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    1. Death of a Lover

      by , 04-30-2016 at 07:20 PM
      This entry is both lucid and non-lucid, because in the dream I was aware I was hallucinating but not that I was dreaming. I'm posting it because it's a total mindfuck and I can't get it out of my head.

      I can't remember how it began, but it ended tragically. You ever have those dreams where you meet an amazing person and connect only to wake up and get let down, realizing it was only a dream? Or how about a nightmare, from which waking provides a profound sense of relief? This is neither of those. I got to be with someone amazing, but she died. I got to hold her again, but only a phantom of her concocted by my mind. The thing is, I was perfectly aware that I was concocting the last fragment of a dead lover so I could continue to feel close to her. It felt so good, knowing she could still feel so real to me, but as I caressed her abdomen, I realized I couldn't even remember the exact shape of it, that her minuscule details were fleeing my mind by the second and being replaced by estimations. This feeling wretched at my gut. I had to let her go. So I did. Releasing her effigy, I felt a new, darker emotion. Anger twitched through every fiber of me, and I felt compelled to lash out at the seems of existence and rip them apart. So I did. Then I woke up.
    2. Meditation insight

      by , 03-10-2014 at 08:57 PM
      I went to a sangha and sat down to meditate. My Dad joined me but couldn't tolerate it very long, he quickly got up to wait in the car. After he left I continued sitting. I think there was another task where I was picking up objects and placing them, so I placed a little pink temple on a wooden chair along with a lot of other little bundles of sticks then set it on fire. Things burned easily enough, the test was if the entire temple and chair burned I knew I was ready to let go. It took a couple minutes but it did, indeed, burn. Then, after I was really starting to find some peace, my dad came back in and asked if I was ready to go yet.

      My parents aren't helpful in real life, how could they help in the dream? No wonder I've never been able to meditate while living with them.
    3. Harry Pottered

      by , 03-05-2014 at 10:52 PM
      In a small town, ghosts are awakening and they've kidnapped Lily. Us, Ron Weasley, myself and company, march toward their creepified den to put an end to it all. We were partially acting, partially serious, and I put on my best English accent which Ron referred to as terrible.

      Upon our march to the den, we are stopped by a fella in a van who offers to sell us some kidnapped animals. I don't know how, exactly, we knew they were kidnapped but I used my wand to grow a tail on him and send him on his way then decided to take care of the issue of animals in the van. They tried to slam the door and get away but I lodged my hand in, demanding to learn where they got the animals from so I could return them. Though I could heal myself, I didn't want to them slamming my fingers off so I paralyzed the door. Eventually they said "Blues Street" and I relinquished, and then they took off and I complained about the cops around and none of them assisting with an obvious crime.

      We kept our march to the ghostly den and reached a group of toilets. No one else had any trouble using them but I couldn't figure out how they worked. Then I saw "Creeley," some little kidnapped first year returning to the den with supplies. I called out to him and he panicked. He got through the portal faster than I could follow, but I knew the plot of the story was my character followed the blackmailed Creeley because everyone else was walking into a trap. Unfortunately, I just missed the opportunity. Then I noticed another one, some Tonks-esque lady floating while pissing (in a urinal, at that) and I followed her grabbing onto her hair. Everything went dark, when I came to children were being forced to throw spears at each other, being trained into some malicious army.

      And it all started because I wanted to smoke pot.
    4. Haunted Cabin in the Woods

      by , 02-04-2014 at 11:59 PM
      This cabin had cool properties. It was always locked, unless it wasn't. Plenty of Truckers and Vagabonds had slept there over night and been just fine. That's how it got you, it didn't kill everyone, it wasn't guaranteed.

      But after you sleep there once, it sneaks inside you. Only place in town that was safe was this sacred native american patch of snow.

      The dream started out like a few cabins in the woods, my friends and I had been staying at the haunted one a while, and we never knew it was haunted. There was an episodic element to the dream, too, and I'd seen the series before I just couldn't exactly remember who lived and died. I was a character in the episode, but also viewing the episode, so when shit hit the fan and one woman could be seen shrieking with a mangled arm hanging over a cliff just outside the cabin, we knew it was time to escape. A little boy, one I was certain would live, got hit in the face with a bloody cowl. I wanted to get my cell phone, laptop and backpack before I took off, but I was too scared the ghost would kill me if I went back in so I sort of skipped through the part of me going back in the cabin. I kept thinking my character would certainly survive, only to realize he wasn't the main character. I was so intent on whether or not he lived I started skipping through the series. Besides, I seen it before.

