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      Whats the function of mantra?

      Why use:
      "I'm dreaming" "I will wake up in a dream" wake! "i'll be dreaming soon."

      Wouldnt it be better to repeat:
      Tonight Im gonna ask myself how I came here.
      Tonight Im gonna do reality cheks.

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      All those mantras are really good. It really depends on the person though. The words don't matter as much as the meaning behind them. The idea is that you repeat a word or phrase that would really remind you to achieve a certain goal. You could even say "banana", and as long as it's meaningful to you and reminds you to gain lucidity, then it doesn't really matter.

      So yup, every mantra is different for everyone, depending on the meaning that it has to the person. I think it would be nice though to use a mantra in the present tense. For me, this is what happens: if you think "i will become lucid", then the moment you dream, your dream self will also think "i will become lucid", and since it is in the future tense, then it would have a lesser chance of taking place at the present moment. Whereas if you use "i am dreaming", then your dream self will also enforce this in present tense and it will take effect at the moment. (like "i AM dreaming right now!")

      Anyway not sure if you get what I'm saying, i'm not so good with explanations.
      See ya around and good luck

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