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    Thread: Choosing FA Location

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      Choosing FA Location

      Not so long ago I was struggling to fall asleep and was wondering if I should move to the couch to see if I could sleep there. I had a very realistic FA that I fell asleep on the couch and struggled to wake up and get off the couch to fall back to sleep in my bed, until I realized I was already in my bed and I had fallen asleep there.

      I wonder if I can trigger memories of me when I fell asleep at my mother-in-law's in Japan and try to have a FA there so that I can explore Japan and feel like I'm back in that atmosphere there.

      Just a thought. I'm planning my next lucid dream target, so thinking about what I should do. I might want to do this.

      Anyone ever try this before? I think I can easily trick my mind through playing on my emotions. For instance, today I used my fear of falling asleep and getting caught in my dream to trigger a lucid dream and it worked well. The fear is there, but I'm rational enough to overcome it and have fun with my lucid dream. However, I don't know if I can trick my brain enough to think it's in Japan. Though, perhaps just visualizing it and having the experience of falling asleep and waking up in Japan will be a powerful enough mnemonic to trigger something.
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      That'd be pretty useful! It's good for an easy lucid (if you notice you're not in your own bedroom) and for easily changing the dreamscape (waking up in another place? Easy!). I wonder if you can use mantras to induce 'em?
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