The subject that I want to thread on here is simple.It is based on my own experience.This is it.

I remember being in a dream and I knew that I had the dream before and I knew what was going to happen.I like to think of dreams as scenes from a book,chapters and the etc.The question I'm asking is:"is it possible to remember a dream whilst in a different lucid dream",as in;if you had a dream the night before and didn't remember it,could you become lucid the night after and remember it.

This just comes from experience.I remember being in a lucid dream and asking myself "why don't I do this all the time?"(becoming lucid is what I meant). I don't know how that ties into that piece I just wrote, for you,but it ties in somehow, for me.

If you have a lucid dream tonight,test my hypothesis;check to see if your dream recall is any better than in waking life.

Sweet dreams ;)