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      No Lucid dream but Great Suggestion power created Great dream

      Although i haven't had much Lucid dremaing, maybe one time i did have alittle tiny bit, I'm glad that suggestion is working awesomely.

      I mean i'm able to tell my mind what i want to dream about when i lay down to in bed ready to sleep. It's been working.

      I wanna share my suggestions that has worked. I"l share just 2.

      1. I said this sometime ago, and it was the first time when i discovered my mantras work. "I will be having a lucid dream, which i WILL REMEMBER, and in my dream I will meet beautiful sexy japanese women"

      Don't ask me why but that's what i've been suggesting to my self and it works!

      ANyways that night I had a dream where i met 1 hot korean girl and 2 japanese girls and it was awesome.

      2. yesterday i said the same thing before going to sleep. kept repeating it in my mind.
      Then the dream was an awesome dream about Sex and although not alot of japanese girls, there were some in there in my dream world.

      This dream i had was awesome.

      I had a dream about a huge Summer camp-like environment where there were many activities going on. But it was an Adult related camp. where there were many places where people would go and engage in sex and hot actitivities or just watch beautiful women etc. Kinda like Clubs but huge like a concert hall and there were hosts with mics and women dancing and all kinds of stuff going on.

      First i went into this club/thing, it was full of people. i was amazed but i wa s afraid cause i didn't know what peopel did in these kind of places. So just went throught it just watched and then lelft.

      Then in another place in the camp area, there was also a martial arts hall, there were many asian people around and speaking in japanese.

      Then i went to another Adult place, again it was like a concert hall/night club place.huge. YOu had to go up some stairs, and i was looking at some hot girls going up, then i saw that a host with a mic was interviewing the girls who were going up so i thought "Oh damn it! he's gonna f***n' interview me too" and i didn't wantt that, so i passed and he didn't interview me.

      The place was like, It was kindof like seeing those MTV's Spring break parties that take place in Cancun or something and there's tons of people except the club was dark with lights, etc. So i passed walking through. Lots of sexy girls

      So i was tired and i just felt it wasn't the place for me to be in. so i decided to leave, i was afriad people would see me leaving and call me a loser for leaving like a sissy.
      So, there was an EXIT sign, except it didn't say "EXIT", it said "GAVE UP"

      So i went that way and felt so ashamed cause i was worrying what people there would think of me for leaving.

      Then i went out and there were japanese people talking. and i saw that martial arts place again. Some people were outside practicing wearing martial arts GI's

      Then, i went up like a cliff or something and i saw a bunch of zombies. They were japanese people who were according to my dream, dead people who died in the Tsunami (recently). I felt emotional and i wanted to be friends with them , i smiled and said hi. But they were zombies and just had this scary straight face so they didn't look at me or express nothing. then i left.

      Then i kept walking and went into a Brothel/house, i was seeing that there were hot sexy girls. I wanted to have sex with the sexiest, but they were busy so this Old latin woman was there ready for me, she said she would do it with me for much less than the usual. As you guys may know, escorts go frm 100 dollars /hr to 300 or seomthing. but in my dreamt that old woman would go for like 60 dollars.

      I didn't think she was hot sexy so i just refused.

      I woke up and repeated the same mantra to go back to sleep. And for some reason I WAS ABLE TO ENTER THE SAME DREAM!!!!! that i had just been in . well, it wasn't the exact same thing but i mean, it was like a continuation.

      Heres what happened that time( From like 5am to when i woke up at 6)
      I went back to the first club i went to in my first dream. It was weird that time, cause i saw like women that looked like transvestites, and i asked around "What is the theme of this club?" and they said "It's a club for gay men dressing like women!"
      what the??

      Anyways, then i went to the second club house, and 2 security guys were booting some guys , said to them "Don't you ever come back again!!!" Meanwhile 2 japanese ladies( in their 40's)were walking out too from that club, they were just exiting the double doors when they decided to turn and ask the guards "What is this club about?"

      and the answer was "Sixties music and Waikoloro" hehehehehehe
      (in my dream waikoloro was supposed to mean a kinda japanese music like joddling)

      anyways, that was my dreams
      as you can see my mantra had influence on the dreams cause i did dream about Sexy women, SEx, AND Japanese people!!!!

      The question is, i can influence my dream but i still can't become lucid....OR DO you think i was lucid.........
      I feel like maybe i was cause i kinda remember making choices and there was a lot going on so i sure had opportunities to become lucid.

      But anyways, i have develeoped good suggestion power through matras but how do i become lucid ?
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