Anderson Silva, once the UFC middleweight champion, lost his belt tonight.

Before tonight, he was 16-0 in the UFC (by far the longest winning streak in UFC history), hadn't legitimately lost a fight in nearly 10 years, and defended the MW belt 10 times (a record that won't be broken for a long time). He's held the belt since his second fight in the UFC, which was in 2006 (longer than any other champion ever did). He's also 38 years old.

Unfortunately, no one is invincible, and everyone was reminded of that tonight.

He was defeated by Chris Weidman, a great fighter who deserved the win and the belt.

However, I can't help but feel that Anderson beat himself more than anything. His undoing was that he was trying to get back at Weidman for the trash talk, he was too busy taunting him (standing flat-footed, hands down, and not countering) and ended up not throwing any significant strikes of his own, which ultimately led to Anderson taking a left hook and getting finished in the second round. Weidman was looking perplexed by Anderson and it really looked like Anderson was on his way to another KO victory.

Anderson was very humble in defeat, as I expected. He gave all the praise to Weidman.

I'm a huge fan of Anderson Silva, so this was just devastating for me to watch (still can't really believe it). I know Anderson will be back though, he's still the greatest.

Idk if there are any MMA fans on here, just thought some people might be interested.