My uncle reached over my shoulder and put a pencil drawing of a spiky monster kind of thing in front of me. I was like, cool, thanks, that’s great. (I saw that as more dreams of getting along better with my Uncle.)

    There was another part with my Aunt saying something about having a job where I don’t need to wear my retainer all the time. Like, you could take a day off wearing your teeth. Luckily, there’s a lot of chlorine in the food.

    There was a part where I was in a bedroom. The sheets on the bed were grey. I was thinking about this religion where they would beat the crap out of me so I would feel sorry, and then give me forgiveness. I was considering going, then I was like, no, I don’t need the crap beaten out of me. There was a square of sun coming in through the window. I had a recliner chair I wanted to sit in and write. But it was like I had just gotten up and gone to the bathroom, and I wasn’t sure if I should lay down and breathe, or sit up to write, while having breakfast. The idea was that I had the morning and early afternoon to watch a show, do my writing and get some food. Then I had work from the afternoon into the evening, like a restaurant shift. I was trying to get the back of the recliner chair up against the wall. At the store, I needed chicken and/or eggs. I was thinking it would be under a dollar a pound.

    There was this other part where I was in the local food store and it was only open seven more minutes. I had on a black ski mask and my orange glasses, but not to rob the place. It was something else. Why did I have that on? There was a bunch of cold medicine on this one shelf. I was looking at it, thinking it sounds like a bad idea. There were like 8 different boxes. I made a joke to the store manager about being there to rob something, but it was a joke. One of the cold medicine boxes said cheap energy. There was a doctor in the store. The doctor’s advice was, “You need to go to sleep.”

    Then I was walking down the side walk with these women from the store. I was like, yeah, the doctor is right. I need more sleep. The women were like, yeah, you’re always sleep deprived. So I was like, yeah, but not because I stay up all night on the computer. It’s just the trauma. I think that was a significant insight. I already knew it intellectually but experiencing that conversation in the dream might have helped.

    There was another thing where we were walking through my neighborhood. There was this idea of how a person needs to make sure they are working with the trauma effectively. There was a counselor guy who lived on one of the side streets I was working with. I felt triumphant about working with my trauma effectively.

    Played guitar in an LD!! And tried to use my phone + Weird O B E vibrations and other dreams

    by Charles3 on 03-18-2018 at 11:22 PM
    Dreams from march seventeenth to eighteenth, 2018

    These dreams made me pull out the guitar the next day so I could play guitar in lucid dreams again. It was so cool.

    Groop 1

    These were the dreams from the first time I woke up. I think I had a job at a department store like Sears somewhere in there.

    My memory starts with this guy (hidden)and some other people on line to get food. (hidden) has prepared some kind of red meat dish. The red meat looks really tender. I am second in line. I seem to get a smaller piece than I expected. I go to try to get another piece. I am picking up an onion out of the tray and saying how I can’t tell the difference between the onion and the meat.

    We all go to sit in this room to eat. I am sitting along the side of the wall with some other people. The guy next to me is saying something about (hidden) and how there was some predictions for 2017 and 2018. In the dream it might be 2023. I am skeptical of the whole group at first. But then I am telling the guy next to me how they are good people because they helped me order a ower tool I needed. (hidden)The next parts I can remember are in some class room settings. In the first class room setting, I have some kind of thing that needs to be graded in the teachers office. The class is in session and I am sitting there with the other kids, while the teacher teaches. My plan is to put my head down on the desk, close my eyes, and use telekinesis to move my project around in the teacher’s office. I just hope no one will walk in while it is floating around. This seems like a viable plan.

    In the second class room setting, there are students taking turns giving a presentation about apples. The first student goes and finishes. It becomes the next day and another student goes. There is something where I have a text menu on my phone that shows I have 23 to 24 videos. It reminds me of my You Tube channel. I have to select an option from a drop down menu. The lettering is orange and the back ground is white. The selector is a little sideways triangle. There is something about needing a paid account.

