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      Post Realistic Nightmares...

      So just this morning I got woken up to the scariest dream I've had in a while. It was nothing out of the ordinary like monsters or anything like that but more like a real scenario. So here it is.

      I'll cut down to the part where everything started happening. So I was in this room with a couple people they were playing a bored game and I came up to get a chair but this girl held the chair so I couldn't get it so I was like whatever and got ready to leave so I grabbed my wallet and was looking at her like "Oh you're not getting my money now" then all of the sudden this redish orange liquid starts pouring down the hill out the window and I hear the girl yell "SON OF A BITCH!" and it's just then when I realize that some valcano must have erupted and it was lava I was seeing then everyone started freaking out and screaming "Oh my god!" and we were extremely close to it so I started going into another room to get out from the far distance window or soething but I see that the lava surrounded the entire house and then I knew there was no way out of there and I was going to die. It was the scariest feeling I've ever had in my life. Then I ended up waking up before it could end and I was shaking and just freaked out but also pretty excited because that dream was so intense.

      So I just wanted to know about anyone elses experience with a dream like this, feel free to add your own stories and discuss. Thank you for your time. =]
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      Sounds intense!

      One of the dreams that scared me the most and left the biggest impression was years ago.
      In fact, my 12 year old daughter was only a few months old.
      In it, my kids and I were running from something and we came to a wall of isolated cliff tops. The thing was right behind us and I somehow became separated from my three older kids who were on different cliff tops. My then-3 year old or so son fell off the cliff and into some water. I wanted desperately to dive in after him, but I would have to lay the baby on the ground and she'd roll off and suffer the same fate. Then, in the water, I saw what looked like a water mill and I knew there was a fan under it to draw up the water and I knew my son had been chopped to bits.
      I woke up crying.


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