I don't think i felt like real like i was in a real environment. i mean i didn't feel like it feels in real life. It was fuzzy like a dream just like usual dreams BUT

in my dream my nephew and i were in the supermarket and he said "Why the fruit in the ceiling are like rocks" And i said "Do'nt worry. Since this is a dream i can turn them back." I concentrated alittle and they turned back to what they were supposed to be . Fresh Rasperries hanging from the ceiling.

That was it. THat was like the last part of my dream, which was actually a nightmare in which one guy was trying to posses me, but it ended with this little snippet. It seems like it was some kind of lucidity, it was right??

i've been practicing dreaming for 1 month and 1/2 and i've been doing reality checks and mantras and they have helped me remember dreams. but i think this was my first time kind of lucid.