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      Body Dissociation

      Hello all. I have been pursuing the art of lucid dreaming lately (and about a week ago I accidentally went lucid for a brief period after I asked myself how I got to where I was in my dream) but something strange happened to me last night which I'm hoping some of you have maybe felt yourselves.

      So basically, when you try Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming and you start to forget the presence of your physical body, and after a while even though you are awake and still not dreaming you have reached a stage of departure from your physical parts and you feel as "one".

      Well I feel like this state of feeling has overcome me at all times now. The best way I can explain it is that I sort of feel numb all over, but I can still feel. I've been able to ignore this feeling for most of today but now and again my mind goes a little focused on this strange "one" feeling and it feels like I can't tell my hands from the object I'm touching. It feels like I'm merged into the space and objects around me, sometimes a bottomless floating feeling.

      Moving about seems to help, and being distracted.

      So my question is, have any of you experienced this? Is it normal?
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      Yup this is entirely normal. It's one of the effects of the body falling asleep(at least that's what people say).

      If I recall correctly it's due to your body receiving the same sensory input over and over which is eventually blocked out by your brain (The proper term is sensory deprivation, look it up on wiki).
      The actual feeling of constraint is created by your brain preparing for sleep paralysis which occurs during rem sleep, the body starts numbing the muscles in preparation of full paralysis.

      I really like the feeling, it's quite eerie when you forget which hand is which.

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