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    [Dream #18 - 2/6/2016] Sex With Headless Shadow

    by MobianAngel on 02-06-2016 at 06:03 PM
    [Warning] - The following contains body horror and a sexual act.


    Sex With Headless Shadow

    This was a very odd dream as well, and like the title states, I had sex, more so fingered Shadow the Hedgehog but he was literally headless. I chuckled when I woke up after having the dream.

    This took place, I'm assuming in my room -- The surrounding was hard to map out. I was laying down and I could feel my 'soul' or 'something' extract from my 'physical' body and was then visibly on-top of me. For a minute, I began to think it was a replica of myself but I ended up seeing a patch of white chest fur just like Shadow the Hedgehog's and the noticeable shortness in height compared to mine in perspective. He did not have a mouth to speak with nor could he speak through telepathy, but he could understand what I said to him. I did not freak out and I was extremely pleased. I remember taking Shadow's hand and placing his index finger into my vagina.

    I could feel it enter me as he began to toy with the inside. It felt good and I told him to do it faster and harder which he proceeded to do on command. But then I woke up.

    Dream Goal For February

    Spoiler for February 2016 Goal:

    Extended Information

    Spoiler for Extended Information:


    Spoiler for Notes/Summary:

    Updated 02-06-2016 at 06:28 PM by MobianAngel

    non-lucid , memorable

    [Dream #17 - 2/3/2016] Shadow Stuff & Transformations

    by MobianAngel on 02-05-2016 at 06:17 AM


    Shadow Stuff & Transformations

    [Fragment #1] I found myself in a maroon colored atmosphere in a school-like setting. There was a skinny African guy and some tall brawny Caucasian man talking in a room behind glass. The Caucasian man spotted me and was coming out to approach me. I wanted to get away but he caught me and asked if I would find the guy "messed up in the head" if he told me a secret about him. The other guy was yelling, "NO NO NO! STOP!" And then I replied to the brawny man;

    MobianAngel: "I wouldn't care if he was to stick a finger up his ass and eat the shit that came out of it. I just don't care! Hell, my fiancι is a psychopathic murderer who eats babies and likes violence! Do you honestly think I would care about what he does?"

    [Fragment #2] There was a girl by the van of the African man's whose balloon began to float up into the air. I went to get it and tried to tie the small bit of string onto her backpack but it flew away once again and she cried.

    [Fragment #3] There was a place in a kind of mall-like shape where people could walk in and their bodies would change to be other creatures as they will gain the powers of the respective individual. There was a section for boys and one for girls. I remember the girls having mermaid transformations and some sort of lancer that can electrify the floor with a electricity infused lance.

    [2/4/2016] All I can remember is running outside of the house because my mother pissed me off and it was raining. The parking lot was exceedingly large and my Shadow the Hedgehog plush was clinging onto me as if it were alive and it would not let go.

    Dream Goal For February

    Spoiler for February 2016 Goal:

    Extended Information

    Spoiler for Extended Information:


    Spoiler for Notes/Summary:

    Updated 02-06-2016 at 06:13 PM by MobianAngel

    non-lucid , dream fragment

    [Dream #16 - 2/2/2016] A Dream About DreamVeiws

    by MobianAngel on 02-02-2016 at 06:33 PM


    An image depicting a diary

    Quite funny how I had a nap due to being depressed about my former situation and this dream was what formulated from it.

    I remember being on the site and looked at my Waking Journal following the post right after the one I made earlier about whether or not DreamViews was the right place for me and found that one of the staff had replied stating something and mentioning some user with some very hard to understand name would be able to help me. I then went and looked through the introductions section and found that person with an overly large signature of Shadow the Hedgehog wearing a black trench coat and some some sort of Sonic'esk avatar. I couldn't read what that individual said but I was awoken by my mother yelling at me me for taking a nap and to stop sleeping my days away and to make her food.

    Notes: None to note.

    • Date — 2/2//2016

    • Went to bed — I cannot recall, I was depressed and just laid in bed before I took an unexpected nap.

    • Woke up — 12:00PM

    *Time logged — 5:15PM

    • Total sleep — N/A

    • Stress level throughout the day — Depressed

    • Techniques/Practices

    *Daytime — RCs

    *Recall — N/A

    *Inducing Method — N/A

    • Dream Signs — N/A

    • Perceived Length — 10 Minutes

    • Emotions — Worried, Stressed

    • Awareness — None

    Updated 02-03-2016 at 05:41 AM by MobianAngel


    [Dream #15 - 2/2/2016] Office [Lucid]

    by MobianAngel on 02-02-2016 at 02:15 PM


    An image depicting of an office set up

    I was in this office kind of area, with white walling, a window leading out to the outside and light shinning in and there was a green plant in-front of me. I remember being like, "Oh, I'm dreaming!" And telling myself over and over again to calm down and not get too excited because I would wake up out of it.

