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      Touhou 15 Full Version Discussion Thread

      So the full version of Touhou 15 LoLK came out.
      Tell me your thoughts on it fellow Touhou fans.

      The best way I can describe Touhou 15 is... it's different. Like other Touhou games, Touhou 15 attacks are based around gimmicks. However, the gimmicks used in the later stages are very strange. The Stage 5 boss's gimmick is literally to make you go insane. Well technically it is moons, laser walls, and survival cards, but nonetheless each spell is made to be really really wacky, nonsensical, and really hard to understand how to dodge. Learning the right way to dodge is really hard and the ways to dodge each spell is really unusual. The final boss's non-spell gimmick is literally walls which makes sense since all her attacks are based wanting to kill you without caring about making it fancy (yes, she actually wants to kill you). Many of her later spells are even named around stating the attacks are just pure danmaku and she made the attacks for the sole reason of killing you. In a sense the final boss and 5th boss are complete opposites of each other.

      Generally people didn't like Touhou 15, but I found it enjoyable because of how unexpected everything was. I never would have thought he would of made such simple attacks, but he did. I never would of expected two survival in a single boss fight, but it happened. He took a large risk making this game and though it didn't really pay off to the general public, I enjoyed it.

      Since this is Touhou, I must comment about the music. As I expected, every single track in this game including the stage themes are amazing (Though the Stage 4 and Stage 6 boss theme weren't too memorable to me, chances are they will grow on me like Illusionary Joururi and Kobito of the Shining Needle did). Touhou 15's music feels very different from other Touhou music though. This doesn't make them bad, in my opinion, the fact the tracks are so different makes Touhou 15 feel like a breath of fresh air in the same way Touhou 14's music did.

      Yep, they've grown on me. I'm now rocking out to all of Touhou 15's music.
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