Hey, this is an audio subforum. The OPs in this area should include an audio file. The posts can also be in audio format, but are not limited to it. Since this is our only subforum for audio, it is not limited to just “general lucid discussion”, but you can also put threads about attaining lucidity. So we are gonna be able to listen to things while away from DV, play games, and get to know a little more about each other through this!

In order to post in here, you will have to use a third party to put it in audio format. If you already know how to do this, then don’t worry about the next part.

In order to record audio, you will need to find an easy way to record often so you can post in here.
How to Record Your Voice on a Windows Computer: 9 Steps
Phone / Tablet
There are many free applications that allow you to record audio. Just google it or check the app stores.

After recording, you will need a link in order to post it. I recommend using Google Drive. You can do it on a phone or computer and it gives you a link to post.
Google Drive

After uploading your clip to Google Drive,
Go to File
Click “Share”
Switch it from “Private” to “Anyone with Link”
When you do this it will give you a link, post the link in the thread and people will be able to download it from there.


Phone / Tablet

If you wish to make your audio file play automatically, change the start of the URL from ‘www.dropbox.com/’ to ‘dl.dropboxusercontent.com/’

Some of you might not want to do this because it seems difficult, but after you do it once, it just takes a couple seconds to do again. You just gotta get the hang of it. I can do it on my very old phone and terrible laptop, so you can do it too!