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    Thread: Who on here likes comics?

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      Who on here likes comics?

      Who is your favorite bad guy or girl?Mine is emperor joker.And who is your favorite good guy or girl?Mine is bat mite.

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      I like a few comic strips. I like Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes, Heart of the City, and Luann the most.

      Many of the characters in these strips can be either nice or mean, so it's tricky for me to truly label many of them as nice or mean characters.

      My favorite character that is mean the vast majority of the time is Ann Eiffel from Luann. My favorite character that is nice the vast majority of the time is Dean from Heart of the City. These aren't my favorite character's overall, though.

      My favorite character from each strip is Luann from Luann, Heart from Heart of the City, Susie from Calvin and Hobbes and Violet from Peanuts.
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      Awww yeah 'Phin-man!! Right there with ya on Calvin & Hobbes and the Peanuts! Hmmm... to think about favorites, well of course everybody loves Snoopy & Woodstock, but for human characters in Peanuts I'd have to say Schroeder (sp?). The kid who plays the piano. Or maybe Pigpen, I don't know. Of course the mean character there would be Lucy, but I can't say I like her much.

      I dig Calvin & Hobbes for a lot of reasons - the art and the humorous take on philosophical issues being chief among them I think. Calvin was a religious leader and Hobbes a philosopher, so it's sort of about the clash between those schools of thought, at least sometimes.

      You know, this question makes me realize I don't usually separate characters into good & evil. The line between good & evil runs through the heart of every person, and I prefer stories that demonstrate that, because that's how it needs to be seen in real life. So I tend toward characters that embody both and try to keep the balance as well as they can. If we're talking superhero comics I also like stories that take a more realistic approach to good and evil like the X Men always did. You can understand the motivations behind both Professor X and Magneto. He isn't completely evil, at least he didn't start that way, he was just wounded and turned bitter, and he sees what he's doing as being right. I always liked that aspect of the Batman stories too - he has his own dark side that threatens to overwhelm him sometimes. As for villains, Catwoman is amoral (as opposed to immoral). That makes her fascinating and fun, if dangerous.

      (I should state, I know next to nothing about these characters today, last time I was reading comics was in the mid 90's, though occasionally I do watch videos about them now.)

      I remember Batmite (but I don't know anything about Emperor Joker). What is it that you like about those characters? I used to like those funny takes on the heroes, Marvel did a series called Not Brand Echh (their version of "Not Brand X") where they did something like a Mad Magazine take on the various heroes. Those were loads of fun.

      Here's the cover of one:

      Oh wait – I do know a mean character I like - Peppermint Patty from Peanuts. At least she was always mean to that codependent girl that used to follow her around all the time and call her Sir.
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      I'm more into the movie universes, like the MCU and DCEU, but know a few things from source material. I really look up to Kevin Smith in that regard. I want to watch all future superhero movies with that guy, lol.
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