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    Thread: Hello! Help with my study?

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      Hello! Help with my study?

      Hello all
      I am a twenty year old student at the university of lincoln studying for a degree in psychology. I am currently studying childrens dreams and sleeping. I was hoping that i could get some first hand insight on this area from the people who know the children best - their parents! I'm just putting the idea out there to gage how many/ if any parents would be willing to help me. And if anyone would be willing to help I will be creating another more specific post about exactly what sort of information I'm after. In general I will be asking of the childs age (to gage their stage in development), a little bit about the child in general, and asking for you the parent to ask the child if they can remember their last most recent dream and if so what it was about. I will be analysing the content of the childrens dreams. There is little known about childrens dreams to date and hopefully anything I can find out will be important in future research of childrens sleeping problems and healthy development.
      Thank you

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      Hey, sounds like a cool experiment. I'm moving this to "General Lucid Discussion" as it fits more in that section. I hope you find some parents willing to participate and that you get your results

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      Uhm, actually it has nothing to do with lucidity
      Rather general dreaming or dream/health (or however it was called).

      About the topic, sorry can't help, don't have any children yet
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