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      Lucid in REM and Non -REM: Your experiences?

      Hi all!
      I've been trying to catch up on 2 months of posts.
      I saw mention of gaining lucidity in all sleep stages...
      Although not new to LD (lifetime of spontaneous LD), I am a beginner with trying to achieve lucidity at will. SantaDreamsToo was bold and brave enough to step up to the plate and adopt me (woohoo!)

      My question centers on gaining lucidity in both REM and Non Rem dreams, and who else out here has had similar experiences?
      The more I learn about LD'ing, I am realizing all that we can do in our dreamlands.
      However, for me, I come from a family plagued with sleepwalking...
      For ME, most of my sleepwalking Has been very lucid; I know what I am dreaming and I seem to be acting it out...Only this year have I learned you can take control of your dreamworld once you gain lucidity. Still, my LDs are spontaneous. I've had just a handful of willful LD's.
      So far in ALL my REM and non REM sleepwalking dreams, the ones I am Lucid in, I just go along with the dream. BUT there is a distinct difference from being Lucid and non lucid, and obviously I know this difference.
      My sleepwalking was taking me outside (even crossed MX border on mining job ) too many times, so I used Silva Mind control methods relentlessly to stop it all. I have been successful for about 5 yrs now.
      I think in my obsessed quest to LD, I am rekindling sleepwalking.
      2 of 3 LD's the other night, I was sleepwalking again, dammit.

      I know you must be in sleep paralysis during REM by definition. Not so in Non-REM. blah blah blah.
      I just returned from 10 days of Stephen Laberge's Dream camp...pretty dang cool...guy knows his stuff!

      Anyone else offer advice? Experience?

      SOmeone else mentioned he was a 2 hour at a time sleeper...I am too. WBTB method seems to do best for me. WILD, still working on it...

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      That is so cool that you were able to attend Stephen Laberge's Dream camp. I read a few of his books and am reading one now for the second time. You seem to understand pretty much whatís going on and should know that usually the body does not respond to a dream except in cases like yours. If it where me, I kid you not, I would tie a cuff around my ankle and the other end to the bed frame and make sure it canít be untied easily.
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      haha..dream tamer make a good suggestion. You could also lock your door(do it more than one way to if you can unlock it in your sleep ). I really do know what else. You could try hypnosis, but not sure if that would actualyl work. Look at the HILD tutorial and just change it to fix your problem.

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      lebergh is our god around here. i dont think u could do anything to stop sleep walking. maybe if u threw the key out of reach but then ur screwed in the morning. seriously ive woken up and noticed that i had during the night, gotten up unplugged my fan, putting the cord in a strait line on the floor, turn down my speaker knob THEN turn it off. tiny buttons too. no idea how ive done any of this

      wouldnt being lucid in a sleep walk be like an FA?
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