    Also, in the class room part, there is something about how if I just play a sport, or go into weight lifting, and take classes, and get good grades, it’s like I won’t really be a person on the inside. I will be focused on all these external results but not really looking within myself.

    There is something about being at a mall, with signs around.

    (hidden)Before I recalled these I was thinking about something with a grey garage door in a walk around the neighborhood. At first I felt like I would totally blank on dream recall for these but they started to flow back to my mind. I think my affirmations helped me stay more optimistic.
    (hidden)I woke up from those and thought them through. They seemed to come to me alright. This is a pretty good dream recall compared to other first groops of dreams.

    I had some trouble falling back to sleep. I got on my exercise bike and my legs went for what seemed like a while. Then I stretched and fell back to sleep a lot easier. I need to use my exercise bike more anyway since my knees are on the fritz.

    Guitar Chords!

    Here is a fun L D I had. It started out with me being in a fight with my Dad. Maybe something to do with a chalk board. And I was listening to some Binaural Beats. There was a peaceful woman’s voice playing, giving some kind of instructions for a pre bed meditation. There was also something about how I needed to go into the hall way or bathroom for something, but I didn’t want to get the hall light or night light in my eyes, since this would disturb my sleep. I was also kind of justifying the angry things I said to my Dad, in my mind. I think I went to sleep within the dream? Or did anything else happen? Well, here is the next part I remember.

    I find myself in a replica of my basement at 15 Swoo, playing my Ibanez guitar. I realize it is a dream. This is cool. (I am not sure what triggered lucidity but I just suddenly saw it as a dream!)

    I am trying to play an E minor chord, without labeling it in my mind as such. My fingers keep slipping to the first fret of the A and D strings though, instead of the second fret. The basement is very brightly lit. I can see some white square across the way. Once I get my fingers to go to the second frets to make an E minor Chord, I think of the D minor chord. However, I put my fingers to what is actually a C major chord, while in the dream, thinking of it as D minor. The sound is really loud and like a previous guitar dream, I fear it will wake my Dad, even though it’s a dream. It sounds cool. I am excited to be playing guitar in a dream, lucidly. I start to realize the dream might lose stability, and wonder what to do.

    The affirmation, “My Lucid Dreams last long and remain stable,” comes to my mind. I say this aloud within the dream. It actually works, and the dream seems to get a second wind. That is exciting!

    I get up from the guitar, looking at my hands, and repeating this affirmation. I decide that writing it on something in the dream might help. There is a white countertop with a piece of ripped paper over to the side. I find a pencil there and write, “My, Lucid, Dreams,” and then sort of lose interest. The writing comes out pretty clear though.

    Next thing I remember is I have my phone in my hand. Where did that come from? Well, I am looking at my phone, knowing it’s a dream. What’s on my phone at first? I flip through the screens to get to Ad Block Browser because I want to try looking up something on my phone in the dream. I am still repeating “My lucid, dreams, last long, and remain stable,” In my mind. The icon for Ad Block Browser is about the same. But instead of the words, it just says A B B. I tap it with my finger, and a screen comes up. I can see the place to put the hyper link and tap there. A little grey touch based key pad pops up. Wow, this dream phone is so similar to my physical phone. A (hidden) type of pod cast is playing. At first, it bothers me, but I just tune it out. (hidden)I begin trying to type in, because I couldn’t find the microphone for speech to text. I am able to type, “How to control an,” and then I am about to type, “L, D,” but then I realize that I should use the full words, not the abbreviation. So, I go to back space the “n” out of the word “an”, and the dream ends.


    I woke up from this and thought it through, pretty excited about it all. My memory of the guitar part is so solid. Somewhere in the dream, I remember the guitar being covered in a white sheet, on a shelf, under some other stuff. I also remembered something about a bright Note Pad screen, and my Dad typing.

    Groop 3 of “Dreams”

    I had a series of dreams and sleep paralysis sensations take place before recording again.

    Dream: 400 Bucks!

