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      Having possible Seizures while forcing to wake up of lucid dreams?

      Hi Guys, i'm new to this forum, i'm kind of desperated with something.

      i was a frequent mdma user and abuser and i had and still have some problems with depersonalization disorder, GAD and panic attacks.

      I take xanax 2 mg every night to sleep, and started to lucid dream frequently after it.

      Problem is, from the first time I had a lucid dream I created the ability to wake up from them too. Forcing me to wake up is like an epileptic seizure. I was not worried because I thought it was just something mental, the process of waking up, as I dreamed, but I am feeling my skull moving and clacking as I walk while awake now.

      Last night I quite enjoyed my lucid dream but every time I force myself to wake up I have this seizure, is this normal, someone else has it? Now, when I'm looking aside in a moment of anxiety I get to have this seizure, even while awake.

      Anyway, if I do not wake me up I'll wake up alone? I kind of afraid to get stuck in the dream, since I suffer from derealization.

      i had an eletroencephalogram and magnetic resonance 2 months ago, the eletro was OK, Magnetic resonance showed some white matter beyond the normal, but according to my neurologist is normal even for people with migraine.

      Please Help!!!!

      some help?

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      Sorry, english is not my native language

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      What you're experiencing when you wake up is a hypnopompic hallucination, which is like a hypnagogic hallucination except it occurs when you wake up instead of when you fall asleep. If you remember to not wake yourself up intentionally when you're having lucid dreams, you will probably stop having them, since you've said that they only happen when you force yourself to wake up. If you train your prospective memory and set the intention of staying in the dream until it ends on its own, you will avoid having this hypnopompic hallucination.

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