Before I start, I would like to say that if anyone has something bad to say to me or about my post then please don't. This is a sensitive subject for me as my friend died tragically at a young age and I don't think its appropriate to turn this into something nasty or argumentative.

I was 13 years old, my childhood friend was diagnosed with a brain tumor recently after we had gotten back in touch with each other during high school. Nobody at school spoke about the severity of his condition and our contact was minimal because none of us had facebook, myspace or anything similar back then. I occasionally heard from the friend and the teachers kept us all informed. I was unaware of how severe his condition was, I knew he was going to find it difficult to recover, and that it was likely he was going to die, however I did not think it was going to be so soon. Then, after school on the 18th I came home from school, did my thing and then went to sleep. I went home from school and there was no news about my friend. Then that night, I dreamt an awful dream that seemed to be so real where I could see my friends parents finding him dead in bed. I then woke up in a sweat, and went back to sleep. The next day I went to school and was horrified to find out first thing that morning about the death of my friend.

This was occasion one. The next occasion was my Great-Grandmother, my Grandma's Mum. This was about 9 months after the death of my friend. My Great Grandma was living at my Grandmas house because she was suffering from lung cancer. She never informed us about how long she had left to live or how bad her condition was. In time, she became more ill and less able to do her usual things, but she was never so ill that she was bed ridden. My mum returned from a visit one evening and said to me that I must see my Great Grandma the next day because she had taken a turn for the worse. I didn't think much of it because she was "up and down" a lot of the time. I said something to my mum which I regret a lot. I said, I will go tomorrow, its not like she will die tonight. Sadly that night she passed away a few hours after my mum left. My Grandad was not there when my Grandma was helping her dying mum into bed because he worked on the road. My Grandma tried to contact us by the telephone a number of times on both of our mobiles and the house phone but we didn't hear the phone. The strange thing about not hearing the phone was that me and my Mum were both wide awake. I had just woken from a similar dream to the one I had about my friend. My dream this time, was that my Great Grandma was struggling to get to bed and losing her breath and dying slowly. I was wide awake during the time my Grandma was making the phone calls because I was vomiting and feeling ill since the realistic dream. The next day, I found out that my Great Grandma died shortly after my dream about her dying, and that she died on the stairs as my Grandma was trying to help her into bed, whilst phoning us for help.

I am always frightened of dreaming because these types of dreams were so realistic and showing me things that were happening, yet I was sleeping.
Please remember, no awful or snappy comments about this.
Thank you for reading.