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      i need someones assistants what meditation techniques help induce lucidity?

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      Vipassana is pretty good. Its focus is attaining constant mindfulness by focusing on the breath. This carries over into the dream-state if you work at it though I don't think that that's a common use for it.
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      Vipassana like PhilosopherStoned said above is good...actually any meditation technique is fine..as long as it keeps you present and aware and not your thoughts. Present moment awareness is a meditation all in itself

      I'm not a lucid dreaming expert..but In my opinion I think the best way to attain lucidity is to attain lucidity while your awake first, when your awake in life you wake up in your dreams.

      It probably will take a while before you start actually becoming lucid, maybe some months of persistent awareness, but having more present moment awareness in life will definitely increase your dream recall and awareness in dreams

      By present moment awareness, I mean actually being awake in life and not lost in thought.....while you're walking down the street, feel your footsteps on the ground, hear the cars passing by? The engines of the cars passing by? The lady walking her dog, the dog's footsteps, the lady's footsteps, the wind blowing, the sound of the door when you open one....pay attention to what your doing and constantly listen for stuff..any sound.. constantly switching your attention to things so not a ripple of thought enters your mind.

      It's hard at first, but it gets easier and there's a lot of health benefits for doing this, for one you're able to control your mind/attention and not BE controlled by your mind/attention. Nothing can bother you or upset you if you know how to switch your mind from something to something else.

      Just my 2cents..
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