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    1. 26.07.2012 - 3 x dreams, (1 semi lucid)

      by , 07-27-2012 at 11:39 AM
      Date: 26/07/2012
      Place: My caravan
      Time of getting into bed: 12.14am

      Waking thoughts in black
      Non lucid dreams in blue
      Lucid dreams in red

      Dream 1 - non lucid (3.54am)
      I am walking in a large underground tunnel. Occasionally cars pass me, and there is snow or frost covering the ground. For the first few minutes of the dream, I was watching myself from above, then I switched to being myself. I'm about to enter a door, or smaller tunnel, when a nice smily lady stops me. She tells me to take one of her Lucid Dreaming pills, so I can become lucid in my dreams. I take it, and she reads some sort of leaflet or program with me, telling me 'oh wow, this is gonna be fun, you're gonna really enjoy this!' then I enter the door / tunnel, which splashes water all over my head as I walk under / into it. I didn't actually get lucid, but as always I'm dreaming of lucidity and don't click on! What can I do to go that little bit extra?

      I woke after this dream, and in my sleepy haze, thought I'd had no dreams and the dream was real. (I thought I'd really taken a pill to get lucid) I got up and shut the hatch window because I was cold, and realised it was a dream, so quickly wrote it down.

      Dream 2 - non lucid / slightly lucid at end (5.43am)
      For the record, I was mega hungry when I went to bed, as I wrote in my DJ each time, I considered WILDing but my stomach just kept growling!It's my birthday, and I'm sat with a group of people. I have a teddy bear shaped chocolate birthday cake, which I start eating. It's yummy! I finish the whole thing to myself. I laugh, and tell the others I'm sorry I didn't offer it out, but they don't mind. I offer to go to the shops to buy another and share it, but they say it's ok they really don't mind! Someone has been shopping already and has got lots of food that was reduced for 9p and so on. They let me help myself. Suddenly, a live band is about to come and play. I get excited and settle to watch. THE DREAM SWITCHES AGAIN. It did this the night before. Suddenly I AM the performer, instead of watching. I don't notice any change in dreaming other than this, and it doesn't dawn on me until I wake up. So now I am the singer for the band. I decide to sing well, I need to be lucid, and 'become' lucid in my dream.I wasn't really lucid, I still didn't know I was dreaming, I don't think my sleeping mind comprehended what 'lucid' really meant.As I am lucid, I can now fly, and sing really well, I put my heart and soul into the performance. I now switch back to watching the show again, and someone gives me a shot of vodka, with salt around the rim of the shot glass. I drink it, and it tastes like grapefruit and sugar! I like it so I have more, but I drain off the grapefruit juice / vodka and just eat the salt / sugar as I don't want to get drunk. I notice on the table there is a large snake. The snake is evil looking, it is very shiny and smooth, with a red and cream or off - white pattern, similar to a Corn Snake. However it has a head like a king Cobra, and huge, red fangs. I don't panic, but I know not to go near it. My friend who is sat with me tries to grab it, and does so very clumsily, leaving himself open to attack, however the snake doesn't attack, he does look very agitated though. My friend grabs it's neck and pulls, the snake is so strong and large, that he cannot move it, but instead he stretches the snake's neck in a painful way. The snake now bites him. I decide to 'become lucid' again to avoid being bitten. I know if I am lucid, I am only dreaming and so the snake cannot harm me. I fly up into the garden, and fly a few laps around, looking at the trees and bushes. As I do, I see many more snakes sat in the trees waiting and hiding. I want to get 'proper lucid' as I am aware I'm just dreaming of being lucid. And so I try to wake my brain up, while I'm still asleep, so that I will be lucid.I wake up for real. A very low level lucid at the end.

      Dream 3 - non lucid (8.22am)
      I think I have forgotten the beginning of this dreamFor some reason, I HAVE to eat some raw eggs. The eggs are like little blackbird's eggs. There are about 5 of them but one keeps breaking and leaking everywhere, I carry them in a little plastic bag. I am in the back of a van, while someone drives the van to an underground car park, for some reason to do with the eggs. It is important I eat these eggs soon! I am completely naked, which I'm a little embarrassed about, so I try to find some clothes to put on, but I can't while I'm laying in the back of the van. Eventually we get to the car park, where several policemen block the entrance. We worry we won't get in, and the policemen asks for our names, I give them my surname, and to my surprise they let us in, showing us where to park. We park and I get out, the car park is empty except for a big, red double decker bus parked in the corner. We all talk about how we'd love to own one of those buses. A fashion show starts, and everyone is invited to join in, I am given a long shirt with a Union Jack design on it, and an Orange T-shirt to wear over the top. It's not my style but I'm naked so wear it anyway. I look ridiculous, but someone takes photos of me anyway. I go to put my socks on, because the floor is hurting my feet. There are a couple of little spiders around, but I ignore them as I'm not afraid of spiders. One bites me, and it actually really hurts. I flick it off and carry on, another one, bites me 3 times, and I flick it off, but it leaves some little bumps on my skin. The pain is quite intense. The spiders range in size, but all look the same. They are grey, with a white pattern and have 2 hairy back legs, the rest of the legs are thin. Someone googles them on their phone, and we find out they are called 'Cadavern' spiders. One bigger one, is red and black, and this one bites me again, the pain is terrible.

      I get up early for the day, but easily could have stayed in bed and had more dreams.
      lucid , non-lucid
    2. 25.07.2012 - 6 x non lucid dreams and some fragments - very vivid!

      by , 07-26-2012 at 02:18 PM
      Date: 25/07/2012
      Place: Caravan bed
      Time of getting into bed: 12.15am
      100mg B6 before bed

      Waking thoughts in black
      Non lucid dreams in blue
      Lucid dreams in red

      Dream 1 - non lucid (4.01am)
      Last night all of my dreams were very vivid and detailed. More so then usual, and they are quite detailed usually!I am on holiday, and go to visit my friend, T.I haven't seen T for years, we met on holiday a few years ago and never kept in touch. We were quite good friends on the holiday.I leave my partner in the hotel room as he is busy, and tell him he can join us later. When I find T he is not doing much, just sat watching television in a small room, which is a little dark and bare. I sit with him, he offers me a cigarette and I decline. We watch the TV. It is a show about women going undercover in bhurkas (spelling please?) one women wears a red bhurka, and she is evil, spreading bad rumours and causing trouble. T is angry and shouting at the TV, but I am bored. I make excuses to leave, and he walks down the stairs with me as we have to carry some large, heavy item to be delivered downstairs. It could have been a vaccum cleaner, or something similar. Outside is bright and fresh, and we seem to be in some sort of modern apartment building, with lots of metal and glass. There are lots of steps down to the lower levels. We carry the item all the way down, and we need to deliver it to number 3 or 4. However, we cannot find 3 or 4. Looking at the flat numbers, they seem to be in a foreign language missed an obvious dream sign here, the letters and numbers were all bizarre shapes, but I blamed it on being in a foreign country! T wanders off to look for numbers, as do I. I spot a casino style room, with poker tables in it. I approach a man working at a desk nearby, and ask him where number 4 is. He tells me he is number 4, and so I hand over the item. It has now changed into a red ice bucket, with a large hole in the bottom. He seems to want to talk, but I just hand it over and leave. As I leave, some people have sat down on sofa style chairs around a large, varnished wood table outside. The table looks beautiful and expensive. It has some sort of detailing around the edges, and it is very large, and an odd shape. They are drinking and relaxing in the sun, but I cannot get by to leave. The ice bucket man kindly rushes to help me, and a young girl stands up politely to let me by. I eventually get by, say thankyou and leave, when I notice my boyfriend is sat at the table, with a bag in his hand. He puts the bag on the table with a bump, and everyone looks at him, worried he has scratched the nice table. I get him and he wants to see T, but I tell him T is boring and we should leave before he finds us. My bf protests a little, but we leave.

      Dream 2 - non lucid (5.53am)
      I am looking out of a high window, and outside my window is another building, pretty close but leaving a gap between the two. Down this gap, a bird has fallen and got trapped, and it's cries for help can be heard. Another bird is helping it by using a net to dangle down so it can grab onto it, but it so far isn't working. The net is too light and won't go down the gap. I try to help by throwing OrangesYes, the fruit.Onto the net to weigh it down. It works and the bird is saved.Now, the dream skips. The bird is a woman's bag, and I am a bus driver trying to help get the women's bag. However in the dream, I did not notice the skip, and thought it was a continuing dream. I had no recollection of the bag ever being a bird. There was no gap in events, just a switch. The woman comes to thank me for getting her bag, and she is pretty, with long dark hair. She has a guy with her. She holds up the bag, which is a beige coloured tote bag, clearly full of things. With long black handles. She is sarcastic and cruel, saying thanks for nothing, the bag is useless, and it didn't need saving. I grab her by her long hair, and parade her down the bus, showing the people on the bus how cruel she is. She attempts to fight back, but as I'm a guy she struggles. I then throw her bag on the floor, and the contents go everywhere. I refuse to clean it up.

      Often, when people are mean to me in my dreams, I get violent and want to hurt them. This always gets out of hand and I end up being the mean one. Doing things like the above, or taking it too far and hurting people because I'm angry. I have no idea why, I would never do this in RL, and I'm possibly the most laid back, anti- violence guy I know! I rarely, if ever, fight in my life.

      Dream 3 - non lucid (6.55am)
      Erm. I wrote this in my DJ for the next dream;
      My friend is holding a house party, someone at the party 'fridges' my friend with a 'score.' Seriously, I have no idea what this means. I don't even remember this dream!!

      Dream 4 - non lucid
      I am watching a TV show about a new comedian doing stand up. Lots of veteran comedians are in the audience, and throughout the show he will pick one to banter with. Brian Conley is one of the comedians in the audience, he pretends not to like the new comedian, and feigns being offended by him, but the new comedian tells him 'you'll remember this later, and look back on it and laugh.' Then the new comedian looks at the camera and says 'I know I will.' and for some reason this is hilarious, and the crowd burst into laughter.For me at the time, this was also funny, now upon waking I have no idea why. Now I am part of the comedians act. I am in a lift with some members of the public, and there are hidden cameras. I say to the people in the lift ' I have a song stuck in my head, can you tell me what it is?' And proceed to rap, or sing a bad rave song to them, dancing and making an idiot of myself. They try not to laugh at me, some try to ignore me. The audience watching on TV find it funny.

      Dream 5 - non lucid - 8.03am
      I am driving down the street when we see Katy Perry, going into a house where a Rabbit breeder lives. She is smiling and cameras follow her. We watch, but someone says it is cruel to watch her, as she is addicted to rabbits and she needs help. She buys a rabbit and leaves. We go into the house after her, and there are cages, and hutches filled with rabbits. At first, it seems cruel, there are HUNDREDS of rabbits of all size shape and colour. However after we walk around, it appears they are very well looked after. Some are just babies, they have loads of room and are clean. Some of them have curly, greyish fur and they are the cutest. We leave and go to visit my friend who has just moved house. We find her house, which is like a log cabin, built from wood. Everything. We walk up some stairs and sit at a wooden table. There is a fire in the corner. My friend kicks the fire outside every now and again, and gets ask everywhere, she then argues with her boyfriend about this. Her parents are also at the table, but I am only there to see what she is doing, because I don't really like her. I don't really like her in real life, and she has moved far away. It also didn't occur to me in the dream that we were burning a fire in a house made completely of wood.

