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      Wierd dream thinng?

      I have heard that sleep paralyzis is to pervent you to act out your dreams, but today i had a dream
      without being paralyzed.

      I where trying to sleep as normal, and i had a dream where i where climbing over the great wall of china or somthing. After a while in the dream i fell off the wall.
      I fell for like 15 secounds or so, but when i hit the ground i woke up
      it happend instantly without thinking. The jumping movment happend when i still was in a dream-state.

      I took a look at my clock and only 10 minutes had passed since i went to bed.

      The other queston was aboit how i can dream a dream lime that before entering REM.
      Because i had only been sleeping for like 5 minutes.

      Btw i wrote a x on a paper to make sure it wasnt a FA.
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