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      Am I DESTINED to become a mother?

      Time ago my mom dreamed about a little boy, looking at her, who had dark curly hair.
      She wasn't able to understand who he was; She thought he'd have been my sis's son, but her child has red and straight hair and nothing resemble the dream she had.
      Don't know how it was able to appear, but later on, without even knowing why, I saw his image in my mind.
      He was surrounded by a deep background, dressed in a similar outfit, but with different colors, no tie and no hat (https://www.google.com/search?q=dame...hQHlmNNBBxW1zM)
      I recalled him because I dreamed again about a little boy with dark curly hair, not so long ago, with the man I once had a crush on, even if the last one had long hair.

      Can this be normal?
      Or my mind is playing me tricks?
      Because I had vision years ago, (always about teenagers/kids - but that time it was about a teenage girl) and years later I literally saw her in front of my eyes.

      Could this mean something to my mother, or to me?
      Because I don't know why, but deep inside of me I feel as if he can be my future kid, even if I don't have any intention to become a mother and get married.
      But the sensations I get aren't so much positive, instead, it's as if he'd be the result of a relationship with someone who carry something negative around.

      Ps. When I was 11 I clearly remember I heard a voice in my room calling me "Mama!"
      So now that I think about it, I always had kids, even in a spiritual way, around me.
      Just I don't know what it means.

      Please, let me know your thoughts!
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