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      A witch after me

      As a kid, I had a recurring dream about a witch who would toy with me and scare the shit outta me. One day I had a dream where she made me marry her and I never dreamed about her again. Recently I had a dream where I was talking with my mother and she said "You talk in your sleep" and all of a sudden it went black and I heard a witch like scream which scared the shit outta me and made me scream waking up (A slight UHHH) Anyways this reminded me of the dreams from my childhood and now I fear shes back. I know its just a dream but to have something from childhood come back like this makes me think supernatural thoughts, like shes in another realm trying to steal my soul or something. Lol Im not religious at all I just remember how terrified I was as a kid when I had these dreams about her. Any significance to dreams from your childhood coming back?
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      I have not had this experience myself to be honest. You dont say whether you are an able lucid dreamer or not, which would obviously help control your witch dreams.

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