      Dream 6 - non lucid
      I am at a man's house. He has a daughter. He cooks me some food, and we seem to be friends even though he is a lot older then me, perhaps in his 50s. The food is rather nice, but when it comes to the next course, it is wriggling with worms. He tells me he has cooked worms in it, I should eat it. I really don't want to, as I'm worried I'll get sick, he watches me closely and I slowly eat around the worms. I now realise he probably isn't my friend, and I want to leave. I must have eaten a worm by accident, because I turn into a wild, gollum-like creature, and the man is happy about this, he keeps me in his bathroom, and I climb up the walls and make horrible screeching noises. His daughter keeps coming into the bathroom trying to kill me, she is only young, perhaps 13 years? But everytime she comes in I scream and attack her, and her dad comes in to save me. He protects me and removes his daughter. I start to eat lots of chocolate bars, I eat several, dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate... huge big bars. I expect to be sick, but I don't feel anything. For a moment, I'm so close to being lucid. I wonder why I don't feel sick after eating all this chocolate? What could be wrong? Is this real? I wake up.

      Dream 7 - non lucid - 9.25
      The next few dreams were all fragments, as soon as I woke I lost the memory fast, so just wrote the basic key words. A woman dressed as a cat is performing at a live show.

      I am tagging photos on facebook, and see the cat lady in the photos.

      A black cat mauls animals to death, there are 3 animals, a rabbit, a bird and another cat.

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    3. 24.07.2012 - Weird night - STRANGE recall & normal dreams

      by , 07-25-2012 at 01:34 PM
      Date: 24/07/2012
      Place: My bed
      Time of getting into bed: 11.00pm
      Nothing before bed - Ginseng & Ginkgo the morning before

      Waking thoughts in black
      Non lucid dreams in blue
      Lucid dreams in red

      Dream 1 - non lucid (12.55am)

      So, I was all intent on taking my Lucid Dreaming pill on a WBTB last night, for the first time. I went to bed early, and fell asleep normally. I must stress I DIDNT TAKE ANYTHING, not even the usual B6 as I wanted to see the effects of the G&C without any interactions. I took Ginseng & Ginkgo the morning before, which I have been doing for about a week now. The night was particularly hot (we're having a heat wave, woohoo!) and I slept semi-naked, and out of the quilt. This always gave me nightmares as a child.

      Dream fragments -talking on DV about WILDing and lucid dreaming. I wrote this in my DJ, I was sweating and really tired (hence just a short sentence / fragment) but I was feeling weird. I was slipping in and out of consciousness and as I was I was unintentionally WILDing! It came on so fast, I would lie down to sleep, and felt my body go numb, then a floating sensation, all in a matter of minutes. I didn't fight it, but I mostly 'popped' in and out of it, very unusual sensation. This happened all night, at one point I checked the G&C pill on my bedside table to make sure I hadn't taken it in my sleep, because the feeling was so intense. I hadn't. I decided not to take it, as it was too early. (even though I was dreaming?) I slept, and then woke up to a loud noise a little later. I woke up (or did I? FA?) because there was a loud noise outside, at first I thought it was a helicopter flying by )it happens) but it got louder and louder, I realised I was awake... (I think... I didn't RC) but I was in SP - the noise got loud and turned into screeching, just like HH that people describe, but I've never had it. After the noise, I felt tingling all over my body, and fell asleep. Thinking about it now, was this a dream about WILDing? Or did I wake up in SP briefly? I have no idea.

      Dream 2 - non lucid
      Two guys are performing oral sex on me, the dream gets really weird, with medieval torture devices being used, I'll skip the details, but it was weird and erotic. This was one messed up sex dream.

      Dream 3 - non lucid / slight lucidity at end - 3.00am
      My mum is coming to pick me up from somewhere because I have been drinking. When she gets there she has some pizzas ready for me to eat, which I'm thankful for because I'm starving. My mum disappears, and I begin to panic. I ring her phone but she isn't answering, I worry she's been in an accident. However she then pulls in the drive with her car. The car is a big silver estate, and puffing out clouds of black smoke. I initially think she's had car trouble, but she gets out with my younger sister and says she's been in hospital. My younger sister is in tears - I ask her what's wrong? She says her favourite singer Adele, is in hospital. I laugh, and say 'I know she is, she's been in there for ages, call yourself a fan?' but she get's even more upset and says its an operation on her throat. I make a mental note to check weather Adele really has had an operation when I wake up, or weather my dream is making it up, as I can't remember right now.

      I woke up, with a music in my head from my childhood, that I had COMPLETELY forgotten. It was eerie and freaked me out, as I tried to get back to sleep, I kept remembering dreams from YEARS AGO. I shit you not. I thought about getting up (this was about 3.30am now) and watching some TV because I was so freaked out I daren't sleep. However I forced myself to sleep, but I woke up again and again, each time remembering dreams from about 5 or 6 years ago, with amazing detail. I thought I'd completely forgotten these dreams. What the hell was going on? I finally fell to sleep properly again.

      Dream 4 - non lucid - 5.15am
      My family owns a food shop, I go in search of starting my own food shop. I have a clothes shop, but this gets shut down. A pink tie is left hanging from one of the windows, and I take it as a souvenir. I open a shop selling action figures, and I make shoes themed with cartoon characters and comic characters.

      Dream 5 - non lucid
      I am chilling with friends when someone asks me if I want to take part in a fun, free experiment. I agree. I have to hold these 2 black bars, it's a new kind of virtual game where you play an incredibly life-like character, that moves just by sensing through the bars in your hands. When I grab the bars, they hurt me at first, but I get used to it. I am a young soldier, in the war, I follow his life as he struggles to survive and still look after his wife and young child at home. I get really involved in this soldiers life, eventually feeling like I am him. I wake up in the dream, and the soldier is now a real man, stood over my bed. He tells me he is real, and wants me to follow him, I'm shocked, but not scared. I go and meet his wife and daughter, it is an emotional reunion for them, I watch quietly. Again, I wake up and feel like I'm WILDing, entering SP without trying. My body is tingling and numb at the same time, I feel like I'm floating over my bed. I remember more dreams from my long forgotten past, but this time I try to remember more and I'm shocked when I can. I quite like it. I fall asleep.

      Dream 6 - non lucid
      I'm watching a TV show about young fathers meeting their in laws to be. One guy is wearing nothing but a purple robe, he has a scruffy beard, and lots of body hair. He poses and messes around and his naked body is clear to see.

      Dream 7 - non lucid - 9.03am
      I'm at a dinner table in a restaurant, wearing fancy dress. I am wearing a santa costume, but it isn't totally correct. Someone nearby is a policeman. We add up 'fancy dress points' that we get for our outfits, so that we can have enough points to leave the restaurant. There was more to this dream, plus a whole other dream after this one, but I didn't write them down.

      Overall, what a weird night. I feel refreshed this morning, but still in awe of the crazy night I had and I can still remember those dreams from years ago!
    4. 23.07.2012 - 7 x dreams (yay my recall is back!)

      by , 07-24-2012 at 01:57 PM
      Since my last DJ entry, I have been on holiday and rarely slept, or been so tired and drunk that I didn't write in my DJ. When I did write in it, it was just 1 or 2 words a night. I worried that by not writing in my DJ my recall would suffer, however after getting home, I had a nap or two, and then before sleeping I made sure I got to bed early, and taking Apple Juice and B6 really seemed to help, as my recall was back on form. This is just proof of how drinking and disrupted sleep can kill an otherwise great dream recall!

      Date: 23/07/2012
      Place: My bed
      Time of getting into bed: 10.35pm
      100mg B6 before bed

      Waking thoughts in black
      Non lucid dreams in blue
      Lucid dreams in red

      Dream 1 - non lucid

      I am queuing for some sort of festival in a field. It takes a while to get through the queue, and while I'm there I spot a guy eyeing me up. He's tall and average looking. We talk, and once we get through the gates we go to find somewhere to have sex. We find the edge of some woods, where other couples are shagging, so decide to do it there. We get on the floor and get to it (I'll leave out the details, but it was fun ) Once we have finished, we agree to meet again and he leaves. For some reason I'm still hard, and want more sex, so I wander round in search of someone else willing to join in. I wander to the back of the field but it looks boring, some security guard tells me I can't walk around with my cock out, but I ignore him and walk off. I pass a group watching two people fight, its a guy and a young girl, but the girl is a professional boxer and she beats up the guy pretty bad, so he is bleeding and battered. I finally meet up with the same guy as before, and ask him if he wants to come back to my place. He does, so we go to a small room, which is like a waiting room, and try to ring a taxi. All the taxis are booked or busy, so we have to wait. While we are waiting, other people come and talk to us. Somehow we get back to my place, I don't know how, but it felt like a gap in the dream. However my mum and sister are at my home, and they are annoying and embarrassing me. My mum tells the guy I'm with that I nearly had sex with my sister when I was younger. WTF?! She then gets her boobs out and starts dancing while smiling like a mad women. I tell her to stop but she doesn't, I'm mega embarrassed. Why does my dream mum always ruin my sex dreams? Lol. The dream seems to skip again, I'm now alone in my room, and waiting for the guy to arrive so we can have sex. He arrives, and just as I let him in, a neighbor comes round to visit and I let her in too. I tell the guy she wasn't invited, and apologise for her being there but she overhears, and gets very angry and offended. I feel bad and try to make excuses but she is hurt. For some reason, I'm trying to post some bizarre egg-like things through the letterbox at my front door, but it is full and they won't squeeze in.

      Dream 2 - non lucid

      I am going to my friend's house and pass a clothes shop that my friend owns. I peer in, and see there is someone stocking shelves with new items, and they have left their bike outside. They look at me, as if to watch their bike but I walk on, I would never steal a bike like that. I soon meet up with the friend, and tell him that I saw his shop in a dream, and that I dreamt someone was stocking the shelves. I don't know why I suddenly decided that part was a dream. I wasn't lucid. I did fall asleep using the mantras 'I will know I am dreaming tonight.' which may have played a part. It was weird that my dream self thought that was a dream, when I'd just done it, but didn't realise the whole thing was a dream. The guy tells me he had the same dream, including the bike outside, and we think this is amazing for a bit. We go to call on another friend ready to go out and party. When we get to his house, he's already been out all day, and is ready for bed (he's drunk and in a mess) however we persuade him to join us. He is wearing a white shirt.

      Dream 3 - non lucid
      This next dream was sort of connected, but I did wake between the two so it was a separate dream.
      I am at my mums house, getting ready to go out with my parents and my partner. My little brother (who is about 8 in the dream, he's 19 in RL) is sad that he has to stay at home, and is a little upset. The dog jumps up to lick his face and make him happier, but he cries when we leave.

      We leave and i lead the way, going to a random house that I see down the street, I'm not sure what my intentions were, but I certainly wasn't invited to this house and I don't intend to knock, I just push open the door. My parents and partner shout words of warnings as the door just falls because it is not attached to the wall, it nearly lands on a man inside the house, who looks up angrily. I apologise, but still waltz right into the house, where 2 men are laying a carpet. I feel guilty for barging in, and so I start helping them, they carry on, annoyed but not about to do anything. I rip up the old carpets (brown, cheap carpets) and start bagging up the rubbish. My family sort of watch, and the 2 working men realise I'm quite helpful and are thankful. At some point, my mum asks me to check on my little sister who we left at home in bed.
      Yes, for some reason my little brother turned into my little sister, who was also a young child in the dream, and she is 23 now. I use my phone to access hidden cameras in her bedroom, and see she is still fast asleep in bed. The bed has an old-lady style flowery pattern on it. I show my mum and my mum is concerned because there is white foam all around her mouth. She thinks my sister has a mouth disease, because she didn't clean her mouth properly.

