Sensei's "How to effectively Dream Journal" inspired me to make a dream journal which makes it easy to note down everything that could possibly influence you recall. I also added some of StaySharp's findings from the "Dream Recall Compendium" as standard options. But they can be customized. The idea is to optimize you habits for maximum recall as soon as you have enough data on what your the quality and quantity of your recall is correlated to. That's why there is the possibility to plot a chart of the correlation of all the parameters and results. I will probably implement a way to let the app find the strongest correlations by itself in a future version.


  • DJ
  • Collect and analyze data about your recall, for example: Whats the best time to go to bed? After how many hours of sleep do you have the most dreams? How is your recall influenced by recall of the previous day?
  • Set goals
  • Keyword search
  • Many more (see images)


Yes, this process is not very user-friendly. But I dont want to pay the play store registration fee for nothing if no-one wants this app, so Ill test it this way for now

Credits go to Sensei and StaySharp.
This app comes with absolutely no warranty. You freely choose to install this app, therefore I am not responsible for anything that happens because you use this app.
The ChartMaker uses Google charts and sends the data which is necessary for the creation of the chart to Google. Please do not use this app if you are not comfortable with that. Other than that, this app does not send any data to a remote server.

  • Accomplishment status of goals cannot yet be visualized
  • Stats involving previous day do not work for some combinations

This is a beta version. It's purpose is to get some response on what's cool and what is not, what's missing,... I look forward to getting your feedback