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      Digital Dream Journal

      So, here is the problem:
      Using physical books for collecting your dreams might be great. Dont get me wrong, i love books and bookshelves. Unfortunately, i find it very annoying to write down all the dreams. On a night with good recollection of dreams, it can last up to an hour or more to write them all down.

      Of course, writing on a computer is much faster, but often it is simply not available.

      In my opinion, the correct conclusion are smartphones. Especially because of the voice-to-text function. As far as i'm concerned, the Android-Platform is using this function automatically in its touch-keyboard. In connection with some LD-Apps it might be very flexible and therefore powerful.

      Any experiences with the "Smartphone-Dream-Journal"? Especially in matter of dream recall and pros/cons to the physical journal.

      Thank you!

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      I use my Ipad to log my dreams for the same reason, but Paper is probably better since if you really want to log your Dreams and write down cues every time you wake up(multiple times per night), then the light from your Device is going to blind you as well as wake you up even further.
      I don't think there are many differences in terms of Recall if you only write dreams down when you wake up for the last time, if you do it during the night though, the paper is most likely going to have a better count.
      On the other Hand if you don't have time and feel stressed writing it with your Hand, then the faster, digital Variant will allow for more recalled Dreams.
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