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    Thread: Travelers - Good, somewhat dreamy Netflix series

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      Travelers - Good, somewhat dreamy Netflix series

      There is a good series called Travelers on netflix which seems like it should be available for a while. What I find dreamlike about it is that when they travel they look around in a bit of wonder at their new environment and new body. I found it an interesting way to do a reality check - it heightens the reality check and brings you into the present moment. I basically imagine I just travelled into my body (while awake, but just like finding yourself in your dream body) and I find myself more present and self-aware in doing this. Watching the series so far I have found that it creates a lot of opportunities for awareness practice in the normally fairly vegetative activity of watching tv. So I enjoy the show and get lucid dreaming practices in at the same time. I may do an RC thread next.

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      I watched the show recently I liked it a lot.

      I actually use shows and movies as an awareness meditational tool. It's tricky as it's easy to get sucked into the story and forget, just like dreaming or daily activities. I do the TV meditation as much for lucidity as for just staying aware as possible and fully enjoying the relaxing moment. How many things can you stay aware of at once while not losing track of the dialog in the show? Stay present and aware of the room you're sitting in and your basic surroundings as well as every little thing in the show, including staying aware of all of the sound effects. And not losing awareness of the dialog. And trying to continuously be staying aware of whether or not you're dreaming or sitting there watching a show. Or both. It's a difficult meditation and takes a lot of practice but I enjoy it. And makes watching TV a mental exercise. And not just a mindless activity where you lose awareness of yourself and get fully absorbed.
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