    The first dream of these I remember is of me at the (hidden)kitchen or dining room. I was sitting there and my Dad gave me an envelope or a card which looked to have money on the side. I think I was complaining about being low on money. At first it looked like just one dollar, but then I saw four hundred dollar bills inside. (hidden)I wondered what it was for. There is something written on the card about the car being worth $5,400. There is some map my Dad wants me to go look up. It’s working kind of funny. At first it was a smaller place, but then showed a whole continent, surrounded by an ocean, kind of badge shaped.

    L D: Leaf Blower Trigger

    I think I woke up from that, and thought about it. It wasn’t really enough to break sleep paralysis and record, so I just kept it in my head. In the next dream, I am in my bed room of (hidden)I can see a guy getting a leaf blower going outside. I am angry about this starting up. Maybe it is around 3 P M in the dream. I am sitting on the floor. There are two grey bunny rabbits in the room, hopping around. I guess all my practice of doing dream state checks whenever I see or hear leaf blowers kicks in, and I try a finger palm test. I think I might be dreaming. Sure enough, I am dreaming! The finger goes through my palm. Then, I wake up.

    O B E Vibrations: Rolled out and Pinned

    I thought through that one and got some kind of O B E vibrations. The vibrations come on quickly, and I am rolled out of my bed sooner than expected. I roll out onto the side of the bed nearest the wall, only my bed is rotated 180 degrees and with the head board to the closet, not the opposite wall. I see a kind of white glowy hand as my own hand. I think I might actually be out of body, but I hope it will just become a lucid, dream, like the other times. I can see the window with the black out curtains drawn, so that’s another way I know it’s a dream. There is an orange jug on the floor which isn’t there in waking life.

    So I am like, okay, I just rolled out of body. Here I am. I will just stand up and it will be another OOBILD. I start to push myself up and feel if there is a body on the bed, and I am pulled towards the ground. This really scares me because I can’t move. I am not sure what this is. I try to fight it a little bit, but it avails me nothing. Something is holding this “dream body” or “astral body” of mine, down on the floor, on my back.

    As I lay here, I can see this sort of hologram of me appear above me. It is wearing a grey shirt. It begins appearing from its feet, then like a door is opening upwards in front of it, its body is slowly revealed from behind the “door”. I wake up from that in my physical bed, a little spooked. Not a total night terror but kind of spooky is all. I have a huge fear that if I go out of body, something will block me from going back into my body, and something else will enter my body right in front of me. Then it will “possess” me or something. So I guess I will see if that really happens or not. Either my belief in this concept will create the experience from my imagination, or there are really entities trying to do this. Or, a mix of both. But I know my dream or non physical exploration will never give me more than I can handle at any one time. And if something like that were ever to happen, whether imaginary, or actual, I am being prepared as we speak.

    L D: Who’s the Boss
    In the next dream of this groop, I am in a class room. There is a teacher, teaching the class. I realize it is a dream. (What makes me realize it is a dream?) All I remember is he instructs me that I have to go find some information. I have to go find out who the boss is, or why he is the boss. (hidden)I have to put on a metronome and go walk around somewhere, to the beat of the metronome. I vaguely remembering walking around a side walk outside and then returning. (hidden)I look to the boss guy and say something like, “I did it! You’re the boss!” I vaguely remember his face, just that he was a white guy.

    O B E Vibrations: Jaw Shock

    So I woke up from that and tried to think it through. But then I got more O B E vibrations. These were very intense and also kinda spooky again. But the O B E vibrations that came along probably came before I could form a full memory of the dream.

    I was spooked by the sleep paralysis stuff but I just kept telling myself internally to just relax. There are some swishing sounds, and/or some mousey sounds. Then I feel my body really quickly lifted up out of my bed like 4 to 6 feet. This is a lot faster than I am used to, so I am surprised. I feel like I could push into it, but I tell myself to just relax. I don’t resist it or push my way into it. Relaxing lands me back in my bed though.