      Dream 4 - non lucid

      Me and my partner are outside the main hall of my little school from when I was a young child. However I am my real life age. My partner goes in the hall and I stay outside with lots of chocolate bars, I go in, but I have done something wrong and get sent out again.

      Dream 5 - non lucid

      I am in a kitchen making dessert. I have made a sponge cake base for each of us, and I am now melting berries to pour on top. The berries melt down to a purple sticky liquid, and I pour it over each dessert. We try to eat it but it is scalding hot, I burn my mouth Before bed, I ate a pizza that was too hot and burnt my mouth. I woke up with a blister. (ouch) [COLOR="#00bfff"] While we are doing this we are watching a TV, which is showing the news that someone has gone missing, suspected killed. I am a few friends know about the murder, because we covered it up and hid the body. However we are keeping it a secret. Some girl who is par of our group that knows, accidentally lets slip about the cover up, and I feel she will be murdered next. 2 of my friends run away to a different country where they have great fun doing things like white water rafting etc.

      Dream 6 - non lucid

      Me and my friend go shopping, because my mum asked us to pop out and get her some wine. In the supermarket, it takes me a lot of time to find the right bottles of wine, and I take care not to drop and break them. My friend disappears. I then get a trolley full of sweets and chocolate for myself. This is quite normal for my shopping trips! I also go and pick up some prescriptions from the shop's pharmacy. When I get there they won't give me one of the prescriptions because it is not in my name, we argue for a bit and then they give in and let me have it. I am angry at them questioning me so I walk out of the shop with my trolley full of goods, and don't pay. It is now dark outside, and there are gangs of youths hanging around on the streets, and some dodgy looking women. One street I avoid because I know a gang will attack me down there, but I approach a dirty, thin women who tries to fight with me. I pull out a baseball bat and beat her away, she also pulls out a baseball bat but I grab hers and use both of them to hit her until she leaves.

      Dream 7 - non lucid - 12.30am

      In this dream, I am a policeman. I am going through some of my assessments with a supervisor because they feel my work is starting to slip and they want to help me. They find out my wife and children died not long ago but I still think they are alive. they follow me, to a place where I think my daughter is, she doesn't exsist but I see her, and talk to her. They try to tell me that she died, and this makes me cry. I know they are dead really but can't cope so I pretend they are alive. The 'imaginary' daughter tries to convince me to commit suicide. My supervisor helps me leave and I am in tears.
      Tags: carpets, festival, sex
    5. 18.06.2012 - 3 non lucid dreams & many lucid fragments.

      by , 07-19-2012 at 03:03 PM
      Date: 18/07/2012
      Place: My bed
      Time of getting into bed: 00.30am
      100mg B6 before bed, also 60mg Ginkgo & 160mg Ginseng

      Waking thoughts in black
      Non lucid dreams in blue
      Lucid dreams in red

      Last night, I woke after each dream as usual to write in the DJ, but was so tired for some reason I didn't record anything. This is not like me AT ALL. I was ill during the day, and had a lot of painkillers so I blame this. However when waking for the day (11.30am) I was sooo tired I kept falling back to sleep, and as I did I had short, very unstable lucid dreams. I experimented with them a bit, I could fall asleep instantly and control the dream, the dream stemmed from whatever I was thinking about as I was falling asleep. It was quite fun.

      Dream 1 - non lucid
      3 Indian guys on a motorbike come and pick me up. As I can't fit on the bike with them, 2 of them hop off and get a bus. We drive to a small, shack-like place, where I am taken upstairs and sit at a table watching a TV. The man who rode with me sits with me, and gives me an Orange to eat. I lived in India for some time, and often visited places like this to chill out. the locals would give me lifts on their bikes. I feel a hot breath on my knee under the table, and looking under I see a big bull sniffing me. He's not meaning any harm, so I ignore him and he walks away. Later he comes back, sniffing around for food. I throw my Orange peel to him and he gobbles it up, clearly very hungry. He then realised I have segments of Oranges, and comes towards me. I throw a few to distract him, and he runs after them, gobbles them up again and runs towards me, eager for more. I panic, thinking he will accidentally hurt me, my hands smell of Oranges and I'm scared he'll charge or bite me. He does charge, but I jump out of the way and escape.
      I fed cows in India when they wandered in the restaurants hungry. I also saw an anti bull-fighting poster before going to bed.

      Dream 2 - non lucid
      I have trained a cute kitten to do magic tricks with custard creams. People are watching and think it is amazing, but I have a secret trick that makes it easy. I make the kitten count out piles of biscuits, and everyone is impressed.

      Dream 3 - lucid fragments

      I wake up for the day, but I'm so tired I drift off to sleep, then wake up again after 5 minutes, and drift off again. I do this for about an hour, soon, as I drift off I have lucid dreams. They are short and very unstable and not vivid at all. More like thoughts or daydreams that move into lucid dreams. The following fragments were broken up by waking and conversations with RL people.
      I am sat on a bed, talking to a hot guy. I have full control, and know I am dreaming but the dream is not stable or vivid, I just imagine things happening, and they do. I have conversations with DCs mostly, the dreams revolve around trying to get laid as I am pretty horny. I start a sexual scenario and convince a DC to engage in it because I just 'believe he will' because he is part of my own mind. In which turns out to increase the vividness and surprises me because it is so realistic. I wake up before I finish.
    6. 17.07.2012 - 4 x non lucid dreams

      by , 07-18-2012 at 09:11 AM
      Date: 17/07/2012
      Place: My bed
      Time of getting into bed: 00.30am
      100mg B6 before bed, 60mg Ginkgo & 160mg Ginseng

      Waking thoughts in black
      Non lucid dreams in blue
      Lucid dreams in red

      Dream 1 - non lucid (2.30am)
      I am in the front of some sort of lorry driving across America. In the front with me is a stranger, the driver (who is also a stranger) and a TV reporter. I think I have been picked up - hitchhiking. The TV reporter asks us all what we are doing, and where we are going. I am second to reply, and I state I don't know, I'm just going where life takes me. Lot's of people laugh, but the reporter is not impressed.

      Dream 2 - non lucid (4.33am)

      Before this dream, I had attempted the SSILD during the WBTB. I think I preferred my traditional WILD method, as I got bored and didn't feel relaxed enough.
      I am staying in the middle of the African wilderness. I think it may be some sort of educational thing. I sleep in a hammock, with other people. Nearby there is a tree, and hanging from the tree are many fat, feathered green birds. They are all suspended by their necks, which are tangled in the tree's vine-like leaves. I am worried the birds are choking (there is many birds like this in the tree) but someone tells me they are not. They explain that these birds are very rare, existing only in this tree. The spend their entire lives hung by the neck, trapped in the tree. They also tell me they have a unique way of reproducing. I watch the bird closest to me - it is roughly the size of a football. It suddenly starts to struggle, and as it does the vines tighten around it's neck, killing it. As it dies, it's mouth hangs open, and open climbs a baby version of the bird. The baby bird then jumps, and gets caught in some nearby vines. The whole cycle then starts again, with this bird taking the place of the now dead one. I feel some sort of sense of peace with nature watching this.

      The next sequence I'm pretty sure was the same dream, but a new storyline. I'm getting better at telling when dreams just switch to a new storyline, or actually end, and a new one begins.

      I am in the same African wilderness, this time laid on the sandy floor, talking to a very young African boy. He must be around 10 years old. His mother sits nearby working on something. It is night time and pitch black, the sounds of nature all around us. He tells me a story. The story involves lots of African animals, but mostly about the Leopard. It is a typical child's story, but at the end, I think I see the silhouette of a Leopard in the distance and get scared. I tell the boy I'm going to bed, and he tells me not to be afraid. Once back at my 'camp.' I worry about the Leopard. I look up, and suddenly see the Leopard's face peering out of the bushes. The dream seems to focus on the Leopard, the picture 'zooms' inwards around it's head, a bit like a movie would do. I try to sleep and ignore it but it gets closer and closer. I watch it approaching. For some reason, I believe I will not get attacked. I think in the back of my head I knew I was dreaming, but couldn't get fully lucid.I don't worry too much because it can't hurt me. However as it gets very close, I pick up a baseball bat for protection, and sit in the corner and wait for it. It get's even closer, and the people around me look scared. It seems to only want me, and ignores the others. I now suddenly panic. I think to myself 'Why is it still coming for me? I can't be hurt? This is not real, is it?' It get's up close to me, feet away, and I realise it is going to attack. I suddenly think this may hurt, but I know I can't die. So I try to escape, by using my mind. I wake up. I wouldn't say I was lucid as such, but extremely close.

      Dream 3 - non lucid (6.17am)
      There is a TV show about a man dating 3 women, and he has to choose one of them. 2 of the women are very fake looking, and mean. The other is plain but pretty, and this one is his actual girlfriend. The two fake girls are incredibly hurtful to the girlfriend, telling her they will steal her boyfriend and that he thinks she is disgusting. The man then has to choose, and he chooses the 2 fake girls. The girlfriend is horrified and cries uncontrollably, but the guy and 2 fake girls simply laugh at her.

      Dream 4 - non lucid fragments

      Unfortunately I had to wake early to get some work done. I remember fragments of dreams as I tried to get myself out of bed, but did not write them down.
      Something about a big hall, filled with lights and colours and dancing people. Very pretty, everyone is dancing like Micheal Jackson. I take photos and dance too. Someone takes photos of me.
    7. 16.07.2012 - 5 x dreams and a fragment

      by , 07-17-2012 at 12:30 PM
      Date: 16/07/2012
      Place: My bed
      Time of getting into bed: 10.35pm
      100mg B6 before bed

      Waking thoughts in black
      Non lucid dreams in blue
      Lucid dreams in red

      Dream 1 - non lucid (1.29am)
      I am in an attic with a group of other people. The attic is very large, and typical of an attic that has not been finished - ie it does not have a floor, but beams of wood on insulation, and the inside of the bare roof etc. We seem to be there for a reason because there is a leader of some sort, although all we do is sit and chat. I am lying / balanced on one beam which is very uncomfortable and I keep shifting position. My pockets are full of what I believe to be change (coins) and I keep making sure it is not falling out. The whole attic is on a slant and it is very difficult not to slide down and fall. Someone turns the lights out to demonstrate how dark it is. It is PITCH BLACK. I am not scared, rather in awe of the limitless dark. I accidently brush the guy sat next to me, and when the lights go back on he accused me of touching him up and I try to apologise. We then start watching film recordings of ourselves from apparently earlier in the dream.

      Dream 2 - non lucid (4.49am)
      I am at a large Ice Skating rink with 2 of my real life friends, I and D. We are waiting for Lady Gaga to come and perform. Eventually she comes on the 'ice' with another celebrity. The dream skips to us sat at a large table, which is like a trough. The table is filled with strawberries, and Lady Gaga comes and pours something over the strawberries and tells us to mix it up. We do, but one person ignores her as they aren't a fan. She argues with them. The food turns into Onion rings and chips, and we have to eat the lot. It's a HUGE amount, but somehow we manage it, just by eating. My nephew suddenly calls me, and I give him an onion ring to eat. He tries to tell me something.

      Dream 3 - non lucid (9.10am)
      I am in a fighting tournament. Each fighter has certain special powers. The first contestant is someone called 'Casio.' She is a young girl wearing goth-like attire. She loses. I am next, I am fighting against a family of normal people. I have a paintbrush as my weapon. I win by painting the family, then sucking the real family into the painting. My style is dark and scary, I am wearing red and black. The family was all bright and colourful. We leave and go home on a coach or bus.