      Then I realized my character doesn't make it, it was someone else who survived. By this part of the dream, though, the town had become something reminiscent of a halloween town rather than just a couple cabins in the woods, and death wasn't such a permanent thing. There was some sort of suit I tried entering in spirit form (through some cool technology) to take the evil spirit out but it got to my body while I was in the suit, meaning I was dead. I wanted to just close the window I was viewing the show from, I didn't want to watch anymore. This woman friend of mine had donned the suit and explained how she could make it work. She ended with "But then a suit gets too hot" and the suit fell and then she said "And that's why I died," showing she knew how it worked too, like we both tied to fate, both our ideas failed. We knew someone would succeed, but not us.
    5. Epic Fantasy World

      by , 05-31-2013 at 12:43 AM
      This is a multiple dream entry. I felt lazy and irritated today because my dad was being really noisy and kept waking me up and making it impossible for me to recall my dreams. I kept just trying to go back to sleep before being woken up again.

      But I retained a few of the key aspects of what turned into a very, very trippy story. At first I thought it was a Song of Ice and Fire style world but in reality the only similarity was the impending arrival of ice zombies and the need for the continent to unite or die. I find myself exploring multiple perspectives (each dream I'd follow a different group of characters) as this world teetered upon the possibility of tearing itself apart.

      There was also a prophet or God that gave visions at various areas. It was sort of like an MMO where people would receive collective visions if they were at the right place at the right time. More on that later, I realize I'm jumping ahead of myself. After suffering a huge loss and a great divide, the King of the King's Landing version of this fantasy worl had heavy forces threatening him from the south and little chance of holding out much longer. There were these guys, the Telfins or something (can't remember, but it started with a T) who were lead by this fat, grotesque green guy with a strange triple bladed sickle looking thing (like a pitchfork turned on its side). Any classic fantasy would have labeled this guy an obvious villain, but he received some type of message (from a castrato) and felt driven to rekindle and ancient alliance between him and my family. So they marched to join them. Meanwhile I was deep in the south with a group of people fighting guerilla warfare to aid the innocent folks living in an area plagued by dark forces. But we decided to high-tail it toward the Telfin kingdom to join up with my Dad the King (I think he was my dad, or something) so we could form a united front. We road undead horses, craziest steeds I'd ever been on, they were basically unstoppable but were really old undead horses held together by wood and nails. On the way there we though we were being threatened by some goblin threat but noticed there were actually a bunch of people fighting each other. We arrived at a safer haven and realized it was more like constant riots were breaking out between humans and animals/forest creatures. There was an announcement that the prophet would speak soon (who was also a member of my family, though he was locked up for heresy he could continue to channel his prophecies around the world) and the riots ceased so he could speak. However, he ended up spiting humans for oppressing the forest creatures and they lashed out and started killing humans who took the fuck off in the same direction we were heading. So we followed them but as we were leaving my bunny rabbit jumped out and met up with some talking bunny rabbits who were confused as to why my former pet couldn't speak.

      There's a lot of strange details. The prophet ended up escaping jail, there was also some weird details regarding ice zombies, but like I said I didn't write any of this down.
    6. Jail Break

      by , 03-05-2013 at 07:45 PM
      So I broke out of jail in my dream, or something like that. It's hard to say exactly what happened, except that there were four of us riding a fat truck full of stolen shit and we were all fugitives. And being fugitives, we needed cash so we were on a fat crime spree. We actually robbed another bank right next to sheriff station but they couldn't catch us. I wasn't one of the major players, either. There were two guys who were handling most of the dirty work then there was me, who was just there. There was also a washing machine in the back of the truck and our fourth member woke up in there. I asked where he lived and he told me Victor and I told him I'd see him home. We were also passing bowls constantly which was nice cause I got to wake up stoned.
    7. Tranny Halloween!

      by , 03-01-2013 at 06:55 PM
      Filled every nook and cranny of my dream journal again so I'm back to using this until I get a new one.

      I'm still struggling to recall this one so I'm going to move backwards. Last thing I remember is my family was hosting some sort of reunion on the same day as halloween and I was planning on skipping it because I had already made plans with my friend to dress as a tranny. This is a slight detail change from earlier because original I was going to dress in drag because we got kicked out of a house and she wanted to go to a lesbian bar and I wanted to hang out with her. I don't recall all the details of us getting kicked out of the house but I do recall that we were going to go on a massive adventure. She asked me to go with her and I thought "fuck that" but then I asked if anyone else was going and she said no, so I said I would be her company. There are vague memories of preparing for this trip and planning to meet up, it's a little sketchy but I think we were going to meet up at some antique store but she never showed or something and before you know it I'm back at the house we were at and she says she changed her mind about the adventure. So I'm fucking pissed. I didn't hit her exactly, but I was infuriated and displaying it. That's all I really got.
    8. Dinner Out

      by , 02-15-2012 at 12:26 AM
      Last thing I remember was eating with her at a restaurant. Or at least ordering food. She wanted to pay me back for something earlier, so we went across the street to a store and she entered 20 dollars into one of those candy machines where you stick a quarter in and a handful of candy comes out. Only a handful of quarters came out and I had swallow them all. Not just quarters actually, but dimes, nickels and pennies. (Now I know why I woke up in a puddle of drool). We got help counting them, stacking little bits of plastic on top each other. When we were done, she began to guide me up the hill to my car. There was also an 8th of weed involved she helped me get but when I talked about smoking it she said she had work tomorrow. Something like that, I'm not remembering that part exactly right. It was more like... her excuse to stop us from hanging out more intimately in a setting where we would have sex. For some reason, I knew she had a boyfriend, but she wanted to be with me, perhaps angry because it was the day after Valentines Day and he fucked up.

