Hi everyone, I'm new here and I apologize if this thread's in the wrong section.

Lately I've been having dreams related to my past that get me intrigued, mainly because I do not see these people for a long time (except on facebook) and don't know how to relate them to my current life style and practices.

The first related dream came around 2 weeks ago, at first sight I was lying on a hammock with my first crush's sister, there was a brief conversation going on and we were both looking up to the sky, it kind of seemed like a romantic situation (This girl was just a friend, never any feelings for her). All of a sudden the scenario changes, I see myself waking up on a bed beside my first crush (yes, that girl's sister), I was shocked and a little excited at first, raising the upper part of my body and looking at her for a few seconds, she was asleep, covered with a blanket except for the head. I woke up in real life after that last scene.

The second related dream came around yesterday, I met a female friend that I considered pretty in grade 2, I recently saw her on facebook, so she looked ''updated'', like If I were to meet her today. We were in front a school, in not a such a good looking area that reminded me a little of the area I lived in when I was in grade 2. We started talking , the only part I remember is that she had to sign up at a university, and asked if I wanted to go with her. I didn't refuse and so we did go. She drove through a cliff and we landed on this weird area, where there was a billboard with a few different big university buttons, she pointed at this karate one and we drove there, after we arrived, I saw her go in and the scenario completely changed. We were both on a bed, with our stomachs facing down and covered up with a blanket, looking at a book and talking at the same time. we might've spent quite some time because at some point she fell asleep and I decided to sleep too. I held her hand and the dream ended. I remember a few glimpses of the living room of that place, and it looked like my grandma's house.

All of the girls mentioned are currently in a relationship and I haven't seen them for about 5 year except on facebook.

Can any of you try to decipher what my subconscious was trying to deliver with these dreams?