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    Thread: I don't see correlation between Recall and LDs

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      I don't see correlation between Recall and LDs

      Lemme explain, a thing that is the prerequisite to LD is dream recall, because 'you can have a lucid dream and don't know about it'. I think it's false. Last year my dream recall was at rock bottom, i probably recall like 10 dreams in total, 5 lucid. Now, this year (mean 2019) i focused on dream recall. While the total of dreams remembered increased the LD didn't. I think when your brain automatically remembers it when you're lucid dreaming. If you have any thoughts about it don't hesitate posting it.

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      For me, probably the best part of lucid dreaming practice, I believe that having great (reliable, detailed, vivid, frequent) dream recall is a sure sign that lucidity is close and that a person is on the right track in terms of day and night practice for lucid dreaming.
      How are you doing with "Attending Lucidity"? Or How are you doing with RCs? I say keep on working on your recall but, try to be more aware of your surroundings. (IMO) perhaps work on your confidence. The minute you second guess your process of what you doing for lucid dreaming, your greater chances to not going to become lucid.
      I believe that our dreaming experiences and level of awareness in the dream state closely track that of our waking experiences and awareness levels. To be even shorter, "if you want to be lucid at night, you should strive to be lucid during the day."

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      By dream recall, do you mean recalling dreams and writing them down or just recalling dreams upon waking up?

      Writing down dreams isn't needed to have lucid dreams, but being able to recall dreams upon waking up is. It's true that lucid dreams tend to be a lot easier to recall upon waking up, but not being able to recall dreams at all upon waking up shows a lack of awareness during those dreams that is needed to become lucid.

      Recalling dreams allows you to learn from those dreams, which can help you become lucid. I think what is learned from the recall is more correlated with lucidity than the act of recalling itself. Writing down the dream helps in being able to recall it for a longer period of time.
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      It might be a good idea, Adrez, if you think of recall not as a tool for becoming lucid specifically, but rather as a tool for bringing dreams into your waking-life in a general way. After all, if you remember more dreams, you are adding a substantial amount of conscious experience to your life overall that you otherwise would have missed.

      So yes, good recall is helpful to successful LD'ing, especially if you are practicing MILD, but its value, in my opinion, goes way beyond just helping with LD'ing.
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