      Anyway. My car wasn't at the top of a hill. We ended up walking and talking, just hanging out. We were on some scaffolding, not even. It was like a plastic layer of something we were walking on, and she started talking about some movie, talking about the stars in it. No, I brought up the stars, her point was about the shots taken of the city in that movie, and as she spoke of it, we looked through the gaps in whatever planks of red stuff we were standing on at the city below. She said everything looked so alive, and yet so tiny. Something broke, we had to climb up the planks to reach the sturdier foundation above. I remember what we were holding onto was connected by two steel hooks and wires, and I was trying to pull myself up in a way that wouldn't bend the wires. As I got up, I saw a girl with a red nametag and knew it meant she was part of some tour group I was familiar with. I asked her if she spoke english, she shook her head. I then asked if she played lacrosse, which I guess was an inside joke of mine. When I climbed up, I noticed it was daytime.
    9. A visit through the psychward

      by , 02-04-2012 at 12:26 AM
      This dream is incredibly disturbing, you have been warned.

      It had to do with my ex girlfriend going to a mental hospital. Some other guy was in love with her, claiming they were meant to be together. I told him if that were true why had he never visited her in the hospital. Eventually I decided to visit her, and was I wandered the halls toward her room, something was off. She wasn't there, but he was. Together, we decided to search for her. The mental hospital was ordered in floors from least dangerous to most dangerous, we were told she was supposedly moved to the middle floor, the only co-ed floor in the whole building. I thought it was too dangerous a place for her to be and found myself worried for her safety. No matter where we went, we couldn't find her. But we found all sorts of disgusting and disturbing exhibits of human suffering wandering around.

      It was revealed to us that the staff of the mental ward was involved in some sick shit, and a particularly strange girl (but also the least fucked up looking in the whole place) guided us to help find her. It was then that we noticed another strange twist. All the doors were portals, you see. People would enter them and disappear through them,coming out somewhere else. That's when we saw my ex girl disappear through one door. This part is hard to describe, but she re-emerged through a trashbin as though drowning in a sea of trash. She fell back below but I predicted she would come back up through another bin, and indeed she did. We grabbed hold of her and pulled her out. It was just her head, and not even the whole thing. Her tongue and jaw had been removed, her hair shaved off. There were other messy details about her but she was alive, despite just being a head with no body. Next, we had to escape.

      The staff tried to stop us. An old man with a samurai sword, one of the staff who defected to help us, stood atop an escalator keeping the orderlies at bay by butchering them all to pieces as they came up the escalator. Eventually the boss of the whole place, this fat asian with a sword and black sun glasses, came screaming through the corridor. The old man changed his stance as though ready to die fighting him off. Then someone from our group ran at the fat bastard with a chainsaw and cut him in half. With the tables turned, we demanded to know what they had done to my ex and the other people here. There was a mysterious film that we ended up forcing the staff to watch. It had strange hypnotic properties where one would see a woman that looked exactly like them, this woman would turn ugly and then all her friends would become ugly reflections of herself and haze her by calling her names. They film would end by advertising a special diet pill that would fix everything. The pill had side effects, making you go insane among other things. The staff, knowing the effects of the pill, were still completely unable to stop themselves from choking them down. We left them to their fate and escaped with the other patients.

      The last thing I remember was traveling back to visit after some time away, exciting to see my ex who was making a full recovery.
    10. Fragments

      by , 01-15-2012 at 09:20 PM
      I wish I could think more clearly in the morning these days but my deaf dad always has to have the TV blaring and even now I'm having trouble recollecting the dream. I spent all morning just recycling through it, trying to write down anything I could. I guess it is what it is.

      I have to work back wards from here in hopes I'll recall more

      The last thing that happened was I took a shower. Danny DeVito was there, along with a couple other people. It was strange. I was at my house, intending to take a shower but when I got into the bathroom it turned out to be a factory and DeVito was showing me to the work showers but I only had a limited time before I needed to work. So I turned the shower on but didn't use any soap, although I intended to. Instead they gave me a mic and I started singing. When time was up, I needed to go to work but the workplace was all just a bunch of sprinklers, too. Like the bathroom/factory was still just a big shower.