    When I am back in my bed, the vibrations continue. They feel very electrical. I am feeling like shock waves are being sent through my jaw bones. It feels like they are being squeezed. I am still trying to tell myself to just relax. It is more than I am used to but I am confident that it can’t harm me.

    Like the last O B E vibrations thing, my bed is rotated 180 degrees, with the head board up to where the closet is. There must be some kind of bluish white light source behind me. I am more spooked now, because it is flickering in this ghastly kind of a way, casting some shadows of a lamp. I am trying to remind myself that the window curtains can’t be drawn, and I can’t see the curtains the way my physical body would be facing in the physical world. So this must be a dream. But I just keep relaxing, instead of getting up to look. Also, I wear a blind fold in waking life, so I shouldn’t be able to see anything. The other main thing I notice is this really low opacity little white cloud, like barely 10% opacity. It seems to float around, but maybe it is something else.


    I stayed still after that last set of O B E vibrations ended, wondering if anything else would come my way, replaying all the dreams and other stuff in my head. I was surprised that I couldn’t remember the L D with the teacher because it may have been more eventful.

    I think the jaw shock thing had to do with tension in my jaw. Maybe it released tension from my jaw.

    Groop 4 of Dreams

    I laid back down on my right side and eventually got to sleep again. For these I just let myself drift and dream, waiting a while to record. The memories were a little jumbled so I will do my best to put them in order.


    The beginning of what I can remember is. I am with (hidden)and other people. We are doing something, maybe watching a show. There is something about how I have O B E’s. Maybe I have an O B E within the dream before that point. I think I was thinking how people need to just have their own experience.

    I go into this dream bathroom to go make some dream #1. The dream door has some see through parts. My face looks different, so I make some faces in the mirror. I kind of like it. (hidden)I don’t realize it is a dream from my different face though. There are two toilets. I don’t want to use either because these women are right outside the door, and could see in if they wanted to. Near one toilet, there is a peanut jar full of #1. I wonder who did that.

    Spooky Staircase

    In the next part I remember, I am walking along (hidden)and I notice someone to the right needs help in their garage, or might. Suddenly I am in their garage. They are kind of startled. I am like, do you need help? They’re like, no, my Dad’s coming to help me. Its like (hidden) or someone tall. They have a standard barbell with a 25 on each side, and some 50 pound plates around.

    Next thing I remember is I am running out of there. Except now I am seeing it all from the outside. And a black haired guy has taken my place. The “camera angle” is showing the chase from in front of the person being chased, and showing a longer haired bodybuilder guy chasing him. He reminds me of someone from the local gym I used to see there a lot. Then the long haired guy falls head first down this long set of cement stairs. He sort of slides down them, hitting his head on every step. It becomes somewhat gruesome, and I am noticing the nightmarish turn it has taken. (I’m not sure if I got lucid, but I did something to change the channel, maybe without knowing it was a dream.)

    There is also some really spooky screaming voice that comes on as he falls down the stairs. It is like a gruesome monstrous scream. I sort of “turn it off” and it passes.

    Oily Candle

    There is another part where I am in a truck, driving with some people. I am at the back of the big moving truck, near a ramp. I think I am getting a ride somewhere but the other people are getting a ride from their flight. I’m asking what they’re doing. They seem to want me to stay out of it.

    I want to go to a gym. It is night time. There are some store fronts with dark glass windows. Two store fronts are illuminated with yellow. I pass by one gym on my right, thinking, that gym isn’t my gym. Well, if that one is open, mine must not be. I keep walking though, and my gym is also lit up. I think it might not be the best business plan to have two gyms right next door to each other, but I go into my gym.

    Instead of working out, I go to the side room of the gym, where they have this video game. But then, instead of playing a video game, I have this writing on some paper I am trying to do something with. What is the writing for? I light a candle. I am hearing something where some lucid, dreaming author is saying something about how the candle wick needs oil on it for it to burn right. I am seeing a candle drip off the sides. The flame burns down the wick. My paper is to the right of the candle, and the words start to melt off it or dissappear from it. What is this about? I am kind of sad now that my words have been erased by the candle.

