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      Dreampt the exact date that I will die

      I am kind of freaking out right now (well, I am) and found this website. Thank you in advance for your help.

      I woke up before from a dream where a friend and I were watching a show on tv that my cat was part of. My cat has cancer, and the vet wanted to put him to sleep in January, its September and he is still going. At the end of the show, there was a in memorial of my cat and it gave his date of birth and date of death, even though that day was in the future. It said that he is going to die on September 8th (a few days from now). The cat is sick, and when he goes will be a mystery, but he has gotten worse lately. (The friend is an old friend I met when I was 12 when she moved across the street from me)

      Next thing I remember is that we were riding in a car, she was driving, I was in the passeger seat and we were discussing the date of death. I said it made no sense since it didn't happen, she just kept on saying that it had been filmed already, which I tried to explain was impossible. Then, we talked and next thing I remember talking about when we would die (I think) and I opened up the center console and taking out a pair of shoes and they were new shoes, white sandals, with my exact size and a date on it, six years from now from what I can remember myself saying even though the date was something '24, which is seven years. I freaked out. Then, I put them back, closed it, opened it again, took out another pair of beige sandals, they were my friends size, and had a date, but with a 4, so this I said in the dream meant that she would live another 83 years since we are in 17 and she is 40 so that's 123 years old, which I guess is possible with medical technology. She was happy about that.

      Anyway, any incites? I've never had a dream like this before. I hope my cat doesn't die on September 8th, but if he does, that is going to be a bit disturbing. I appreciate your help.

      (I can give a lot of information about who I am and deaths in my family etc, but didn't want to skew this, if it would help, I can give background information)
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      I had a similar dream about my dog that died in 2015. In my dream though it was a stone or bricks that had number years on it. It wasn't because the dream told the future though. When you have a feeling or know that something is wrong with your pet you tend to worry and have dreams that reflect that worry. Like if they'll go soon or how you can prevent it. After I had the dream a few months later we had to put my dog to sleep cause he got worse and couldn't even stand. That day I couldn't go cause I had a fever but at least my family comforted him before they put him down and he isn't suffering anymore. But about the part when it says you and your friends death date that just happened because you were talking about the cats death date before it happened. I've had dreams with birth and death dates plenty of times but they are just numbers your dreaming mind brings up. ^w^ So theres nothing to worry about. Just take the time to appreciate having your cat by your side and doing what you can to help and comfort him.
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      I once had a dream about my uncle getting hit by a car and going to his funeral. So, in a result, my mom called him to see if he was okay. He was about to go out that day too. He never did end up going out, though.
      Death in a dream, seldom literally means death. Perhaps it means that you are about to have a profound transformation of some kind. The ending of one cycle, and the transition into a new state. If you are truly worried about death then perhaps you need to take action of some kind. This could be just a nightmare, nothing more and nothing less.

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      It’s always frightening to have dreams about death, but most often, the theme of “death” relates symbolically to a needed change in attitude and outlook etc.

      And although it is usually better to have as much background information about the dreamer as possible in order to improve the accuracy of an interpretation, a few ideas can be still tried out to see if they might fit your personal situation in some way. If the interpretation that follows seems to be off or at least needs some tweaking, you should feel free to provide further information if you’d like to.

      The dream starts off with you and your friend watching TV where a shocking item appears about the death of your cat.

      Since your cat is very sick right now, it’s possible that the dream is using his image as some kind of analogy.

      For example, animals in dreams relate to how the dreamer is connected with their instinctive side, such things as natural instinctive reactions, strong emotions, vague feelings, intuitions and even cold thoughts and actions that are sometimes needed to defend ourselves in certain situations (just like a quiet mother bear etc. will suddenly turn very savage if her cubs are in danger).

      So from the dream’s point of view, it could be that some outworn attitude about instinctive life “has to die” in order to be renewed in some way.

      Just as dealing with the eventual sad death of your cat will be very painful, so too is the task of following your deepest instincts (that can appear in dreams and intuitions etc.) about the apparent need to let go of various old beliefs, habits, opinions and states of mind etc.

      In this respect, your old friend in the dream could partly symbolize a way of looking at things which has naturally been part of your life “for a long time”.

      In the next scene, your friend is driving the car while you’re in the passenger seat.

      Generally speaking, a vehicle in dreams (whether a car, truck, bicycle, ship or aircraft etc.) represents a mix of the physical body along with the dreamer’s interests, drives, wishes and beliefs etc. etc.

      So it symbolizes a kind of body-and-mind mix with which the person moves through daily life.

      In this case, you the ego are not “in charge of” where the car is going, suggesting that certain habits of mind etc. are possibly automatically directing things when instead, a new and more conscious direction is needed.

      After talking about the death of the cat, the conversation turns to the dates related to your own deaths.

      Immediately after, you pull out a pair of new, white sandals of your exact size and with the date apparently of 2024 on them. You freak out since you take this as being the year of your own death.

      In general, footwear often symbolizes the idea that the wearer has a feeling of individual authority and power.

      In this case, any chance of maintaining such a feeling is shattered by the assumption that the year on the sandals relates to your death coming in a few years.

