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      Raw and working out.

      Does anyone think it's possible for someone to eat a mainly raw diet while keeping a decent size, or has anyone here done that? Now I'm not talking about a bodybuilder and being huge because I know that's very unlikely being raw and all.

      I'm a vegetarian and have been working out for about 2 years. I lift weights every so often but I'm really more into calisthenics and it's the main part of my workouts. I have muscle but I'm not huge or anything, more of just fit/athletic. I'm starting to get into the raw food stuff and I want to start eating more of it. Is there any way to eat raw and not be a twig even if you do work out quite often?

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      I don't know a lot about it, but I do know its possible. People in America don't really have a varied diet, and you will see that most people eat the same kind of stuff all the time. When you go into raw and vegetarian foods(or just want to eat more healthy), it helps to expand and eat a larger variety of foods, so you can make sure you get everything your body needs. When you get into it, there are ton of options you might not even have considered before. So there really isn't a reason you can't be healthy on a diet like that, and if you are healthy, there is no reason you would be a twig.

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