      Dream 4 - non lucid (11.09am)
      I am with my ex. We seem to have sorted out our differences and are being friendly. We are walking down the beach, and see an old friend who is a bit rude to us. We then walk to the same friend's house, where she now lives. She is a lot older and has lost quite a bit of weight. She is married and has a few kids. She is wearing a purple dress. Her husband sits on the sofa next to me. She talks and talks for ages, we get a bit bored. She is telling us how she has learnt to be nice after losing weight, and that she was mean to her own kids for being thinner then her. Her husband agrees. He is putting tobacco into bags, and asks me to smell it to see if I can tell it's cheap tobacco. I smell it and tell him I can't tell. She keeps talking and we make excuses to leave.

      Dream 5 - non lucid
      This was a random dream fragment I just remembered about an hour after waking.

      I get an iphone for Xmas from my mum, and tell her she doesn't have to get me presents anymore as I'm too old. However I do love the phone.
    8. 15.07.2012 - 3 x dreams - 1 lucid

      by , 07-16-2012 at 03:52 PM
      Date: 15/07/2012
      Place: I's bed
      Time of getting into bed: 2.05am

      Waking thoughts in black
      Non lucid dreams in blue
      Lucid dreams in red

      I haven't missed the 14th. I went to a party and didn't sleep until the next night.

      Dream 1 - 3.42am
      I woke up and immediately forgot this dream, it was slipping as I was writing and I was lucky to get this much down!
      I am dreaming about something illegal - there are TV screen up high.

      Dream 2 - 8.53am
      I am flying to complete certain tasks. It is almost like Mario, I use different items to gain invisibility or super powers. Suddenly an evil looking bird is chasing me. It has yellow, piercing eyes.

      Dream 3 - Lots of fragments.
      Again, I struggled to remember the full dream/s. I just scribbled down what I could remember and I'm not sure weather it was all the same dream or several.
      My mum's neighbors are on crack, their house is dirty and they have dodgy people coming to visit them.

      An ex boyfriend tells me he is lonely since I left, I try to cheer him up by finding him a new boyfriend.

      I'm getting ready in a bathroom to go somewhere, I leave and go to a bar occupied by lots of people.

      Dream 4
      There is a pool of beautiful water. I believe I am on holiday somewhere. There is a wooden makeshift ladder leading high into the sky. A little Indian man tells me to climb up and jump off, into the water. I hesitate but he tells me it's perfectly safe, and I will not get hurt. I am a bit scared but I do it because I want to feel young and carefree. I jump, and the man is right, it doesn't hurt, but I go deep, deep underwater. I start swimming up to the top, but can't see the surface. I panic and try to swim as fast as I can but I run out of air and breathe. Amazingly, I can breathe fine. So I suddenly realise I'm dreaming.I calm down, and take some big, deep breaths of water. I swim around a little bit, the water is perfectly clear and blue. I can see sand at the bottom, dotted with shells but all in all it is vast and empty. It is quite therapeutic and relaxing to just swim and float in silence, with nobody around. I wake up.

      Dream 5
      Me and my friend I are talking to some young teens. One of them, a young lad with longish hair is really cute, and I find I am attracted to him. I try to flirt a little, but his friends keep distracting him or me. He shows me a book he has, and although I'm not interested in it I pretend I am so I have an excuse to talk to him. I give him some long piece of material to remember me by and I leave. I have no idea what the material was or what it means. We go to an aquarium, which in=s inside a restaurant. All the fish / turtles etc are all crammed into tiny little tanks with no room. It is dark but everywhere is lit up with UV light. We realise we left a baby with the kids we were talking to earlier, so we have to go back. When we get back the place is a mess, with beer cans and rubbish everywhere, but the kids are no-where to be seen. I get's angry but then we find the baby is safe, so we aren't too bothered.

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      lucid , non-lucid
    9. 13.07.2012 - 6 x dreams

      by , 07-16-2012 at 03:35 PM
      Date: 13/07/2012
      Place: I's bed
      Time of getting into bed: 3.59am

      Waking thoughts in black
      Non lucid dreams in blue
      Lucid dreams in red

      Dream 1 - 5.30am
      Before going to bed I was explaining to my friend I how to lucid dream. He was interested so I told him to keep a dream journal.
      I kept waking up, and asking / checking weather I had recorded any dreams. I didn't realise I wasn't really waking up until the morning. As I was falling back to sleep, I was trying to have a lucid dream

      Dream 2 - 7.12am
      [COLOR="#00bfff"]Same as above, but this time we are downstairs at I's house, listening to music.

      Dream 3 - 8.29am
      I lost all of the beginning of this dream because I was pretty tired and didn't write it down fast enough.I am washing up yellow, plastic knives and forks.

      Dream 4
      I am making a sticker book, a little Indian boy comes up to me to see it, he asks me to read 'Aladdin' to him. I begin to but his mum comes and tells me not to, then takes her child away. I was watching an Indian film before bed. I write kid's books for a living.

      Dream 5 - 9.54am
      I am buying motorbike gear in a motorbike shop. A guy there invites me back to his house for his birthday party, I say no. However, even though I say no, I still go to the party? I buy me and my boyfriend a bike helmet, he wants a bright pink one but I won't let him so we both get black ones. I buy a secondhand bike that needs a bit of TLC, and drive it home. It has no brake lights, and at one point I have to get off and push it home, with people passing by in cars laughing at me. I drive / push it over a big wall, along a tall cliff edge and into a big crowd of people. I can't get by so I just push through, they start to argue and complain, but it soon ends up being chaos with people everywhere. I finally get home and get ready for the party. When I arrive some blonde smiling guy starts flirting with me, offering me some of his expensive champagne-mixed-with-something-else-drink. I think he's arrogant and showing off so I decline.

      Dream 6 - 11.10am
      Me and some other people are at some sort of event, which has celebrities attending. I am watching the crowd out of my hotel window, and can see the minor celebrities posing for photos and the paparazzi below. I soon go to join the crowd, and we are seperated into groups. The groups are determined by age, I am put in the 30 year old group, which only consists of one other guy. I am 26 in RL. The guy with me is pretty depressed, he complains that he will die young because his Grandma had cancer, and so will he. I try to make him feel better but he just get's worse. I return to my hotel room, which is now on the ground floor. As I get into bed, I hear a tapping on the window, so I go and see who it is. It's a cute, blonde guy who say's he's been watching me all day. I lean out the window to kiss him, and I nearly get pulled out because the kiss is so powerful and intense. I invite him inside, and we have sex. I'll spare the details, use your imagination After he leaves, I get a bath, I notice the bath has tiny fish swimming around in it. Someone keeps coming into the bathroom and disturbing me.

      Dream 6 - 11.10am
      Me and my boyfriend are walking down the street. I see my biological father enter a building.Haven't seen him in RL for about 11 years. He's not a nice person. My boyfriend doesn't believe me, but then we see some woman who we know is his wife follow him. I panic because I don't want to confront him, but his wife takes us to a shop away from him so he can't see me. The shop she takes us to is posh, and I feel out of place. I am already carrying a bag, and I'm worried they'll think I've stolen it from them when I haven't. I look around but I can't afford anything. I see some toothbrushes in the shape of parrots, and some in the shape of a walrus. I think these are funny.

      The dream then skips to me and my boyfriend, sat on a sofa with my dad and his wife watching movies. My dad is falling asleep and I am being pushed off the edge of the sofa. The sofa is dark blue. We are watching 'Supersize me.'
      Google it, it's a documentary about a man who just eats McDonalds as an experiment, good film.I keep telling them all what it is called, but when it starts it is called 'Super Squeeze Me.' I am very confused. This is not right? What's going on? I wake up, I was very close to getting lucid!
    10. 12.07.2012 - 7 x dreams

      by , 07-16-2012 at 03:03 PM
      Date: 12/07/2012
      Place: My bed
      Time of getting into bed: 11.18pm

      Waking thoughts in black
      Non lucid dreams in blue
      Lucid dreams in red

      Dream 1 - 1.32am
      I am rather drunk, I am sat on a chair, wobbling a bit and conversing with other people. I am wearing a white shirt and black suit jacketThis is my favourite outfit for events, parties etcI start to unbutton my shirt, fumbling as I do because I've drank way too much. I'm not even sure why I'm undoing my shirt. I leave it laying open. I start bragging to another guy sat opposite me, about something which I don't remember. He doesn't believe what I'm saying but I don't care. Someone calls me on my phone, asking if I can give them a lift home, I agree and arrange to meet them outside. I watch out the window and see them arrive, so I go to meet them. I would never drink and drive in RL!

      Dream 2
      I am in a room with my bf and our nephew. They both want to watch an Anime series but I don't, however I give in and put it on. They both watch in silence. The TV is large and located in the doorway of the room, very inconvenient. However nobody passes. The boxes for the DVDs are yellow with black writing. The storyline of the Anime is a young Japanese boy fighting aliens trying to take over the world. I keep adjusting the angle of the TV so I can see, and then I settle into a green folding chair to watch.

      Dream 3 - 7.52
      I go to my mum's house. There is a stranger staying with my mum, a young blonde American woman. She explains the stranger recently split up with her bf, and has nowhere to go, so my mum has let her stay for a while. I don't really like the stranger and think my mum shouldn't be taken advantage of, but I don't say anything. My bf keeps being nice to the stranger, and I get annoyed with him. She is selling a gold car to make back some of the money the bf stole when they split up, it seems like she has had a rough time and I ease up a bit on her. We sit inside her car, and load some of our belongings into it, and decide to go on a road-trip. I suggest we visit 'Felix the Cat tattoo Studio' in Birmingham, USA. I want us all to get tattooed. As we sit in the car, the girl's boyfriend comes and begins to wash the car, she tries to stop him but he insists. He thinks this will win her affection back but they just argue. I stay quiet, my hair begins to fall into my mouth, I try to remove it but it is stuck, and I am continually pulling it out of my mouth, it is also peroxide blonde. I recently bought a gold car, but it was from a man. I also got a tattoo recently, but I've no idea where Felix the Cat came into it! I have black hair, not blonde. I did wake up with a dry mouth though.

      Dream 3
      We are on a large, old fashioned steam train. It is open air and slow, like you would get at the seaside to take visitors around the sights. It is red and black. We are trying to get off at our flat, which is number 19, but everytime we go by (we being me and my boyfriend) our flat door is not 'ready' to open, so we stay on the train. It appears we need to press the door button as we go by on the train (it's that close to the door that this is possible) and then get off the train when it passes the door again. (So the train is on a loop) we do this, but as we pass again, the door has been open for a while because we pressed the button too early. Eventually we do this but it takes some time to get it right. I don't live in a flat or at a number 19.[/COLOR]

      Dream 4 - 8.41am
      I am on DV chat, talking to someone about religion. I am then making my dad a picture for his birthday, along with my sister. I look at the time and it is 3.40am.. This is the first time I have ever checked the time in a dream. I've been practicing the clock RC during the day, so this is probably why - I didn't RC in the dream though![COLOR="#00bfff"]I am then planting a tiny plant, the room is a mess thanks to my little sister.

      Dream 5
      I am playing on an arcade machine, like the type you get at seaside resorts and gambling places. It's one of the ones with a grabber claw hanging. I don't put any money in but it is releasing capsule type balls containing prizes ( mostly sweets) and I collect a handful of them. I decide to give them to my nephews but I don't tell them where I got them from, because then they will want them all and I don't think this is fair.

      Dream 6
      I am dating some guy who is out in the wilderness / the jungle as some sort of animal investigator. I try to get in to talk to him but they won't let me in as I'll ruin the investigation, however I insist and they let me in. I find him and draw pictures of him to impress him, however he is not impressed and falls in love with a monkey in the wild, and leaves me. I am pretty sad. I walk back, taking note of how beautiful the grass and trees look, and there is what looks like a coastline too.