    Then an Asian guy comes in. he is supposed to be the owner or manager. He says please don’t do that. I say something back, maybe about remembering dreams. Maybe it is a dream journal entry. He says he really doesn’t need to know a lot about his dreams. He has an Asian face but stretched out more or twisted. I can sort of picture his face now. There is something about workout partners.

    More Spookiness!

    I am in the passenger seat going somewhere. There is this little lizard guy walking around on me. He lays on his back and either dies or pretends to die, kind of dramatically. I notice he is on my giraffe pillow.

    There is a part with these witch people who are actually bad guys. They have this audio program that they want people to listen to in the morning. They say it is free, any anyone can listen at any time. No one has to wake up at any specific time. I sense they have some ulterior motive.

    Then one of the witch ladies with grey hair has this little person running around on their hand. The little person has a head the size of a thimble, and a little thin small body. They run around on their hand and fall over. The lady has her grey hair down over her eyes like some kind of mask. She is saying, “Do you see how small this is?!”

    During a lot of these dreams I was thinking of how to get my dream journal done. So for this one I realized it was like 8 or 9 P M. And I was like, oh, man, it’s past bed time, and I haven’t even wrote my dreams, let alone done my waking life recall. Oh, man!

    Pickup Artist Guy

    (hidden) is doing a You Tube series on how to meet girls. He has it all set up and I am looking onto the You Tube videos. I click on the first video, which is 50 to 60 minutes. I am skipping ahead a little bit and then going back to earlier.

    He’s saying he sits on the benches at the bus stop, to prepare to approach women. He has to almost compulsively approach women to prove himself. He sits there to work up his courage. He has this mirror that he holds up and uses it to look at women’s necks to see what they are wearing. Then he prepares some kind of pick up line based on that. Before he goes up to them, he lays on the grass and rips the grass out of the ground to psych himself up. He is saying how he needs to approach women because he is just driven to do so. There’s the idea that the people at the bus stop think he’s weird but he keeps at it anyway.

    Then it changes into a talk about this guy who he is really nice to. He is really outgoing towards this fellow, (hidden)He waves to him, and his hand gets really big, like a camera zooming in kind of thing. At some point he makes the guy’s brief case fall in the water though. But the guy doesn’t even mind. Another guy falls in the water too. The guy just jumps in after his brief case, like its no problem. They are on a dock by the water.


    I tried to fall asleep one more time, but that was it.

    Another day, another dream!

    by Charles3 on 03-17-2018 at 10:12 PM
    Dreams from march sixteenth to seventeenth, 2018

    I had difficulties tonight with my dream recalling. I did my best but it just wasn’t there. The last few nights have been very good and hopefully the following nights will be better.

    Round 2 of Dreams

    I woke up from these and found myself on my left side, when I had fallen asleep on my right. With some idea that this would dislodge the dream, I still rotated back onto my right side, where my microphone was. I should have stayed still on my left side, thought it through, formed a solid memory of the dream, and then rotated and recorded it. I really regretted that bad move and was pretty mad at myself. My recall of these dreams could have been so much better.

    The earliest dream memory from this that I can remember is something with my Nana, Mom and/or Sister. Something do with with eating or not eating.

    The next thing I remembered was a detail I am sure I would have gotten if I hadn’t moved too soon. It was a cool one, too. Something to do with Terrosaur, Waspinator, and Star Scream, like the Beast Wars Episode where Star Scream possesses them. There was something about Megatron saying you will never betray me again. And Terrosaur or Star Scream kind of screaming as he is being destroyed or blasted.