    But I ended up finding myself stuck in stationary position whilst standing up and I couldn't move all I could do was see what was around me. I tried my hardest to move but sadly I couldn't. But I guess this was a start in lucidity and a foundation to hopefully be able to control dreams and finally be able to do what I want and spend time with those I love.

    Notes: None to note.

    • Date — 2/2/2016

    • Went to bed — Cannot recall...

    • Woke up — 7:00AM

    *Time logged — 7:05AM

    • Total sleep — +3 Hours

    • Stress level throughout the day — Meh

    • Techniques/Practices

    *Daytime — RC

    *Recall — N/A

    *Inducing Method — N/A

    • Dream Signs — The Obvious

    • Perceived Length — 2 Minutes

    • Emotions — Excited

    • Awareness — Yes, very

    Updated 02-02-2016 at 11:43 PM by MobianAngel

    lucid , memorable

    [Dream #14 - 2/1/2016] 2 Mewtwos [Sex Dream]

    by MobianAngel on 02-01-2016 at 01:31 PM


    The title is self-explanatory. This has inter-species sex. And like with everything else -- don't like it then do not read it~

    I remember walking down Cerulean Cave in similar format to the one in a pixelmon server I was playing last night where I came up next to a small wall and over it I could see a mewtwo. He was the normal color but then his body began switching pallets to match the color of the shiny variant as shown in the above picture. I was ecstatic and wanted to catch the mewtwo but I fear of him defeating my team of pokιmon due to them being so under-leveled.

    I could then see the mewtwo turning his face to look towards me and that's when I became frightened as I thought he was going to initiate a battle with me and make me black out. I tried to head back the other way but I ended up finding myself being taken by force by the shiny mewtwo as he began to make out with me. I could feel his mouth prying open mine and his warm tongue entering inside and I couldn't help but engage in the act with him feeling lustful and passionate.

    This is when another mewtwo appeared from behind and started to fuck me err....anally I guess? I honestly couldn't remember. This is where I found myself naked, whether I just became nude or I was nude to begin with. A cycle of sexual positions began within the 3-some and it felt amazing! And the mewtwos were no joke in staying firm with the act and taking lead.

    Once they were done, the two did not want me to go as they began to take me out the other side of the cave. For some reason I could remember hearing my mother call out my name and for that split of a second I can see myself rushing into my living room from my room and spotting my mother sitting on the couch by the kitchen as it appeared she was watching TV. I began asking if she needed anything but my mother stated that she thought I was calling her so I went back to my room and that's when it switched back to the mewtwo scene. Both were standing around waiting for me and once I appeared again in their site the proceeded on dragging me out again into the open world of pokιmon. Then I wake up...

    Notes: Paired with the desire of leaving this planet and the coupling of pixelmon gameplay and the conversation with my fiancι on how Pokιmon Go will turn out, there is no surprise that I would have a dream like this. Mewtwo being one of my favorite pokιmon was indeed a treat to be able to have sex with...not just one but TWO (no pun intended) in a session like this.

    The false awakening in midst of a dream was quite a new one for me. As when I *truly* awoke I began to think if my mother had indeed called me earlier for something and that I went back to sleep afterwords. But I knew that my mother never actually sits on the couch nor was a TV propped up against the window, where she was facing. Though I did do my reality checks just to be sure.

    Interperting this dream is a no brainer. The joy of being part of the pokιmon world, going into a cave and such and having sex with pokιmon is something I've always wished for but the weird occurrence of being in my room in the middle of it could be a sign of how the waking reality is always wanting to stop me for wanting such freedom and continue to follow the orders of human society, my mother being a major example to this. But even after that and being taken by the two mewtwos out into the pokιmon world (presumably) There is that knowlege of hope that I will indeed have that day where all my wishes will come true and no human from Earth will be able to stop them. What a great dream to start off the new month~

    Date — 2/1/2016

    Went to bed — Around 3AM

    Woke up — 6:40AM

    *Time logged — 7:05AM

    Total sleep — +3 Hours

    Stress level throughout the day — Sad and depressed due to personal issues...


    *Daytime — RC

    *Recall — N/A

    *Inducing Method — N/A

    Dream Signs — The Obvious

    Perceived Length — 30 Minutes

    Emotions — Happy, Free

    Awareness — None

    Updated 02-02-2016 at 04:07 PM by MobianAngel

    non-lucid , memorable