I had these two dreams last night. The first one I was with my parents and one of dad's friends. It looked like we were going into a restaurant. I might have ordered something (it looked like one of the Disney world resturants) But then the dream shifted and I believe I was with my Mom I think we're trying to catch a train or something. We were running around like lunatic trying to find our platform. I think we finally found it but in order to get up to it we had to go up this twisty? spirally? glass escalator (the side was glass, not the steps) and we had to go up like 2 or three of these -maybe at the most 4 of them? But at the end of the last one you literally have to like jump like Mario or other video game character up to the platform and there's no help of any kind (vines-like Tarzan, or rope thing like in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope).. there's nothing but the end of the escalator and the platform above me (and the ground below). I know Mom's coming up behind me and I just was barley making the platform right as the dream ended (I had to go to the bathroom).

In the 2nd dream I don't remember much of it but I do remember being on a boat. I'm not sure if Mom was in this dream or not. For some reason a Donald Duck actor/costume (it had someone in it) was also there as well. the boat was like a small party yacht I think I was like at the end of a yacht since Donald Duck was standing just outside of the end piece on a "deck" area. ? I can't remember anything which happened between when I got into the dream and like maybe twenty minutes in the boat was full of water oh and a storm had come up from nowhere and it had been sunny a few seconda before. From what I remember all of us (or some of us instead) was trying to bail water from the boat. But we couldn't for some reason save the boat but this dream ended before I got find out the ending of it.