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    1. Dream journal of a boring man I : Part 1

      by , 01-25-2014 at 11:53 PM
      Walking in the sloped field behind my house amidst some chickens. I knew that I wanted to fly but was not sure why or how. I looked down and I was spontaneously holding two wings, similar to those of a buzzard. I guessed that the best way to fly would be to just flap the two wings in my arm. Trying to gain some speed by running down hill, jumping and then flapping seemed to produce a few seconds of lift but eventually gravity seemed to strengthen and pull me down. Multiple repetitions later it became clear that the now eagle wings weren't working. Anxious to fly I scavenged my immediate surrounding and noticed a giant robot vending machine barely a foot to my left. Not through any particular reason I realized that I was currently residing in the dream world. Knowing that I had flown before multiple times, I just bounced up feeling these amazing upsurges as if I had full control over the gravity effecting me. I flew maybe 20 meters straight upwards and saw a fog blocking my sight from reaching outside the domain of my garden. A drowsiness spread over me and the world ended.

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    2. A whole lot of stuff

      by , 08-25-2013 at 05:38 PM
      I remember sitting in a room, I heard some man getting angry at his wife. Trying to leave them undisturbed, I silently walk out of the room but retain a link to the room through a kettle. I can hear and see whats happening through the kettle. The man talks about a princess so I figure I should go look for her.
      The room was strangely connected to a large hall similar to a place I know in real life, a girl stood in the middle surrounded by 20 other people I know. She had drawn a 3d portrait of new york completely by hand and no one thought it was good except me. Seeing the artwork triggered lucidity, I knew that she couldn't have drawn it. I stabilized the dream by concentrating and decided I would see what was at the end of the hall. Upon meeting some legionaries I lose lucidity again and start to follow them
      Multiple minutes later, after having battled to the center of the castle in which the princess resides I come in contact with someone who seemed to be my arch-enemy. I noted how his armor was much cooler than mine despite me being the main character. I turned lucid again but it felt much more stable this time. I immediately turned into this silver werewolf thing I heard about in a book I'm currently reading. I shot this white fire from my hands and I could feel the smoke rising out of the metal grill where my nose should be. Everyone around me was really frightened so I decided I would have some fun and let out a furious roar which ruptured the walls. I kinda turned lost the plot and just crashed through the castle wall outside. I did a cool trick where my soul exploded from out my chest, and reformed a body somewhere else, but I never actually bothered to go somewhere because I was too excited.
    3. Zeaot

      by , 04-01-2013 at 12:18 PM
      I was at the top of a huge brown skyscraper, one of 17 in a city. It was like a high-tech police station, with hundreds of people constantly trying solve crime and organizing evidence etc. I knew I was looking for information on bad guys, so I could find them and steal their treasure. I got quite smoothly to the top and managed to steal an employees Id card and use it to gain access to the evidence room. After stealing a blood bag that somehow had information within it I walked down a spiral stairs. I heard hell break loose when they found out something was stolen, but I had just checked out of the building at that moment. I was walking out when the women behind the desk said "Ohhh Shiiitttt" in slow motion, all the guards ran after me but I was too quick and disappeared into a crowd.
      Next I walked into my own home, a china town slum and I walked past traders trying to self my valuable information, trying to look for clues. I saw eleven marks on my hand representing the police stations I'd broken into and I added another line. I started talking to an old man at a stall. He told me about the words "Ru" and "zea" and "ot", ru means to bring about a state of disorder and zea means to return the world to it's righteous place and ot means destiny. He said "Most of us are Ru-ots, we live life bringing things into disorder, however some of us ,despite our outer appearance as a Ru-ot are actually Zea-ots, the ones who make sure to create an ordered world in which destiny will flow smoothly"
      After this I went into another police station and smashed a computer, which destroyed the entire computer system and I took three bad guy passports with me. This time everyone just looked at me, frightened, as I walked out. I kept walking until I reached a river. It turned out I had killed every single bad guy I could find with the evidence I had robbed and there were only the three bad guys left. I made short work of them, doing heel drops and tornado kicks.
      I saw the old man from earlier sitting at the river and by accident he knocked all his stuff over. I jumped swiftly and hovered over the river, I could feel a power emerging from my stomach. I chanted something an all of a sudden those fallen items lifted from the ground back into their place in a complete reverse, almost like I had turned back time in only that place. The old man looked up approvingly and said "You are a Zea-ot". He put his arm around my shoulder and we started walking into the sunset and he told me this advice "Take the meaning of life as freely as a butterfly in the wind"
    4. Super-mutants and freerunning

      by , 03-08-2013 at 08:15 AM
      I was in the capital wasteland, a post apocalyptic world from the fallout series. I was floating on a fridge in a city filled with water. As I neared a bank I communicated with a man who made me a proposition. He asked me to sell his daughter to some super-mutants. I agreed and I met a dog who started following me. As I neared the twon he lived in my friend had suddenly appeared.
      Suddenly we had entered the man's house and he gave us a satellite and some radio equipment. We threw it away and set off to sell the girl. Weirdly the girl wasn't with us and the mission had some how converted into having to save the girl. I was however notified of my choice to be able to condemn the girl if I wanted. After we free the girl from a hall some super-mutants saw us. We said a few words to them but then turned on bullet time (Slow motion) and started running away as they were lifting their rifles. We were so swift as we parkoured between bars and pieces of rubble. We kept going until we were clear of any super-mutants.
      We turned around and saw the ones who were after us scavenging through a museum quite close and my friend wouldn't stop singing so I punched him the gut. We tried running but out of no where there where thousands of the mutants and they all grabbed our close and tried to rip us apart. I calculated how far the girl had gotten and set an explosive charge on my wrist. My view sort of switched to a cutscene and the majority of the city was forced to the ground through a shockwave, everything glowed a bright type of blue until is dissolved and got carried away with the air.
    5. Bins >:|

      by , 02-18-2013 at 11:21 PM
      I had a lucid about being stuffed in a bin, it was really nightmarish but I reality checked and busted out of the bin, I flew around my house in the dark and watched bats as I passed up and down the streets.