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      Question identity

      I'm posting this because I never really hear anyone else talking about it. When you lucid dream, are you yourself? Whenever I dream, it seems like I'm either watching a movie with cut scenes and angle changes, and/or I drift in and out of the main character's body to view things from another point.

      Even if I feel like I'm myself, when I drift out and see the person, it might be a glorified version of what I'd like to be like? (I most often dream of adventure/action/fantasy)

      I'm still not sure if I've had a lucid dream before though.

      Can you change identity/shapeshift? Or...how does POV work?

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      When I non-lucid dream I am normally watching from all different angles here, there and everywhere! However once I am Lucid and realize I am Lucid it has always been Point Of View. I have heard you can shape shift and be others, sadly I have never done this, from what I read it takes a great deal of focus and skill. If you dream of fantasy and adventure you're a great candidate for Lucidity. Better get that Dream Journal filled

      Looke (:

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      In non-lucids I am in my body, seeing things and thinking in first person, more than any other POV. I haven't really experienced morphing into other people though, nor have I really dabbled in animal morphing either. However, In one particular occasion I became a wolf, and basically seen everything the same as a human does, other than having a snout and being much closer to the ground .

      On another note, do you play lots of 3rd person video games/ watch a lot of movies in which you get really into? I know when the next best shooter comes out, all of my dreams become 3rd person, because seeing that becomes quite a regular thing, hahaha.

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      Welcome, Taken!

      If you are lucid, then, yes, you are yourself. Your dream body may not resemble your waking-life body, or might not be in a body at all, but you are still "You." This still holds true if you are watching your dream unfold from a distance (like a movie), or the scenes you are experiencing hold no similarity at all to reality.

      Ultimately, whatever is going on in a dream, no matter how exotic, it is still going on inside your head... when lucid you know that. So then you are not only aware that this is your dream, but you are aware of your presence in it, your ownership of it. Indeed, even if you believe that you go to "other places" when you dream, when lucid you are doing so fully aware of your own presence; You are witnessing the adventure. Lucidity means that you are witnessing your dream, and that witness is your self -- no matter how well you might be disguised!

      I know this may not really be what you were asking, but you included the word "identity" in your OP, so I figured this was worth mentioning.

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