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      Sleep paralysis before NREM sleep. Experiences, annoyance and questions.

      Hi guys!

      I havn't been practising lucid dreaming for a while now but still manage to attain lucidity on occasion through spontaneous DILD. I'm back on these forums to give it a real shot this time around and get some regularity within my dreaming. My post today is just about the experiences I have continuously had with sleep paralysis.

      I have found that lately I have been entering a state of sleep paralysis almost every time I go to sleep, this has been happening for about two or three months now. I realise that SP can be useful for entering a WILD etc, but my problem is that it tends to happen to me right at the beginning of the night, when my only thoughts are "I'm really tired, I want to sleep." Needless to say this is very frustrating, especially because I cant seem to just fall asleep by waiting through the SP, it feels as though it goes on for extended periods of time and the only way I can deal with it is by shaking my head to wake up.

      This alone wouldn't be too bad but the real problem is that after I wake up each time the spinning and falling sensation sticks with me and I feel dizzy and disoriented for quite some time, unable to sleep again. This can happen a few times in a row before I finally sleep.

      I was wondering if anyone has had similar experiences or knows anything I could do to stop this from happening?

      Any help appreciated!

      Thanks everyone.
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      Well, sounds like you're having trouble falling to sleep. You do want SP to occur, but in your case you want to be asleep when it happens!

      Try some meditation techniques, having a hot bath before bed, not consuming drugs or caffeine before bed, not watching TV for half hour before bed, read a book until you can't keep your eyes open, or only going to bed when you are really tired.

      You say you can't seem to sleep by waiting for SP to finish, why wait for it to finish? Just fall asleep while it's happening or before (if you can)


      If you WANT to WILD, then you're going about it the right way! Once SP kicks in then try visualizing your dream forming, and hopefully it will. Think about a room, being in the room, talking to people etc.

      Hope this helps.
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