      Dream 7 - 10.16am
      I am watching a friend fall in love with someone they met on the internet. I think she is gullible and silly for trusting the words of a stranger on the internet, and so I pretend to be the person, mimicking them on the internet. It works, and my friend thinks I am the person they fell in love with. I tell her to do stuff and she does whatever I say. I tell her to tattoo a butterfly onto her chest, and she does. I then tell her to let off fireworks inside a public building and she does, no one is hurt but they are scared. Eventually I am found out, and they call the police. I try to explain it was a joke just to see how far she would go, but I am jailed for a year.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    11. 11.07.2012 - An epic night of 16 dreams, 1 lucid.

      by , 07-12-2012 at 03:10 PM
      Date: 11/07/2012
      Place: My bed
      Time of getting into bed: 22.22pm
      Hot bath before bed

      Waking thoughts in black
      Non lucid dreams in blue
      Lucid dreams in red

      I was pretty tired before bed, I was up early for a meeting the day before and didn't nap in the day. Then before bed I had a hot bath and went straight from there to my bed. This was THE BEST nights sleep I've had in a long time, no problems with the bf snoring, or me being too hot, or whatever. I woke up and slept in till 11.30, and still could have slept more I was so comfortable and tired. I was very surprised just at the amount of dreams I had.

      Dream 1 - 2.48am
      I am dreaming about being lucid, and joining a lucid dreaming group on facebook. I keep chatting about how good lucid dreaming is.

      Dream 2 - 3.33am
      I am sleeping over at my Aunt's house, with my bf, my sister, and my mum. The Aunt/Uncle in the dream does not exist in RL. My mum is awake and partying with my Aunt and Uncle, while we try to sleep. We all have separate beds. I am trying to WILD, but my Uncle comes into the room. I really don't like him and feel uncomfortable. He leans over my bed and tells me in a nasty way, to stop WILDing. He then shouts at us, telling us to turn the TV off, and leaves, he has a pitbull type dog that follows him around and it is known to be aggressive and bite. My sister talks to me for some time, then I try to WILD again, this time I have my phone, and notepad and pen in bed with me. I also have a metal chest at my feet. I can hear the adults getting drunk and rowdy downstairs, and distinctly hear my mum laughing. My bf wants to pet my Uncle's dog, but I tell him he will bite, my bf tells me the dog was bought from my brother for 20. so how can he bite? The dream skips to us (my bf, me and sister) sitting on the stairs playing with sane, we are making rude shapes in the sand. The adults come home (I don't know where they've been, but it's late and they're all drunk.) they think it's funny to kick over the shapes I make in the sand, but I'm glad they don't tell me off for making rude shapes. They go to bed and there is a trail of sand behind them, so I know they've been on the beach.

      Dream 3
      In this dream, I am wheelchair bound. I control the wheelchair via an electronic graphics tabletI use a graphics tablet a lot during the day.I am in a large shopping centre, and the shops are closing for the night, there is one particular shop which a woman runs. This shop has big glass fronted doors, and resembles a dentist's room inside. It is quite modern and has a computer on a desk with lots of drawers filled with medical items. The woman is in her 30's, blonde, quite attractive but very bad temper and not a nice person. She particularly hates me, but she has reason to, as I am trying to break into her shop when she leaves. I use my mobile phone to hack the security system, and get into he shop. This takes a few attempts but once I'm in, I rifle through the drawers to find some lucid dreaming pills. I already have some in my pocket, but they are so good I want more! I finally find some, and they are like sprinkles that you sprinkle on ice cream. They are dark red. I steal them. She sees me leaving and walks after me, but I hide them in my waistband. She never finds them.

      Dream 4
      Me and my bf are sat in a field, near a small, low brick wall. We are sat on plastic chairs and it is sunny. There are several people walking round, so this could be a park, or a fayre or something. We are enjoying ourselves and just chilling, maybe we have beer? A nearby news reporter walks over to me. She is wearing a revealing red dress, which is pretty skin-tight. She is also wearing bright red lipstick. She has long dark hair and big eyes, very attractive but her face says she is bored and in a bad mood. She is holding a microphone. She asks me if I know anything about 'currant affairs.' I tell her that I am currant affairs, and laugh. Really I do not want to be interviewed. She doesn't smile in the slightest, but says 'Actually.,' in a very pissed-off voice, 'I was asking you what you know about AFFAIRS.' I then say, 'if a man has lipstick on his collar, then he's having an affair. That's all I know. My bf and I crack up at this, roaring with laughter, but she just stands there looking annoyed. Our friends join us, D and K. They are a gay couple, and we all kiss hi, etc. They are very flamboyant and camp, just as in real life. K quickly dashes off as he has to leave, and I tell the reporter that these guys would know nothing about lipstick on their collars, so don't bother asking. Again, we find this funny and laugh, but the reporter is interested in interviewing D. She asks him if he can answer some questions, and he is keen to (he likes the sound of his own voice) they ask me to leave my chair so D can sit down, and I do. I sit on the low wall nearby. Suddenly a crowd of passers by gather to watch the interview. I am suddenly wearing red, or at least I suddenly notice, and D is wearing a red shirt. There is a young guy sat near me, very close but I don't mind. However he puts his arm around my shoulders, and my bf glares at him. He is with some other young people, so I don't take him seriously, however he states that he's never met a gay before. He then says gay men are like horses, to which everyone laughs at him and asks him what the hell he is talking about, including me. I try to leave, but the guy grabs my arm and won't let go, he tells me he's never kissed a guy, but wants to try it. I know he is too young and tell him no. My bf looks very annoyed now and wants to leave. The situation is forgotten when there is a crash, and a woman who had been sittin on the back of a chair, has fallen off. She is lying on the floor, and her legs are all bent and broken. She is in a lot of pain and can't move. I try to help her up, but D tells me off, saying she could have hurt her spine and I shouldn't move her. He strokes her face and tells her everything will be ok. She has light blonde hair and is a little chubby. She starts to cry.

      Dream 5
      I am sat in my old childhood garden, on the grass. There are people around, most of whom I don't know. An old comedian nearby, complains that no one laughs at his jokes anymore. I tell him he needs new material, stuff to appeal to the new generation. He thinks this is ridiculous and the new generation have no sense of humour. I actually say; 'You need to change some of the veg in your picalilly.'For those who don't know, google picalilly. It's a type of food, I use it sometimes on sandwiches. It's amazing. It has chunks of pickled veg in it.Eventually we figure out some jokes for him. I teach him how to get a potato, and cut a hole in it, then insert a carrot, and it makes sex.What the fuck?!We paint some of the grass white, so he can use it as a base for his vegetable sex. Nearby, my Aunt is drunk and falls asleep on the grass. She wakes up, thinking she slept all night and it is the next day, I don't tell her she's only been asleep for 5 minutes. Next, there is some commotion as a nearby young couple are losing their virginity in from of a big crowd. I find it boring and a little disgusting, but everyone else is loving it. He is really going for it, banging her hard, so that he knocks some items over nearby. When they finish, the crowd clap and celebrate.

      Dream 6
      I think there was more to the beginning of this dream. I do remember I was collecting the tickets for a reason, I think someone asked me to prove if I knew my friends or something? Anyway.
      I am running around a school-like building, collecting tickets that vary is size / shape / content. They all feature a friend's name on them, and a date and event that my friends are attending. I only remember one of them was a friend R R isn't really a friend, more of an acquaintance, and I've seen him 2 times in about 5 years.The ticket said R was going to watch a bike show in Sheffield at this certain date. While looking for more tickets, I see my friend S's young son. In RL he is 2, in the dream he was 6ish?He is in a playful mood and runs from me, I play along, running after him pretending to be a monster. He is wearing a thomas the tank engine onesie. I chase him into a room, where his dad, S is sat with his parents watching telly. I feel a bit intrusive and leave, but the child runs out again, begging me to chase him! So I do, it's kind of fun, and I hide behind a door in a room filled with children's toys, so that when he enters the room he doesn't see me. I then jump out to scare him, and he screams with delight, laughing so much he falls over and I catch him. I carry him back to his dad, who is still watching telly in silence. His son then starts saying 'Giggidy,' and moving his head like Quagmire. google Quagmire and giggedy. It's a stupid thing from the TV show Family Guy. I laugh, but S suddenly gets angry at shouts at him to stop, he then starts shouting at his dad in the room, saying it's his fault the child learnt to do that. They argue and I leave.

      Dream 7
      Again, I have a vague memory of more to the beginning of this dream, but alas, I didn't write it down in time and forgot.
      I am back in my old childhood bedroom, with my sister. My sister is a young girl again, not sure about myself though. We are sat on a windowsill, watching the pitch black outside and talking. Suddenly, a squirrel hits the window and scares us, is scrabbles around a bit, and we are unsure of what is happening, but then we see it is being chased. Suddenly, a tabby cat hits the window, it's eyes are wild as it chases the squirrel. For a moment, I think 'hang on, how did they get up so high? They are...flying?' but I lose that train of thought as the squirrel disappears and the cat starts following my hand inside the window. I tease it a bit, and it goes crazy, scrabbling at the glass to get my fingers. I suddenly notice my sister is on the outside of the window, she must have climbed out when I wasn't looking!! SHe sits on the sill, in her nightdress, and the cat gently sits on her lap. I start to think 'Oh no, what if she falls off!? I must get her inside!' then BOOM. I'm lucid. I realise she can't hurt herself in a dream, so she's ok sat there. I watch the scene and she strokes the cat, and it rubs against her, purring and calm. It's only a kitten now, and not so scary and wild. I wake up.

      Dream 8
      I am babysitting my nephews. They begin to fight over a toy. The older one has the toy and won't share. I tell him that if he lets his brother hold the toy for a few minutes, he'll be happy then he can take it back. He does this and it works, they both play happily.

      Dream 9
      This was a longer dream but I only remember this bit.
      I am helping my mum unpack the shopping, and put it away in her house. I open the fridge, and start taking out food to make room for the shopping, as I am doing this, my mum is putting food inside, so essentially we are just being pointless. Eventually I realise, and give up, letting my mum fill the fridge how she likes.

      Dream 10
      My friend L has been out drinking with another friend. They get back and we are sharing the same hotel room. I notice her friend is heavily pregnant, and very drunk. I am concerned for the baby, but they don't seem bothered. I try to discuss the bad points, but the pregnant girl is so drunk she passes out. I talk to my friend about it, and even though she is drunk and seems not to care, she tells me I am right, but what am I gonna do?

      Dream 11
      I am in the bathI did get a hot bath before bed.I am in the bath at my mums old house, where I grew up until I was 10. I'm on my laptop in the bath, and get distracted, when I turn back I've dropped the laptop in the water. Shit! I panic and pull it out, then I turn it upside down and try to dry it out, it still works but now all the programs are really old, like the first ever Windows. And really bad graphics etc. I'm just glad I didn't lose my work.

      Dream 12
      I am in a train station, in a queue. When I get to the front, I ask for tickets to a certain place, for a certain date, but I keep getting confused. The man behind the counter is not very helpful. A woman stands behind him, and she is pretty stern, she keeps looking at me and making me nervous. I stammer a bit, then realise I said the wrong dates and change them around. 16th of August is what I wrote, it is a 5 day trip to Birmingham, UK. I am buying 2 tickets, one for me and one for my bf. I ask them questions but they don't help me. I try to get money out to pay, and scrabble around in my jean back pocket which is full of crap. I hand over a pot of hummusWhat the hell!? But I do love hummus They get angry, and the woman says I cannot pay with Hummus. It's a genuine mistake, but now there's a big queue behind me and I get embarrassed. I take the hummus back, and pull out the contents of my pocket, which includes lots of bits of paper, string, buttons and receipts. I find my card and pay. I'm super embarrassed. Now they kick me out of the queue, and I fight to get back to the window, I make it but they shut the window on me. I open the window, they try to stop me but I squeeze my way in and shout at them. They tell me my tickets have been printed, and are waiting in the machine behind me to be collected, I turn around, and there they are. I feel stupid for shouting and go and get my tickets while everyone watches me.