      In addition, by wearing shoes, one is being protected from the pain of the “stones” and “nettles” which can be experienced when dealing with others and with difficult happenings in general. One’s vulnerable “soul” is therefore shielded by the “soles” of footwear.

      The sandals are white and exactly your size which probably suggests that, from the dream’s point of view, they represent a positive meaning in stark contrast to your conclusion in the dream.

      For example, we all need to “find the shoes that fit us”, just like the glass slipper which fit only Cinderella resulted in a “happy ending”. That is, the glass slipper represented her unique personality as an individual.

      So the idea could be that something might come to stand in the way of developing yourself fully if certain adjustments in your life’s direction and attitude aren’t gradually made over time (perhaps during the next six or seven years as related to the date of 2024).

      This possible block to a fuller self-development might be symbolized by the beige sandals in your friend’s size, along with the calculation that she’ll live to the excessively old age of 123.

      That is, it looks like you could be reluctant to accept (as we all do hesitate to do) that you’ve reached the general age of mid-life.

      Being 35 or 40 years old is still young from our point of view, but even at age 35, from the point of view of dreams, an ascent has ended and decline has begun.

      That is, the general mid-point of life has been reached where our work to build a career and family has now to take into account that a gradual descent is beginning, and we have to do our best to fill in parts of our personality which had to be left behind during the climb during the first half of life.

      So it’s not unusual at all for dreams to appear around this age and later with a “Memento mori” theme, i.e. Latin for “Remember that you have to die”, and I think this could be part of the meaning of your dream.

      To bring the point home, the dream has apparently included the unhappy circumstance that your cat is becoming worse and could indeed not live very long.

      If this interpretation seems to fit your personal circumstances in some way, you might like to read a few books by analyst James Hollis who has written extensively on how to make the best of the second half of life.

      But in any case, please feel free to comment on, or to ask any questions about, this particular way of looking at your dream.

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      I have had the majority of my family die in the past ten years, my parents as well as my husband's parents.

      When my dad died, I got a call in the middle of the night. I ran through the halls of the hospital to him, why I ran is a mystery since he wasn't going to get more dead than he was. When I got there, his eyes were half-open and he was looking at me and it was disturbing. There was no sense of peace. When my mom died, it was a slow death over a number of years and when it was her time to go, I drove 1200 miles to get to her and she held out that long. I was there when she passed and even though I had cried profusely before, over the years and that day, I felt no fear or sadness when she actually went. I didn't shed a tear then or after at her funeral. I felt like she was not there, like whatever defined her had left and there was just a body which had no meaning.

      After my dad died, I looked at my life and quit my 80-100 hour a week high pressure professional job in a major city and became a teacher. I married my husband, who is also a teacher. I learned to value life more than I had. I also had two cancer scares that only required minor surgery, so that too made me reflect on life. I learned to live like tomorrow could be my last, with no regrets.

      So, I'm not necessarily scared of death and even as soon as we are born, we are on the road to a guaranteed physical death.

      If we believe in a spiritual life, a heaven and a hell, or whatever version there may be, then why couldn't spirits or voices from the after life visit us or send messages? I'm hoping i'm not getting a message that I will die in six years. If I were to, I really wouldn't change much about my life. My husband is 13 years older than me and I couldn't imagine life without him, but I hope that doesn't mean going in six years. I also couldn't imagine life without my parents and i'm here typing this.

      Thanks for the replies. I will need to read them more. Ah, first day of the school year tomorrow, itself the start of a cycle of beginnings and ends like the seasons and life itself.
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      Thanks. I will need to reread that a few times!

      The main thing that is starting again is school. I have a new group of students tomorrow. My cat is sick.

      Over the past ten years, I have experienced that death of most members of my family, I lost my parents, my husband lost his parents. I was there for the death of my mom. She held on until I drove to her, which was almost 1200 miles. I was there when she went, didn't shed a tear when she actually passed, even though I had cried over the years it was taking her to go through the process of death. The actual moment felt like she wasn't there anymore, even though her body was. I wasn't sad. I didn't cry at all at her funeral. When my dad died, I got a call from the hospital, ran through the hallways in the middle of the night (why I was running who knows since he was already dead) and he had his eyes open, it was unsettling. At his funeral, I was incredibly upset and it was the hardest day of my life. I have been through cancer scares twice, came through them with only minor surgery, I'm lucky. After being there for the death of my mom, I feared death less, it felt like more of a transition. I'm in my 30's and can't imagine being dead, but after the death of my mom (more than ten years ago at this point), I changed my life. I used to have a high pressure professional job in a major city, working 80-100 hours a week, and I quit that, married my husband who I have been with for fourteen years, and I'm now a teacher. I value life and live like if I wasn't here I wouldn't have any regrets.

      I wasn't scared in the dream more than shocked and I woke up shocked. I can't even say that death is a nightmare, when we are born, we are one day closer to the end, so nobody is immune. It's more when you realize that life does in fact end that you value it possibly more than you did before.

      I hope nothing happens to my cat on September 8th. If he does go, I at this point would find some kind of psychic even though I have never believed in anything like that before or really considered it. If you can believe in a higher power and heaven and hell, then why couldn't you get messages in dreams from spirits if we believe in spirits and an after life?

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