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      Is there solution for this?

      Iíve been working on awareness and RCís that could help me achieve DILD, but I also read about DEILD and I would like to try it too together with DILD, but I am having issue and confusion. I do RC nose plug every time I wake up all the time which works in total dark and I found this very helpful and helped me to catch few FA which I think is great. But the issue is the conditions for DEILD states that when you wake up you need to remain completely still and no move at any point which this represents a problem for my FA RC which I move my hand to plug my nose and do every time I wake up during the night or in the morning. So I would really not like to stop doing my nose plug RC that help me catch FA but I still want to implement DEILD into my routine. Does anyone know what might be the good combination of me doing RCís every time I wake up and get a chance to catch FA but still donít ruin the conditions and be able to DEILD?

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      You can try doing DEILD every other day for example, or something similar, and remember you can(and should) still do reality check after DEILD attempt, and 'DEILDing' from FA can still make you lucid even if it wouldn't count as proper DEILD.
      Also the point of DEILD is not to remain completely still, but rather to get into that state between dreaming and waking up and then return into dream with awareness and lucidity, if you accidentally moved it doesn't means that you have failed DEILD as long as you didn't woke up too much.
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      Right, I can move and still can go back to my previous dream. Stay connected with your dream, do not stop thinking about it.

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