    Then, in the dream, I was going around trying to get people to listen to me, but no one would. I had some kind of thing to tell everyone, maybe from the previous scene. But no one would listen to me. I remembered some kind of orange gold fish shaped thing, and climbing up on a shelf. This was just on the tip of my tongue, but I couldn’t get it.
    There is a thing about how having hair would be an indulgence for monks. I am thinking about this as I drive or travel down B Avenue, near the high school. I am thinking that I don’t chew on my hair all day, so it is different from indulging in food.

    Next I remember, I am following this guy down a narrow hall way to his room. He is on some kind of strict monastic diet which relates to the idea of hair being an indulgence. He has some kind of fuse thing that he will lay out and then put the end of it in the water. He will light the other end and then the contraption will create some kind of water pressure or bubbles or heat so that he can swim. He is wearing some kind of wet suit. He is saying how it is not environmentally friendly but he just needs it to swim. The Native Americans are mad at him but he is like, just get off my case! And the swimming device thing is still vibrating in his arms.

    What else happens in the middle there?

    We get to this lobby kind of thing. I am still thinking monastically. There are some people sitting at this table. I am messing around with this clear plastic bubble wrap balloon thing, thinking that the monks here are so ascetic. This is why I like this monastery. Even moving a finger to them is considered an indulgence. I might not be at that level but I like to aspire to it. I am aware that I don’t have much money. One of the monks, an older, bald fellow, is holding a stack of papers. It looks like they could use a paper clip. There are all these office shelf things on their desk that have paper clips, thumb tacks and that kind of stuff. I want to ask the monk for a penny and then use that penny to buy him a paper clip.

    Next thing I remember is a woman there is like, we need to people able to work. I want to do it but it looks like the swimming guy and his room mate are going to do it.

    Really Long Dream!!!

    I woke up in my physical bed like woah that was one of the longest dreams I ever had all at once. I recalled a few scenes back from the end but couldn’t get back much further. I had a lot of trouble falling back to sleep, so by the time I slept, I was probably really exhausted.

    The first thing I remember is of trying to set my Dad up with some M P 3 files. I was trying to think of a way to get them onto his electronic device. I am thinking of setting them up on an S D card and then having him swap out his current S D Card. We were at 1 6 24. He was trying to go do something, maybe somewhere with bridges over water. What was it?

    There was a part with G S.

    There was a part where I was trying to tell someone about what I have been doing since 2016. Only I was telling them about my life from around 2013 or 2014. Some of my waking life memory got into this, but not exactly accurately. I told them I wasn’t working now. I told them something like I had dropped out of college, but I actually finished college in waking life.

    The dream was so long. I forgot so much of it because it was just HUGE. I had no clue any of it was a dream at any moment, but I had some moments within it when I thought I had woken up from the dream, and tried to write it.

    In one part I was driving around in some parking lot, like to go to an A T M. I think my friend M was on the phone with some women or something. They were saying something like we don’t want you here. That was one that felt so close to being remembered, but not quite. I tried to be optimistic about how much of the dream memories I would retrieve.

    My memory of it gets a little more clear around these parts. I was standing on B P Boulevard, and a friend was driving by us in a white convertible. He stopped for us to get in. I guess we were teenagers because he was definitely under driving age. But his Dad was letting him drive this really nice white convertible. So we all got in there.

    So there are two girls and 3 guys in the car. One of the girls is the driver’s girlfriend. The other 3 of us are single. But someone thinks that the remaining girl is dating me or the other guy. But really, the other 3 of us are single.

    Then it becomes a talk. N M, M B and G B are there. N M is saying something positive about me and G B is saying I’m a hard worker. I am saying how nothing is panning out on my job search right now. M B is saying how he delivers pizza. He says I should just get into pizza delivery because he gets fat stacks. At one point he is rubbing the side of his head. M B says he makes “fat stacks” delivering pizza and makes a symbol with his hands meant to show the height of his “stacks” (of money).

    Then I’m with (personal info) at this place that is like where you pour your own soda at fast food places. There is some chart on the wall. We are carrying ice or pouring drinks, something like that. He is saying how it is a lot of money, like 15 to 25 dollars a delivery. He also says he gets 23 dollars an hour. That seems like a lot to me but I make sense of it using dreamy thinking. The ice feels cold. I am like, what if people don’t tip? And he’s like, yeah, I guess so.

