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      First lucid dream weird

      Ok so i actually had my first actual lucid dream that i controlled. It was the weirdest thing ever to happen so unexpected. i home home at1 pm and go to sleep because i was tired. then i wake up on my iphone then somehow i realized i was dreaming. i instantly started floating like i was around in space and i triedto float out of my bedroom door and then i woke up! so wierd. why would i be able to ld at 1pm afternoon time? i tried to lucid dream before and i had the same experiance but it lasted 2 seconds and i was out of the dream. this is 3 months later after not trying to ld? why did this happen and how can i make it happen more often thanks. also any tips and advice anyone can give me?thanks

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      Interesting. The essential is to "control your dream without admission", for instance, whenever I acknowledge I'm dreaming in a dream, I try to keep that thought away solely focusing on my actions, on the "power" I possess on that certain situation. Unfortunately these types of dreams don't last very long, you're eventually going to reach a stage when your mind feels unnecessary to continue the dream due to your clear perception of sleepiness, that's when you wake up.

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