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      Am I almost there?

      I've been writing down my dreams for the past month and a half or so. I have gone from remembering half a dream, to remembering 3 dreams, even after going to sleep when waking up between dreams in the middle of the night. My recall gets better day after day. I do my daily(at least) 10 reality checks a day(I just did one now )
      However, even though I remember my dreams in great detail, even remember names of random people. An example, is yesterday I remembered the name of a waiter by simply looking at his name tag. I tried so hard to remember it, and I did! The only problem, is no matter how bizarre my dreams get, I can't seem to gain lucidity, and just be conscious that I am dreaming. An example was, I was playing basket ball with my friends, and I flew to the net and dunked. Floated down, and my friends were amazed and so have I. But, I didn't get lucid. Many of these things happened this month, but I just can't gain lucidity.
      I recently got Calea Zacatechichi, so I can really vivid dreams.. To the point where I have to gain lucidity. I believe if someone gets a taste of a lucid dream, they will believe ten fold that they can have one. That's simply what I need. A taste to just believe .

      Thank you in advance.

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      I think it's wonderful that your dream recall is improving and that you're getting into the habit of doing reality checks, but there's a few things I want to point out.

      Remember that whilst dream recall and the habit of doing reality checks are both very important for lucid dreaming, those two alone may not get you a lucid dream. Are you using mantras, for example? Do you practice being aware of your surroundings? Little things like that--methods that will guide you into lucidity (but of course, continue practicing good recall and doing reality checks frequently!). The thing about dreams is that for most people, they sort of shut off your logical side, which is why you might be fully aware during the day and then have bizarre dreams later that night. The goal is to wake that side of yourself up when you're dreaming, and then bam, you'll go lucid.

      Also, while it's great to get a taste of lucidity to know that you're able to do it, you need to remember that you're able to do it anyway! Since achieving lucid dreams are very dependent of your subconscious, having doubts of whether or not you're able to do it won't get you far. Look at all the people around you on this site, from the ones who've only had one or two lucid dreams to the ones who have five a night. We all had to start somewhere, right? Tell yourself that you can do it--why shouldn't you be able to? Start calling yourself a lucid dreamer, believe in yourself, and as always, good luck.

      (edit: I recommend looking into a program called "Subliminal Blaster" and use the 'Control your dreams' category; it may not work for everyone, but it basically uses autosuggestion to tell yourself that you can lucid dream/are a lucid dreamer. It's been very effective for me personally.)

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      What Maxis said about this "self-confidence" in lucid dreaming is, in my opinion, 100% true. Also, try noticing some interesting details of reality (while not dreaming), appreciate optical illusions and paradoxes. This should help you becoming more sensitive for all those bizarre details of your dreams. Good luck!


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