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    Thread: Pinching yourself for awareness. My sole awareness technique.

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      Pinching yourself for awareness. My sole awareness technique.

      Pinching myself has been my sole awareness technique since i was little.

      It's simple, and you don't have to walk around with any visible marks on your body (Unless you pinch too hard, of course )

      Whenever something happens, scary, exciting, awesome, anything that doesn't happen often or on a usual day, pinch yourself. The basic idea is simple, this follows you into dreams and you pinch yourself in a dream, and feel the numbed pinch and realize your dreaming.

      It's actually a bit more difficult than that, but it eventually becomes completely passive.

      I VERY rarely pinch myself anymore, but still in nearly every dream, i always remember to pinch myself. I don't know why i pinch myself in dreams still when i don't in real life, but it works.

      I also re-pinch myself to stabilize my dream if it's JUST starting to fall apart, and if i'm about to do anything i'd heavily regret in real life, just as a double check.

      That's pretty much it, i don't know how to describe it any better, i've been doing it my entire life. If anyone wants to know more or has questions, go ahead and ask, i'll answer as best i can
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      Very interesting!!!
      I thing this has been ignored because the pinching stuff.
      A lot of people think they can realise they are dreaming by pinching themselves, tha is using pinching as reality check, which doesn't work.
      But here your point is different: you have anchored some situations to the pinching and that is quite interesting.
      In effect it could be used whatever RC but maybe using something more "emotionally personal " could be more effective,who never know?
      Anyway, the very fact it has worked with you means that it is effective if properly applied.
      Thanks for sharing.
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      I can relate to one point...I used to RC with the nose pinch in real life. Now I rarely do, but in my dreams I do. Its like something makes me think I should RC but it is so subtle I can't say what it is, and often am still surprised I am dreaming.

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