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    Thread: Have you ever been a form of dream control?

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      Have you ever been a form of dream control?

      I have.
      I am constantly talking to my friends about lucid dreaming, and have taught many of them my techniques in order to help them become lucid as well. While most of them lose motivation before they even have a lucid dream, they still enjoy hearing me ramble about what i did in my lucid dream last night or new things I've learned. I have been the "person to talk to" for any dream related information for years.

      A few days ago my friend had his first lucid dream, in which he used me as a form of dream control.

      He was with me at his house, and then realized he was dreaming. He told me "Doug, i think im lucid dreaming!" I excitedly told him "You are! What do you want to do?"
      My friend has been playing a lot of Battlefield 3 lately, so he told me he wanted to fly one of those jets, just like in the game. I told him okay and took him to his garage but instead of the garage I opened the door and we ended up on a runway with two jets waiting for us. We both got in and took off and were flying around when he woke up.

      I was so happy to hear about his experience, but also very excited that his perception of me and my knowledge of dreams acted as a kind of dream control! It doesnt matter what he wanted to do, or any doubts he had about how to do it. All he had to do was ask me, and his belief in my own knowledge could have given him potentially perfect dream control. Any fears or doubts about his ability would not be an issue with his control, as he was controlling his dream through his confidence in me

      It made me really happy hearing about his dream and my own part in it, and it also reminded me the power of the whole archetype and schema principle.

      And I also feel like a total badass being a form of dream control
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      You are a badass! That is so cool!

      It's interesting to see that he manifested you as his "guide". He must really have faith in your knowledge!

      Keep up the teachings. ^^
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      That is amazing! You are really lucky to have understanding friends, just as they are lucky to have you.

      And I agree with Buhl, you're a BAMF
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      Maybe it's a dream and if I scream, it will burst at the seams.

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      Yes I have. A couple people on here have told me about times when I appeared in their lucids and helped them dissolve into a gaseous state or travel through time or stuff like that by using imaginary drugs lol. It's a nice feeling.

      Congrats! You must definitely stand out as the dream guru to your friend. Way to spread the love.
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