      The next dream, I'm going to write as the same dream as above. However I thought it could be another dream with the same characters, but I'm not sure cos I didn't clearly state in my DJ weather it was anew dream or not.

      am at the pub with friends and my bf. We are at the bar, it is a wetherspoons type pub, with wooden bars, kind of busy. The staff are the people who served me at the train station in the previous dream. We order drinks, and I'm left to pay while the others walk off to find some seats. I pay, and grab the drinks ( 3 x cokes and one beer) but the lady tells me off, because one of the cokes is not mine. I get annoyed, why did they put it in front of me then? How was I supposed to know? I pick it p anyway and take it, but they start shouting saying I haven't paid for it, and I need to put it back. I throw the drink at the man's feet in rage, and walk off to find the others. I hope to myself that they don't kick me out. I find the others sat on a circular table outside and join them. Soon, someone comes up to me and congratulates me on showing the barman who was boss. I smile and say thanks. Then another person does the same, and another, my friends don't know what they are talking about. I feel a little embarrassed but also kind of cool at the same time. Then someone tells me the barmaid is telling people she threw a tea towel at me after I threw the drink, I laugh and say this isn't true, but I'm glad she's pissed off.

      Dream 13
      I am walking in the pitch black at night, it is raining. I walk past a very nice yellow and black sports car with cream leather interior. I note that it's getting wet, because it's raining Dur, really? lol, I actually think this is my ADA passing through to my dreams.

      Dream 14
      I am talking to a foreign guy (swedish / polish / lithuanian?) about the film JAWS. I tell him it was a great film, and explain the concept to him. In my dream, the concept is pretty accurate, except I say the water was full of rusty junk metal. He claims that in his country, the film is totally different, and although there is a shark in it, it is not the same film.

      Dream 15
      I am lying on a bed, with my bf. He is sat over me, this is a very sexual dream. I'll not go into detail as it's explicit - but I will say it's very erotic and vivid. I wake up really horny.

      Dream 16
      I am part of a zombie fighting team. The team consists of people I have never met, one I remember as having an unshaved face, a big scruffy. We drive a van similar to the A team van everyone has to know this, google it.We are pretty good at what we do.I made the mistake after waking of only writing the main bits of the dream, and as a result when I fully woke, I couldn't remember all the details. I'm annoyed with myself yet again for doing this.After fighting some zombies, we celebrate with beer. One of the guys opens his beer near my face, splashing me with froth, it's funny, so I do it back. He then tips his beer all over my head, and my hair get's soaked in beer. I'm pretty pissed.I love my hair, I take pride in it, and whenever anyone touches it I usually get annoyed in RL. I storm out the room in a strop, and down the street, intent on quitting our zombie fighting team. I look around for a way home, but realise I'm stranded here. I wring my hair out, and the street is full of bustling people. Someone passes by in a rucksack, and looking like a hippy. I recognise him from my little school This guy was from my 'First school' 4 yrs to 12 yrs. I haven't seen him since then - 13 years ago.I ask him what he's been up to since I last saw him, and he says he's been on drugs for a few years, living in a hippy commune and just got back. He walks of in a hurry, waving as he goes. Then the van turns up and the zombie team ask me to get in, apologizing for pouring beer in my hair. I'm still pissed, but have nowhere else to go so I get in, and forgive them.

      I woke up, feeling like I'd had the best night sleep in a long, long time. I didn't want to get up.
    12. 10.07.2012 - 6 x dreams and some bad sleep (menthol?)

      by , 07-11-2012 at 12:51 PM
      Date: 10/07/2012
      Place: My bed
      Time of getting into bed: 12.26am

      Waking thoughts in black
      Non lucid dreams in blue
      Lucid dreams in red

      Dream 1 - non lucid 3.57am
      I am in a dark room, a young lad has got his small baby with him, and he is smoking weed near him. I try to tell him to stop, but he claims he is hooked. Some other things happened which I cannot remember, then for some reason I am hiding the drugs for him, or from him. It is a HUGE bag of weed, like a shopping bag full, and I'm trying to stuff it into my hoodie pocket, with haste. A baseball cap features heavily in this dream - it is red and blue, but I can't remember why.

      Dream 2 - non lucid

      I am with my mum and dad, we have taken my 2 nephews to a public play area. At one point there are lots of other kids that we are looking after too,
      possibly the kid from the previous dream??? but essentially we are just there with my nephews. We have fun pushing them down a slide, but are carefully watching the younger one as he is only a baby. Suddenly I realise there is S stood next to me.S is an old friend who I recently stopped talking to for a number of reasons. There is currently some issue with us in RL. I am shocked to see her, but she is here with her nephew too. We both see each other but ignore each other, which suits me fine. I remember in the dream she was wearing sparkly pink ballet style shoes. She is alone - apart from the kid - and I even think she was smoking a cigarette. I am shocked to see her because recently she told me she was leaving the country. I decide to just enjoy myself, and have fun with the family. Me and my sister (the mother of my nephews) start to do a silly synchronized dance. We go to sit down and eat dinner in this place, and it turns out she's sat on the table next to us. I talk loudly with the family so she can hear. While eating, I tell my nephews I can teach them to hit a ball with a baseball bat if they like.

      The dream suddenly changes to us being in the middle of a lush, green field. It's huge, beautiful and sunny. The grass is long and soft, there are hedges breaking up the fields and some clumps of trees every now and again. We all have bats and tennis balls, and I try to teach the kids how to hit a ball. The older one hits it really well, and we all cheer and congratulate him, the younger one just throws it and it goes into the corner of the field. We have our dog with us, a springer spaniel. My mum has a dog, but not a springer spaniel, we have never had one. It doesn't want to get the ball because it is too far away and we laugh at this. Lazy dog! In the end it goes because I tell it to, several times.

      Dream 3 - non lucid
      I am in a building. It seems to be like a block of flats, with corridors lined with doors - the corridors are outside. I am walking along the corridors, it is all grey and red brick. The windows are a bit dusty. I get to a corridor where there are around 4 or 5 men, mostly in their 50's lined up against a wall. Although all the men look totally different (one is fat, one is african american, one has glasses etc) all the men have some limbs missing, and some are on crutches. They claim they are part of a team, and their leader (an army-general type man with all his limps) tells me to get in line too. He is a bit bossy and mean. The team however, are friendly and like having a laugh, they share anecdotes and get told of for it. The tell me the black guy lost his legs while trying to kill a famous person, he seems a bit miffed he didn't kill him but proud of the attempt.

      I am in the same place as the previous dream. This could have even been a different dream, but as its in the same place and the army general dude is still there, I'll say it was the same dream.
      I am with 2 older guys, and we are sat on the floor and each have a little jar and some other bits. The jars are like sweet jars, but tiny - the size of a golf ball. We are doing some sort of experiment, watched closely by the general guy. We fill the little jars with water and wait, and each of us grows a jelly-like red bubble or ball in the jar. A bit like those magic toys that grow in water from when I was a kid. The general is satisfied, but I believe it's not the end, so I keep on watering my jar. I see more, smaller balls appear, lots of them. The general tells me to stop, but I want to prove there is more. To hurry it up, I stick my finger into the jar to swirl the water. The jar breaks, and I cut my finger, getting blood everywhere. This ruins the experiment. The general is angry, he starts to tell me off, but I shout back, telling him it's his fault that the lighting out here is inadequate, and it's too dim to see properly. The other 2 guys just watch with dumb looks on their faces.

      Dream 4 - non lucid
      A man comes up to me, claiming he is psychic, and can make me think whatever he wants. I don't believe him, as I don't believe in psychics and mediums etc. He follows me round, annoying me, telling me that my favorite movie star is Keanu Reeves. I tell him it's not, it's Denzel Washington. He insists it is Reeves, and I get angry, determined not to think it is Reeves and keep shouting DENZEL! This goes on for some time, and eventually I manage to get away, relieved. As I walk away, I realise I don't like Denzel Washington at all, and that was the name the psychic said he could make me think was my favourite. I feel stupid but a little in awe that he was really a psychic.

      Dream 4 - non lucid - 5.53
      I watched the film 'God bless America' a few nights ago, and this dream was largely based on that.
      I am sat with the man from God bless America. With us are 4 girls, 3 of them are made up with lots of makeup, the other is fat and ugly. We tell them we are going to kill them, and they are scared. The man then pulls out his gun, and shoots them one by one, telling them each time he does the reasons for killing them (which are something along the lines of 'You're fake / you're spoilt / etc - like the movie) I get blood on my sneakers and at first I'm pissed, but then I realise I'm going to die too, so it doesn't really matter. The man then turns to shoot me, and I welcome it, pointing to my chest and smiling. He shoots me 3 times. At first, I feel nothing, but I lie down and wait for death happily. The man shoots himself. Suddenly, I feel a really weird feeling in my chest, I struggle to breathe but am happy I'm dying. It get's really intense, and soon my heartbeat is shooting through the roof, I'm really struggling to breathe now and I start to panic. I see the fat girl that was shot was only wounded, and she get's up and runs out of the building, falling as she goes. I suddenly feel bad for what I have done, and start to feel the life just flow out of me. Eventually, all my life goes, and I die- actually I wake up.

      This was weird, I woke up, with a crazy fast heartbeat and breathing really fast. I decide to get up and get some water, when I remember the menthol thread. I was supposed to take 3 lozenges on a WBTB! I decide to do it now, and munch down a lozenge. It's not nice, but I stick another in to get it over and done with. They are sticky but they crunch up quite well. However my mouth waters like mad, and burns. I'm ok, but then start to feel a bit bleugh. I swallow it all, and it's all stuck to my teeth. I get some water from the fridge downstairs, to wash it down but the ice cold water with the menthol sends my mouth into overdrive! And it's pretty intense! I can't stand the thought of the third lozenge, so I just decide to go and sleep. Laying down, I wonder how much menthol I've had, and how much is still on my teeth. LOL. I start to think I'll never sleep, but I must drift off. After what I think is around 5 minutes of sleeping, I'm jolted awake. This is not a normal wakening, I actually jump awake. I go to sleep, and feel a little uneasy, but nothing too bad. It happens again, and again. In fact, for maybe the first hour, my sleep is terrible - I'm continually waking and jittery. I can see how the menthol helps become lucid, as soon as I enter dreams I wake up with a start - and sometimes don't fully wake so I could carry on dreaming. Possible DIELDS? However I'm too on edge to WILD or DIELD, and eventually fall to sleep.

      Dream 5 - non lucid - 9.11am
      I am I am back in my childhood garden, with my mum. My mum is washing the dog, a small, white terrier which has gotten dirty. It's kind of cute and fluffy with big eyes. We had lots of dogs growing up, but never one like this!After the dog is clean she goes indoors and I stay out, I start cleaning some dried mud from my shoes (could have been wellies) and it drops onto the floor, mixing with the water left over from washing the dog, to create a big muddy mess. I glance down, and the dog is rolling in the mud, now completely filthy again. So I wash the dog again, this time, I take off it's cape. It appears the dog was wearing a cape, made of it's own fur, and is naked underneath. The cape unclips from it's collar. I decide to hang the cape on the washing line so it dries faster, and doesn't get dirty again. My mum comes out and complains about the cape, telling me to leave it on, but I insist it is better on the line.

