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    Thread: Using lucid dreams to get rid of anxiety

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      Using lucid dreams to get rid of anxiety

      Do you think it is possible to use lucid dreams to completely get rid of anxiety?
      I know Robert Waggoner has mentioned this phenomenon on many occasions during his interviews, about this woman who spoke out loud in her lucid dreams that she wanted to get rid of anxiety and it actually had a positive effect on her life, but I'm not sure if he means the same thing as I do.
      When I think of getting rid of anxiety I think of getting into a state when you feel completely content with everything, and when you feel no worries about anything (unless you have a very good reason to do that, of course), and when you have this magical mindset when you are almost always able to tell yourself "everything will work out alright" and really feel confident and happy about everything.
      I am sure most of us have felt something like this in our lucid dreams at some point, when we forget all troubles and just feel exhilarated in the dreamworld.
      Do you think it is possible to use lucid dreaming in various ways to develop this mental state in waking life?
      Because when you think about it, a lot of the anxiety we can feel in our waking life is often quite useless - one could feel very nervous about something and then realize it really wasn't that bad at all afterwards, and sometimes we might rationally know that something is completely harmless and won't have any major negative consequences, but we still feel extremely worried until right after we have finished it.

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      The way you do is better and I'll explain why. When trying to get rid of a thought pattern, you should basically focus your attention on the opposite.

      For example, let's say you want to get rid of anxiety. To do so you should focus very little on the fact that you want to get rid of anxiety, because all it will do is reinforce your anxiety. Instead, acknowledge your anxiety but then completely ignore it and focus on creating mental images of your ideal you (thus, you without anxiety).
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