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      Give tips and advice for catching dream signs

      I decided to start a thread if there hasn't already been one to share advice from me personally, and you can do the same to help other people to learn to catch their dream signs. This is also a thread to discuss a way to catch things in your lucid dream that might seem out of the ordinary, things that shouldn't be there. Now here are some things that might be strange, things that shouldn't be there in your dream. First of all, if you dream about a celebrity and you don't personally know that person or have never met him or her, bang! You should realize that you are dreaming. If you dream of a place that you've never been to or that doesn't exist, and you're actually sleeping on the couch in your living room or in your bedroom, then you're actually dreaming. So the thing that i've come to learn that, is that if if your not doing what you're doing when you fall asleep, then you're dreaming. But it can be tricky sometimes because of false awakenings and then there are dreams where you're dreaming of yourself doing what you were doing when you fell asleep, so you should do reality checks, look around your room to see if anything is out of place, and if you can't get out of bed then you should definitely realize that you're dreaming, you should also try to do things that you can't do in your dream that you can do in real life, no matter how real the dream is and no matter how real your room or your dream scene is. Some reality checks as you know don't work all the time, especially when your dream world is so real and vivid and everything is accurate. So in this case what you should do is, the spinning technique and see if that works, i think the spinning technique works wonders and should work in most if not all your dreams whether or not you're lucid, it should either change your dream scene or wake you up, if it wakes you up, be sure to keep lying still and keep your eyes close if you haven't opened them, if you did just close them, and try a lucid technique, maybe a mild or deild. These are just my suggesstiong and what i have come to learn on how to catch your dream signs, i've missed so many opportunitys to become lucid like a few nights ago i dreamed about a celebrity whom i've never met in an unfamiliar enviroment where i have never been before, if it really exists, i just stood there looking at thecelebrity and i missed my opportunity to become lucid, whenever i dream about celebrities most of the time i miss my opportunity to become lucid. I hope this thread will help people become lucid.

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      I've a habit of just going with the flow in dreams thinking that everything is real...until last night where I had a kind of breakthrough.

      For the past week or so I've been incorporating RCs into my daily routine when I remember, when something weird happens, when I walk through a door and remember, and when I go to bed/get out of bed.

      In my dream last night (which is still kind of hazy) I was around some DCs and was not one bit suspicious as to whether I was dreaming or not, yet I simply went something like "hold on a second, just gotta do something" then I distinctly remember looking at my hands (which I hardly ever do in dreams) and then pass my finger right through my palm (which is my RC).

      ...I had lucidity right within my grasp...but instead of instantly snapping awake within my dream...I sort of stared at my hands thinking "wow, that's weird" and continued on. This is why you've really got to get into the habit of thinking about why you're RCing. Think about how you got to where you are, is what you're doing making sense etc.

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      hi DZ thats it, when you become concious of yourself in your dream, thats the holy grail and its learning how to in our dream states...do a rc during the day so it becomes part of your routine then hopefully it will become part of a dream state and its remembering to do a rc in the dream state
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