      Again, this next part takes place in a similar way to the previous, so I presume it is the same dream, however there is a full lapse between the two.
      I am still in the garden of my childhood home, but this time I am teaching my mum how to correctly hold my hamster. My hamster is brown. I used to have a brown hamster when I was about 10. She gets the hang of it, but I keep having to catch it because it's fast. It starts pooing on her, and I tell her to put it down but she starts squeezing the hamster tight, I start telling her no, and trying to stop her but she won't. In the end I grab it off her, rather annoyed. She seems to think she has done nothing wrong.

      Dream 6 - non lucid
      Along with a group of other people I don't know, I am an undercover agent. We are secretly investigating a school, which is selling the children. When we get there the school is in bad shape, the windows are smashed and there is glass everywhere. The building is crumbling and looks abandoned, several young children are playing in the field outside which has many hazards. We approach the teacher, a weird looking old man, who tells us we can pick any child we like. I am disgusted. He tells us he even has green children! We begin to walk away, because this is too much to comprehend and we are very angry. However me and another man get a child each; I get a green one. He is small, skinny and has a big head. His whole body is light green. He is only small, 8 or 9 yrs? He clings around my neck and won't let go, but seems happy to come with me. I am driving us all home, staying quiet because I am really angry. The green boy still hangs around my neck. He asks me if I'm his new daddy, and this makes me cry. I suddenly feel very determined to look after this boy.
    13. 9.7.2012 - 5 non lucid dreams.

      by , 07-10-2012 at 01:35 PM
      Date: 09/07/2012
      Place: My bed
      Time of getting into bed: 12.05am
      Consumed 2 x Menthol sweets right before bed
      B6 100mg before bed

      Waking thoughts in black
      Non lucid dreams in blue
      Lucid dreams in red

      Ok, so I am pretty tired, but not exhausted. I lay to sleep and feel the sleepy onset, but something keeps me awake. I feel a little weird, nothing major, but as I fall asleep I'm sure I have strange thoughts sliding through my head. My first reaction is that I'm catching myself as I start dreaming, which I often do when WILDing, but this should be NREM cycle. Eventually I sleep, and I'm woken every 5 minutes by a feeling of fear. I'm not sure why. At one point I open my eyes in fright with a sudden jump, and really feel like I'm having a nightmare - but I don't recall any dreams. Eventually I sleep for good.

      Dream 1 - 2.23am
      I am in a room, which is kind of dark, and I'm helping a vet. The vet is friendly, but I honestly don't recall weather they were male or female. There is a bed and a desk (bedroom?) but we are facing the desk. So the vet first brings out a dog. It is old and skinny, and very scared. For a bit in this dream there is someone else there, watching and at some points laughing, but they disappear. The vet has the dog tied up to the desk, and the dog looks scared, it's a wiry mutt, kind of like a large terrier. It's pretty ugly. It has big, brown eyes that are filled with sadness, and it stares up at me, silently begging me for help. I can't believe how skinny it is, we proceed to wash the dog, or at least cover it in something that drenches it. The vet tells me the dog will be ok. Then this is where it get's a little weird.Next, the vet brings out a horse. The horse is the size of a rabbit, but a fully formed adult horse in every way. It is clearly in pain, as it is about to give birth. It jumps onto the desk, and starts giving birth, and I can see the baby inside!!! The horse is brown and the baby is black and white. The baby seems to fly out easily, and I am given it to clean up while the vet sorts out the mother horse. I take it to the bed (which is apparently my bed) and lay it down. The horse is contained inside a balloon-like sack, filled with liquid. The vet shouts that I must get it out, as it can't get out itself. So I try to open the sack but it rolls around the bed, making it difficult. It is like a water balloon, and very slippery. Eventually I manage to rip one end and the liquid spurts out - it's water like consistency but it is really warm, and soaks everything, including me. There's a mirror just laying on the bed, with a heavy gold guilt frame, and this gets soaked too. My bed sheets are soaked, (they are purple and black silk) but despite all this, I am incredibly happy. I can't stop smiling and watching the water spurt everywhere. The vet kind of laughs, and says 'you'll have trouble sleeping in there tonight.' but I just don't care, I'm delighted.

      What in the actual fuck. Lol. The most poignant part of this dream was the real warmth of the hot liquid, and the vivid feel of the horse in the sack. It suddenly dawned on me when writing this that it felt EXACTLY like the chick from yesterday's dream.

      Dream 2 - 4.11am
      I am writing a story, on small pieces of paper. I think it is aimed at young children. (This is what I do for a living.) The story is about 2 little boys, who cross a road, and one dies. As I get to the end of the story, my real dad walks in. Bearing in mind I haven't seen my real dad since I was about 14, I'm 25 now. He was an abusive father, who caused me a lot of issues growing up. I hardly EVER dream about him. He walks in, clearly angry, but I ignore him as this is usual for him. He does this thing that he used to do, which is strut around the room shaking his head in anger, and glancing at me every so often with a weird look in his eyes. I know this is not good, but I pretend not to see him and carry on writing. He starts saying something about people not listening to him, and he's been doing everything and I think he's talking about my mum. He lays his head on the desk in the room (I am in a bedroom, I'm laying on the bed) and then suddenly, he walks in the room again. So, there are now 2 of him. The one that has just walked in is carrying a frozen chicken, and a bottle of something, and a balloon that has not yet been inflated. He sets these things down and looks at us both. He then tells us that we better get up quick, cos we're going to play a trick on mum! He starts putting the chicken inside the balloon. I really don't want to join in, but I can't say no. My dad that was already in the room, looks like he's pissed off at the other version of himself, but also agrees to help.

      Dream 3 - 9.47

      I tried to WILD, and started feeling results. For me, I don't get noticable SP or HH, just a rush as I transition. I felt the rush several times, and when I finally started getting dream images forming around me, my partner decided to roll over and hit me in the face. I RC'd just to make sure, but I was awake. Annoying. I went to sleep.

      I was very bad at writing this dream down, I was so tired I kept saying 'I'll write it in a minute...I'll remember,' then fell back to sleep. I did wake 5 minutes later and write it down, but I lost most of the dream. I normally do this in later morning dreams, I have to learn not to.

      I'm at R's house. R is a very close friend. Just a friend. For some reason I am there to say goodbye, like I am leaving town or something. It is a bit sad but not too much. And then R says he is at work and will be home soon, that I should meet him at his place. I make my way to his place, and suddenly realise I am completely naked. I am trying to find my way through a hotel-like building, or block of flats. The doors are all black with ornate details, and I'm struggling to find where I need to be. Two girls pass by and start laughing at me because I'm naked. I'm a little embarrassed, but ignore them. They won't go away, so I look down and now I'm wearing a dressing gown. It's purple, but I don't care I'm just happy I'm covered! The girls eventually leave. I finally get to the room and have some trouble messing around with the key, but I do get in in the end. There is no one inside. Now I'm sure this is the same dream, but it doesn't relate to the beginning, I just sort of find myself in a garden somewhere else, fully dressed. I am sat at a garden table, with my friend I's son on my lap. His son is talking like an adult, and asking me what words mean. He asks me what bank means, I tell him. Then he asks me what house means, I tell him. This goes on for a little while. I is hanging around the background somewhere.

      Dream 4 - 11.51
      We are in a room, is is pretty dim and I remember very red. We is me, R and I, as well as my friend D. We are watching a screen, and it's a bit like an interactive game. We throw baby toys at this screen, to kill a monster. It's very fun. One of my friends has to leave for an important meeting, I tell him to stay, because it's so fun. He resists, but eventually reluctantly agrees to miss his important meeting. The game plays recordings it took of us earlier without us knowing, we find this hilarious and laugh a lot.

      There is another dream after, but I forgot it almost instantly.
    14. 08.07.2012 - 5 x non lucid dreams plus fragments / couple of lucid moments

      by , 07-09-2012 at 12:53 PM
      Date: 08/07/2012
      Place: My bed
      Time of getting into bed: 1.00am
      Consumed 1 x menthol sweet about an hour before bed

      Dream 1 - non lucid 2.53am

      The dream may have been longer, but I only remember it starting as I am sat with my parents, outside in someone's garden, on a garden table set. It is late at night and dark, I am drinking a bottle of beer as is my dad. My dad suddenly walks off, and comes back straight away, saying he found a load of baby birds that had been abandoned and would die if we left them. He brought them over to the table, he had about 8 in his hands, all squeaking and wriggling. These baby birds were actually huge for chicks, but I didn't think of that at the time, their bodies are round and fat, and very squishy. About the size of a tennis ball but some were bigger than others. They were naked and dark pink, and blind with bright yellow beaks. My dad dropped one, and luckily it landed on some soft material. I picked it up, and was shocked at the texture. It was warm, actually, quite hot to the touch. It was squishy and soft, and it's skin was slightly loose so it felt really strange. The feel of the bird was SO VIVID that I remember being shocked by it. The dream wasn't a very vivid dream. I tried to keep the chick safe but it kept slipping from my hands, and I was so worried that I was going to hurt it. Eventually we put them into tiny wicker baskets especially made for baby birds, and put some eggs in the bottom of the baskets to encourage the mummy birds to sit on them. The eggs were rectangle and bright yellow (like pieces of gum??) We put them into bird houses - 2 chicks in each house. It took some fiddling as they kept falling over and the bird houses were made of wire so the baskets kept falling through the wire, it was a bit of a balancing act. Eventually they were all set, and we decided to supply some food until the adult birds came. My mum brought some lettuce, and put a leaf in each, however for the last box, she got a bit excited and started claiming this was a special bird she was looking after for a friend, and that it had to eat a certain diet of jalepenos and lettuce (wtf?) so we did. My mum was unusually happy about this and started singing 'who likes jalepenos? YOU like jalepenos!' to the baby bird.

      Dream 2 - non lucid dream fragments

      I woke up with bits of dreams in my head and really struggled to keep hold of them! Like they were slipping from my mind as I thought of them.

      A dream of a dog
      The colour white (maybe white letters - see below)
      Someone doing the alphabet, but only going to T

      Dream 3 - non lucid dream 8.25am

      I had tried to WILD, and was making really good progress - I felt some strange sensations and some dreams images entering my head, but each time I didn't quite get there, I think I didn't keep the images going long enough or I was too awake. I would think of a scenario, and it would start playing in my head, and then it would become out of my control, like people would enter and things would happen without me making it - but I was still aware I was WILDing and not asleep. I finally fell asleep, but had some cool moments slipping in and out of dreams, semi lucid at some point but never fully in a lucid dream.

      I am in a room (maybe a classroom or function room?) with lots of people including my sister. I get the feeling it is mostly my sister's friends. Some of them are dressed up very nice and singing / dancing while the others sit around watching. As I am the only guy, I am told to go to the corner of the room, but when I get here my friend R (also male) is here waiting for me. He is in a very bad mood, and I think he is hungover. We are made to sing to provide music for the dancers. I am SUPER embarrassed about this, I can't sing at all. R starts making some beats with his mouth, and I try to rap over the top. The result is terrible and I just want to be anywhere else but here right now. It turns into a really bad Beastie Boys style rap, and eventually I give up before I die from embarrassment. A female cleaner comes round, and wipes the books we are holding open, wiping all the pictures and letters off the page. We say 'hey!' but she laughs and apologises, R say's he's not bothered anyway and chucks the book down, he is very mardy. Someone starts celebrating their birthday, I start to clean my ears, not really wanting to join in. I have notes that also say the girls were in fancy dress, and lined up against a wall? But I don't remember that very clearly.