    What else happens there?

    The part I woke up from involved something in a religious church. The religious music is helpful to me at points in the dream. So I have this whole parchment pamphlet thing out that I am trying to write my own script of religious music. I am thinking it is meant to help people with finances, relationships, and everything in life. I am wondering why I would put so much work into this when I could just listen to it on You Tube. But I continue copying it down in my own order. As I do this I am also journaling the dream so far. I get something like the first half which is already a lot. But then I am working on the whole second half. There is one song that I mark as optional. I realize how much writing this is going to realistically be, and that I will have to pace myself. It is too much writing for one sitting. I am starting to want to get breakfast, and so I try to just jot down some dream notes to come back to little by little. I am feeling overwhelmed by how much writing it is. It seems I have forgotten a lot of the dream.


    Then I woke up in my physical bed, so surprised that I hadn’t recorded any dreams for hours. I was able to think back a few scenes, and didn’t move at all. Due to all the time that had passed, I had to go #1, so that was putting some pressure on me. But I managed to hold it enough to get some detail. At some point, I might have got kicked out of somewhere. I liked having had all the dreams but having them all at once makes it difficult to recall.

    There was also a part where I was in a bed and had a container of rocks near my bed. I was trying to use them as crystals.

    I tried to recall the dreams by thinking of what I wrote in the scene with the parchment paper, because I was and am pretty sure those notes were of the dreams I actually had. But, I couldn’t really get a clear picture of what I’d written in the dream.

    Maybe there was something with M M from N J.

    Round 4 of dreams

    The first thing I recorded was a song lyric from a song that had been playing the whole final dream. But by the time I started saying it out loud, the second half slipped my mind!

    I think I had one dream and thought about it then fell back to sleep. It was hard to fall asleep again. The next dream I remember was of me playing this side scroller video game with Piglet as the character. I could see it pretty vividly during the dream but it was hard to describe upon awakening. There were ladders and cows. It reminded me of a Mario Maker video I saw. As I was watching that, I was like, wait, is this a memory of the previous dream? And then I woke up.

    I thought about that and fell back to sleep. There were some people in a convertible. I was standing near a building, maybe trying to go #1. The people in the car looked angry at me. They were like, hey, you, do you have a problem with that? I was like, Huh? With what? And they pointed to some cigarette butts on the grass between them and me. I was like, well, I can’t smell them. So, it’s not as bad as it would be if I smelled them. I hadn’t even noticed them! But the guys were glaring at me. Then I noticed a dark skinned woman sitting in the car, next to one of the guys. I was like, hey, you were in one of my earlier dreams! Did I know this was a dream? I’m not sure. How did she respond to that? I got excited it would help me remember the previous dreams. Then I might have had another short dream.

    The last dream I had was of this whole family going somewhere. Was it my family? There was a big moving truck leaving, but from inside the house. This guy I see walking around the neighborhood a lot when I go for walks was there. I heard his voice, and it was really high pitched. (personal info)There was something about how I put popcorn on, but then I was afraid it was on for too long. I was afraid it would burn or explode. I was trying to do something though while the microwave ran. I went into this other room as the moving truck left out the front door of something like my Nana’s house. It was like a closet. For the last few “dream minutes” of this dream, there was some song playing. It was like a dream tune. When I woke up from that, I was relieved I hadn’t really left the popcorn on. I probably could have snoozed some more, but I decided to recall the dreams. I couldn’t get back to sleep after that. I got up around 7:30 A M to start the day.

    Oh, in one part, there was something about how I was giving someone my credit card information. I read them the last 4 digits of my account number when they asked for my credit card number. Then they asked me for other verification information. That dream probably came from stressing out over typing my banking information correctly on my little cell phone keypad and having to re try over and over.


    So, those were my dreams!