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    Thread: The frustrating part of trying to Lucid Dream for the first time!

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      Exclamation The frustrating part of trying to Lucid Dream for the first time!

      So, I've always been jealous of my mom because she said when she was my age she never had problem with lucid dreaming. She said she could do it all the time, no problem and she couldn't understand how hard it was for me lol. The first time I tried to lucid dream, I learned about reality checks, and so the one I tried was pushing my hand through a wall. Finally, one night while I was sleeping, I dreamed that I had won a million dollars and of course my natural reaction was to ask if I was dreaming. So, because of this, I actually did my reality check. The only problem was my hand didn't go through the wall and so my dream self assumed I was awake. It wasn't until I woke up that I was a little upset and disappointed lol.

      Then I quit for a while and I'm just starting back up. I'm trying the WILD technique, but I always wind up falling asleep anyways and not being conscious of myself dreaming. And the funny part is, I'm also keeping a dream journal to find my dream sign (Apparently my mom is because she's been in every single one of my dreams so far, so every time I see her I do a reality check), I was four or five dreams into my dream journal when one of my dreams were about researching lucid dreaming. So, to make that a bit clearer because I did ramble some what, I dreamed I was researching how to lucid dream in my dream. You can imagine how disappointed I was when I woke up from that one too lol. Oh I just wish I would just Lucid dream already, there's all kinds of things I want to do!
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      You should stick with one technique. It takes time to have your first lol. Maybe she was just more aware. Thats the main thing that gets those DILD LD's. You should always have a back up reality check just incase the first one fails. Just check out some posts or something and search all day awareness lucid dream. It actually works. Maybe try so e mantras at night

      For WILD, you can try FILD (Finger induced lucid dream). Move your index and middle fingers like you're playing a piano, but slow. It's best to try this using WBTB. Do a reality check maybe after 30 seconds of doing FILD after WBTD. It may be successful because you'd expect yourself to be in your bed

      Lucid dreams make your dreams come true!!

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      When you perform a Reality Check in a dream, you need to feel confident that you actually can succeed with it.
      I guess this is one of the reasons why lucid dreamers are always told to practice RC's in waking life.
      Think about it this way - if you decide to try pushing your finger through your hands in waking life, you just "know" you won't be able to do it, and that your finger will bounche back when it reaches your hand.
      That's your only experience with your physical body, so it is natural to unwillingly expect the same thing in dreams as well.
      You need to really tell yourself that you are dreaming, that that there is no physical matter, and that you should be able to push your finger through your hand.
      Try to do it with your eyes closed if it makes things easier, so you don't see the dream hand.

      You can also try some of Stephen LaBerge's tricks to get around this - try imagining that your hand is slightly porous, and once you start feeling this it will become more and more porous, and your finger will pass through it.
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      Thanks guys! I'm most definitely keep all that in mind ^_^.

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