      Dream 4 - non lucid dream

      I am in the backgarden of my childhood home. This dream starts with me staring into the sun, trying to feel the heat and look at all the detail in the bushes and flowers, as part of my ADA. There is chalk drawings on the bricks on the side of the house. My mother and father are here, as is my sister and her young son - my nephew. There is a knock at the door, and we know it is my nephew's dad, who my sister has split up with. He is a good dad and not a bad person, but we don't want him to take my nephew so we keep quiet while my dad answers the door. The father (who in real life is some kid who used to live down the road from my mum) apologises for being late, but my dad tells him the kid is asleep. For a moment, I think my nephew will run to the door shouting 'daddy!' and give it away, but he stays quiet and plays with me. Eventually his father leaves. Now I am a lot younger, and running up and down some steps being a little naughty. There is another child with me - possibly my nephew? An older man, with a muchtache and wearing rather old fashioned gentlemen's clothing stops me. He seems happy and is well spoken. He tells me he knows I lucid dream, and gives me THE BIGGEST jar of pickled onions I have ever seen. Possibly the size of my leg. He tells me the vinegar is known to induce lucid dreams, and that the jar is a gift to me from him. I thank him, and somehow drag this massive jar back to the back garden where my parents still are. I start eating the onions, determined to lucid dream. My sister tells me she's been taking heroin to induce lucid dreams, and I tell her that is dangerous and she better stop. She promises me she will stop. I know have 2 of these big jars, and they are in the middle of the floor in the garden. A blue car with a man driving and his wife in the passenger seat, drive up to the jars and stop because they can't get by. They drive so close I get angry with them, it's like they are trying to make a point that I'm in the way. It takes a few of us to lug the jars out of the way an they drive off without saying thankyou. I shout at them, angry and they stop. We run up to the car, they are angry too, and they have some sort of trailer on the back of their car. I take something out of the trailer but I forget the rest of the dream.

      Dream 5 - non lucid dream

      My bf's aunt is cooking for us. She leaves the room and I notice some of the ingredients have fallen out of the pan, so I go to keep an eye on it. There isn't much left in it, but I try my best. She returns and thinks I have messed up her cooking, she isn't angry but jokingly tells me off. I am annoyed because it wasn't me, I was trying to help. The pan had water and lots of seeds in it.

      Dream 5 - non lucid dream - lucid moment

      I try to sleep but my bf keeps making noises and snoring loudly, I'm really pissed off with him and kick him a couple of times. I don't think this was a dream!! Oops.

      I'm in an indian restaurant, but it's not very good quality. More like a run down cafe that serves indian food. While my bf goes to get the meals with some free tokens he got, a server comes round to serve out the food. We are sharing a table with an Indian family. The server is also Indian, she pours som rice and cucumber slices onto my plate, then questions weather I have paid or not. I tell her yes and point to my bf. She accepts this and carries on serving. She gives me a brown pitta bread and some naan. I ask for something warm. A young Indian girl (10 yrs?) with pretty hair but a mardy face is blocking my bf's seat. I get a little annoyed but then remember she is only a little girl, so don't say anything. Suddenly, I become lucid! I am quite happy, but I wake up almost instantly.

      My mum rescued chicks a few times when the dog would find nests in the garden when I was a child
      In a film I watched before bed, someone read the alphabet to T!!
      My friend R was complaining to me before bed, he sounded pissed
      My sister does have a kid, but the father was not the kid in the dream and is still living with my sister
      I haven't lived in that childhood house since I was a young child, we moved when I was 13
      We used to draw chalk pictures on the bricks all the time
      I love indian food
    15. 7.7.2012 - BEST LUCID DREAM EVER! & FA & weird dream within a dream.

      by , 07-08-2012 at 05:55 AM
      Date: 07/07/2012
      Place: My bed
      Time of getting into bed: 11.12pm

      Ok, first off, I slept as usual, then woke up in the night without remembering any dreams. I did this last night so just presumed my intention / auto suggestion to wake for a WBTB was waking me up in my NREM cycles. Anyway, I relaxed, tried to WILD but thought I fell asleep.

      Dream 1 - non lucid / FA / lucid

      False awakening, I wake up (from a dream I don't remember or never had) in my bed, in the exact same room etc. I start complaining to my bf that I didn't have a lucid dream from my WILD, and he tells me he had many!! I'm pretty pissed off, but ask him how he did it. He says he'll help me, and tells me to hold his arm as we fall asleep. I do, and enter a dream. (Dream within a dream? wtf?) in this dream I am running around a town square, watching people running from giant shark heads that are attacking, but the shark heads barely move, and they have no bodies, they actually look a little like plastic. There is water gushing from them but they are on the street in the middle of the day? I wake up, into my bed. I then tell my bf that I wasn't lucid, and he tries to help me WILD - this part of the dream is really hazy, but I remember slipping in and out of the dream, WILDing and talking to him. Not sure what was a dream and what was real life at this point. Suddenly, I'm in a really vivid dream. I'm stood in a corridor, cream and pale brown walls. I plug my nose, and can breathe!!! Fuck I'm lucid!!! So I laugh like a maniac, super happy that my ADA and RCs during the day have paid off. I first, rub my hands and jesus, this is so convincingly real. I look above me, around me, try to take in as much as I can, thinking to myself 'Remember all of this for your DJ!' So it appears I am in a school, or college of some sort. There are a few people dotted around, classrooms and pictures / notices on the walls. A young girl, with ginger hair exits a classroom and sits on a chair or bench next to the wall, I think she had a book in her hand but can't remember. I want to talk to her but then I realise I recognise her from school all those years ago. She looks pretty pissed off, and I remember I never did like her in school. She glares at me, as if warning me not to speak to her, so I ignore her. I walk along a bit, enter a classroom and a girl sits with a few guys, they seem a bit stand-offish, but harmless. The girl is chewing gum in a really unattractive way, but I ask 'Where am I?' They look at me like I'm crazy. The girl finally answers 'This is a superschool.' I ask what it is called, and she hesitates, like she is unsure. She then stammers a bit, looking at her male friends for help. 'erm... it's.. it's called... Mkat, it's a superschool for boys.' but she sounds really unsure, and there is the same amount of boys as there is girls here. I thank her and leave. I presume when she said MKat she meant the drug? Weird. I leave and walk around for a few seconds, I'm so super happy this is a lucid dream, that I keep giggling and smiling to myself! I decide to rub my hands as a precautionary measure, and then stamp my feet as I remember this being mentioned. My legs wobble and I feel the muscles as I stamp, woah this is so real! I'm so impressed! A friendlier looking girl walks by and I say 'hey! Can you help me?' she smiles and tells me she will get her teacher. Seconds later, an older woman appears. She is friendly looking too, with full grey hair but only in her 50's, she has a name tag and wears a grey jumper over a lilac blouse with trousers. Her hair is shoulder length, she may have had glasses around her neck. She smiles to me, and asks me what she can do to help. I tell her I'm looking for a magic potion drink, remembering TOTM. She doesn't seem to know what I'm talking about, but agrees to help anyway. For a while I keep repeating 'magic potion, a magic drink, it's a potion, blah blah' just to get the message across. She tells me to follow her and walks off briskly, I follow her. As we walk, I notice paintings and drawings framed on the wall. I take a closer look at some, one is a watercolour of a young girl, not too bad but pretty novice painting. The next is something I can't remember, but it's a yellow and orange mess. I note the name underneath is one of my ex bf's names, but with a few letters different. As we walk, students pass us each direction, everyone seems about mid 20's and a little older, all quite engrossed in their college duties. The nice teacher asks me where I'm from, I think for a few seconds then say 'Superland.' I don't know why I said this, but I remember not wanting to say where I was really from for some reason. I think because I could say anything and it was my dream! She nods and smiles, then asks me why I want the magic potion, nosy lady! I tell her it's really important, and someone specifically left it here for me! She asks who, and ur, I sort of panic a little, I hold my face and try to remember the name of the DV member who does the TOTM thread, but I can only think of Gab, so that's what I say. She nods and smiles again, I'm not sure she believes me but she is too nice to say anything. I rub my hands again, still amazed at the real vividness of the dream and then say to the teacher, 'I'm dreaming you know!' I laugh after saying this, it sound's so crazy! And I feel like such a rebel (haha) and she totally doesn't believe me, in a really sarcastic voice she says 'oh, that's nice!' and I say, 'really, I am!' but I can't stop laughing and she kind of looks the other way. For a moment I think of attempting the advanced TOTM, but then I remember it involves jumping on a train or something, so I decide against it. (Doh, I forgot that was last months!!) Eventually we get to a room where some kids are hanging outside, she says 'I'll just go and check if the magic potion drink is in here, please come with me,' and she enters the room. I go to follow, but suddenly a stream of students starts leaving the room, and a loud bell goes off! I get pushed around a bit and fear I'm waking up, so I get out of the way and calm myself down. The students are all rushing out, there's HUNDREDS of them! I get annoyed with my brain for doing this to me, but then think 'hang on, this is my dream, I can get in that room any way I like!!!' I think about pushing through the wall, but don't feel confident enough. Then I think about flying... yes! My next task was to fly properly. So I point my arms above my head (like I'm diving,' and just... fly! It's so easy! Complete control, a bit slow, but it's fine for me. I fly over the heads of the students (they don't notice, or care) and towards the gap in the door above their heads, it's a tight squeeze, and I get a little stuck (got to lay off the sweets ) but I get through, the student's below feel me brushing over their heads and start complaining (Ow! / Get off! / Stop that!) I find this mildly amusing. I land on a grey sofa, and stand up. It's a regular classroom (except for the sofa) and the teacher is stood with 2 young, good looking girls smiling and waiting for me. I walk over, and YES!!!! THEY HAVE THE MAGIC DRINK!!!! Thankyou very much! They present it to me like a trophy, and I grab it, eager to drink! The bottle was bright purple, with a purple lable that had no text but purple colours and shapes. The cap was strange, a bit like a ring-pull, but plastic. The closest thing I can think of is like a plastic milk carton lid, or fruit juice lid, where you pull it off and it's a plastic circle with a line of plastic attached to it. I discard this and peer inside. The drink is a darker purple, with the consistency of fruit juice. I happily take a few big gulps, and shit, this is such an amazing experience. I can actually taste the drink! It's mega sweet, perhaps too sweet for some, but nice to me. It's fruity, and tastes like berries, but with a LOT of sugar. I like it so I drink more, trying to really remember the taste, it's almost MORE taste then real life, my mouth is watering so bad! The teacher and the girls just stand and watch with big smiles. I must look like an absolute looney. I stop drinking and wait to see if I feel any different. I don't feel anything, except - THE DREAM IS FADING! Oh no! I try to rub my hands, and it slows the fading down, but doesn't stop it. I try to spin, but AGAIN I find this impossible. I don't know why but I really can't spin in my dreams. I want to do something, but it's almost like I know this is the end. I wake up, wide awake, and pretty fucking happy. Maybe the magic potion was a dream-ending potion? HAHA.

      This was the best dream ever in my life ever. I was wide awake, stayed in bed and tried to sleep but my mind was racing, even shutting my eyes was difficult. After an hour I decide to stop trying and get up and have a cup of tea. I watched the birds playing in the veggies outside, and felt like I really appreciated life after that dream. It was so real, and I still remember that vivid, amazing taste of the drink. I feel like I need to say such a big thankyou to dreamviews, because without this site I would never have had that dream!

      I went to college / University years ago
      FA, lucid, best dream ever!
      Realistic and the drink was amazing
      Super awake on waking, perhaps the B6???
      RC worked, as did rubbing hands
      Spinning never works for me.
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