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      UDA vs IRA(and other questions about Ireland)

      Why do these two factions of Irish Loyalists hate each other so? Aren't they both striving for the same cause?

      Also, can someone give me a brief history of the Irish struggle to free themselves from Britain. Links, videos, whatever would be appreciated.

      I don't know very much about the history of the conflict. Which saddens me, as I am part Irish, and I know so much about my other heritages, but I know jack shit about the Irish part of my family's past.

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      My Irish friend told me a little bit but I can't give you videos or anything because you're a lazy fucking shit. However, I can give you THIS

      Note: none of the following can be directly sourced to the above URL, but it can be sourced to MY BRAIN MOTHERFUCKER

      So, you got the radical loyalists, and the conservative loyalists, and then you got the fucking english men. There are seven (provinces) that belong to Northern Ireland or England as part of the independence agreement. Most of the people in these 7 (provinces) were english, so it made sense in a stupid kind of way. Northern Ireland also had the biggest port and it was all pretty much fucked up, like every deal an Englishman has made with anybody ever. Fucking English.

      So, IRA starts bombing. They are the cool ones, in the IRA you show up to your job in a mask, and everyone else has one, too, so you have no fucking clue who you're working with. Yeah sure, you know the identity of the guy above you, but you don't know the identity of the guy above him, now do you? Try and betray us now bitch!

      And deserters were shot, in fact the IRA probably executed almost as many of its own members as the fucking English bastards did. (>.<) kirby hates the english

      So there you go, a bunch of crazy bastards in masks were trying to liberate a bunch of english men living in Ireland from the cancer suffering english shitfaces. In the end the whole event is a testimony on how people take their principles waaaaaaaaaaay to far.

      They disarmed, of course, and now their just a political group. The UDA hates them because they're terrorists, even though they're not anymore.

      Everything works out in the end, sometimes even badly.


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