      Before this, the events leading up to the shower were rather interesting. I met a girl. We got along well, I liked her, she was cool. But then I met her boyfriend and he was a total shitbag. They ended up moving into my house, without rent. It was a big house and I wasn't paying for it either so I didn't mind. Somehow it still felt like my domain, and it seemed like they were just visiting at first but they made one room completely their's. They had a lot of kitties and puppies that I played with. There was a prophecy, too. This is what gave me the idea we were in a zombie infested territory. It was like I was reading comments on a show, spoilers I hadn't seen yet. Something about how since two characters both lost their partners, the commentators were predicting they would end up together. This prophecy was earlier on in the dream but it hit me, this girl was the girl they were talking about who boyfriend gets eaten by zombies. I realized it was okay she had a boyfriend, she'd lose him anyway. I really liked they way I was connecting to this girl. Earlier in the dream, they were going skating and she invited me along and I wore my heelies. After that, there was some comment about her complexion and how her foundation made it seem so clean and I liked touching her face. She said I wasn't so bad myself, but I wanted to her to apply some foundation to my face. She did, and I tried to push for blush and eyeshadow but she refused. Instead she started applying soap to my shoulders. As though she were trying to clean me with my clothes on. Her mother came by and I decided to shower before her dad got here.

      So when I was singing in the shower under the direction of DeVito, I was conscious of her listening to me. And I realized I sang better when I could let go and just sing.

      I believe my dream was about accepting what is, not letting it get me down or interfere with making connections with people. Because I knew her boyfriend would be imminently killed by zombies, I had no barrier between myself and her. I let us get close. I felt like we were meant to be, just not yet. Her family was talking about me being bisexual and judging me and stuff because I had painted nails and wanted her to apply make-up to my face, but I could tell she didn't feel that way. I could tell she was willing to accept me for who I am. Trying to clean me with my clothes on represents trying to heal me but me keeping my guard up. Singing in a shower/factory represents trying to combine something therapeutic with work by pursuing my singing as a career.
    11. ODs Dreams Worth Sharing

      by , 01-12-2012 at 06:23 AM
      I wrote this down on my dream journal, and I even wrote about it just now in the describe your dreams in one sentence thread, and it's still rocking my world. I haven't shared a dream in detail since I was unbanned, but this one is running over and over in my head and I don't know what will happen to my IRL DJ in a few years but this thread will remain IMMORTAL.

      So I successfully WILDed and started off in a city sort of like the matrix but without Morpheus there to tell me nothing was real. But everyone had blank faces, just walking along, almost in slow motion. And I felt apart from the crowd, like I didn't fit in. And there was someone else who didn't fit in. Now that I think about it, I always felt him staring at me, but it was only when I felt that eerie stare that I saw him. Just standing, while people brushed passed him. He was initially dressed in a very pale green, almost gray. His clothing changed once we got into it and eventually he ended up looking like Buu from DBZ then later he looked like Knives from Trigun.

      So anyway, my first thought was to punch him in the face. This is strange as usually my first thought when lucid is to start humping whatever's next to me. I tried to punch him but he grabbed my fist and threw me to the ground so hard I cracked the pavement. Then he took off flying. I pursued him, trying to grab his ankle but he was gone. Next thing I know he comes up behind me (now looking like Buu) and grabs MY ankle, again throwing me to the ground. As I'm falling, I look up at him. He said something to me, I don't remember exactly what but it was some smug, emotionless phrase like something you'd hear from Sephiroth. Like the meaning he was conveying was "Is this all you got" but he was saying something cryptic about clocks or something. I have no clue.

      Anyways, I tried to aim my finger at him and shoot his head off. I even tried to focus on his head exploding rather than just me shooting at his head. In return, I got blasted by a massive pink energy ball and smashed into the earth. I got up, and he was still standing there (now looking like Knives) and building were falling all around us. Weird, creepy cathedral music started playing and I told him something like "I can absorb everything you throw at me and turn it back on you" and I started hurling ki blasts at him, like transparent balls. Something happened in the chaos and we ended up fighting with our hands, just trying to grab at each other. I kept pulling at his hair and trying to knee him in the stomach but he was completely untouchable. Next thing I know he's standing apart from me again and something very strange happened, sort of like in Trigun when Legato made Vash blow a hole through the fifth moon. He made my arm act all on its own and form a huge spirit bomb in my hand. I told him I wouldn't let him use me like this and turned the blast at him, trying to shoot him. Only now, for some reason, we were in the air again and he was dodging me, I couldn't target him. Eventually he tossed a spirit bomb my way and I shot one back at him. The blasts hit each other and sent a huge energy blast into the earth, causing a massive crater. At this point things disintegrated and I woke up.

      I will defeat him.