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      The journey begins

      hello everyone, it's been a long time since I've been able to dream due to lack of focus and motivation. I used to be an avid lucid dreamer. After having a few fairly vivid dreams recently I've decided I need to get back into it. I still have most the knowledge I've learned in the past. I'll be skimming through for a refresher, however I could use some ideas from anyone who has had the experience of being parted from their lucid dreaming for an extended period of time, and then getting back into it. What methods worked best for you to regain the ability? How long did it take? I know different things work for different people but I'd love to hear some ideas. Thanks in advance
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      I'm in the same situation than you ryman. Some days ago a friend asked me if i was available to help him start the journey of the lucid dreamer. I remember lot of feelings, quite a good experience and lots of impressive dreams. That was 4-5 years ago, but i have never lose at all the skill to remember dreams, having 1-2 LD per year. Now that i have the responsibility to "teach" my friend, i want to come back, seeking more than the knowledge, the motivation.
      Why do I say motivation? Because as I have seen, with the years yo get more work and less time to do your things, and I think that stress is a strong enemy vs the motivation to stay focused and training for LD experiences.

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