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      Cool Mobian's Gameplay Videos & Commentary

      Yesterday I have gotten curious about how it would feel to record gameplay and do commentary so I tried it out. I took a headphone set with a microphone attached to it, loaded up my PS4 and began streaming over Twitch. I then decided to upload the entire livestream to YouTube in parts (because one cannot go over 15 minutes for a single video if not verified).

      I wanted to try to trim it down and only merge the bits that I thought were the most amusing but I got too lazy trying to find the right converter etc. so I just said, "screw it!"

      Here is Part 4 of the video as an example. I apologize for the weird white noise that was emitting from the mic. And God, my voice always sounds like a child when being played back from a recording. I'll probably do more videos since it was fun to do it the first time and watch them back. I love that I can make myself laugh!

      [Final Fantasy: XV - Episode Duscae] Gladiolus The Molester! (Part 4)
      [Warning: Language]

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